My Hi-tech Library

Li Yi acquired a high-tech library by chance. Stored within the library were countless records related to the inheritance of a highly technological civilization. Endless knowledge could be found within the pages of the books. Through studying, Li Yi obtained new skills and a lot of unexpected opportunities. He became a complete bookworm, feverishly absorbing all kinds of knowledge in the library. He was exposed to concepts such as Grand Unified Theory and wave-particle duality. He also got his hands on a myriad of advanced technologies, superconducting materials, super batteries and artificial intelligence. With the help of these technologies and his newly-obtained knowledge, Li Yi started his own company and even recruited all the top talents in the industry to work for him despite only being a university student!

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40 Chs

Rapid Improvement

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"Haitao, you can't get the third structural value by adding the index value to the loop in this program cycle. Here, the value of the third index is 2. If you fail to access the third structural element, the p will point to an unknown area. This is because there are only three elements in A! Therefore, you have to state that there is another pointer with the same value as p+index every time instead of changing the p every time."

"Lin Hang, this is where your bug lies. This data coding has to be written in a binary manner. In this way, the data obtained through this algorithm can operate normally."

After Li Yi read the code program written by the two of them, he immediately detected their bugs.

Zhang Haitao received the notebook and tested the modified program. It worked normally.

"Yes, not bad! Old Li, when did you become so capable? Awesome!" Zhang Haitao praised excitedly.

Lin Hang looked at Li Yi in surprise and nodded in agreement. His program bug had also been resolved by Li Yi. This efficiency was too fast!

"Let's go and have dinner. You guys can write the code after we return.." Liu Wenfeng reminded.

Li Yi hurriedly stopped typing and changed his shoes. He left the dormitory with his three roommates and headed to the canteen.

At dinner time, the campus was very lively.

There were groups of roommates and couples. The boys and girls were all in their youth.

After dinner, Li Yi returned to the dormitory and could not wait to continue coding the program. He wanted to use the new algorithm he had learned.

This black tattoo's origin was mysterious. He did not know when it would disappear. It might be there tomorrow, the next day, and might even disappear for the rest of his life. Everything was filled with the unknown. However, the knowledge he had learned from the "library" was real.

Taking advantage of this moment, Li Yi prepared to memorize the new knowledge he had learned.

It was late at night.

Zhang Haitao and the others watched Li Yi sit in front of the computer and type.

Crackle… The sound of typing on the keyboard was as dense as rain.

"Old Li, it's almost time to turn off the lights and sleep. Why don't we continue tomorrow?" Zhang Haitao looked at Li Yi and reminded him.

"Yes!" Li Yi nodded and stopped helplessly.

Li Yi did not know what was going on either. At this moment, his thoughts surged and the process of coding the program became incomparably smooth. It was as if he had taken a drug. In the past, his thoughts would freeze and disappear. It was as if he was a patient who had suffered from constipation for a long time and was suddenly free. That feeling was very satisfying and made him unwilling to stop for a moment.

Seeing that his roommates were all lying on the bed, Li Yi hurriedly went to the toilet to wash up. Then, he lay on the bed.

With a bang, Zhang Haitao pressed the light switch, and the dormitory immediately darkened.

Li Yi, who was lying on the bed first, had already "fallen asleep" instantly. Soon after, his consciousness appeared in the library.

Before Zhang Haitao turned off the lights, Li Yi stared at the black tattoo on his wrist. His consciousness directly left the library, prepared to find a book on programming.

Soon, Li Yi took out a book called "Three-Dimensional Particle Deduction Law" from the bookshelf that specialized in algorithms and programming books and flipped through it.

The books on the shelves seemed to be placed in a certain pattern. The contents of the books were somewhat related, ranging from easy to difficult.

The content of this "Three-Dimensional Particle Deduction Law" was somewhat related to the book Li Yi had previously read. Many knowledge points were extensions of the previous book.

Li Yi immersed himself into it and flipped through the pages, constantly absorbing the knowledge in the book.

Two weeks passed in a flash.

Li Yi's school life had changed drastically.

During the day, during class, Li Yi specially chose a hidden spot in the back row so that he could lie on the desk and sleep through the classes.

Gradually, Li Yi obtained the title of "sleeping god" in the class.

When he returned to the dormitory, Li Yi sat in front of the computer table and typed out codes for the program for the entire day, even forgetting to eat and sleep.

In just half a month, Li Yi seemed to have changed into a different person. He did not use his phone anymore and did not like to go out. He sat at the computer table every day and typed out codes, completely becoming an IT otaku who liked to sleep in class.

Zhang Haitao, Lin Hang, and Liu Wenfeng were very surprised by the change in Li Yi. They watched silently and did not really persuade him to stop. After all, this was Li Yi's personal choice and they had no reason to interfere.

In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend again, a quiet afternoon.

In the dormitory, Li Yi, who was busy at the computer table, typed the last code and completed the modification of the program.

The algorithm processing device ran normally.

Li Yi stretched comfortably and was in an incomparably good mood.

After multiple "days", Li Yi had learned more than a dozen new algorithms in the "library". He had to add these algorithms in. At the same time, he had to ensure that they were all compatible and did not make any mistakes.

With the backing of these new algorithms and the knowledge of the countless books in the "library", Li Yi felt that he could easily develop any software program in the future.

Li Yi opened a blank document and planned to develop a new software from a new design. He was prepared to use this to familiarize himself with the application of the new algorithm.

However, there was a problem!

What kind of software would he develop?!

For a moment, Li Yi was at a loss.

"Old Li, what are you thinking about? Are you done coding?" Zhang Haitao walked past Li Yi and asked curiously.

Li Yi leaned back in his chair and replied, "Yes, I'm done! I want to code something new now, but I don't have any ideas."

Hearing this, Lin Hang was speechless and said gloomily, "Why are you tiring yourself out?! Can't you even finish Old Chen's experimental homework? Do you still have the time to do other things?"

Li Yi smiled and asked, "The homework was easy. I'm already done!"

Li Yi easily resolved the operation experiment homework Professor Chen had arranged.

"Damn, Old Li, you always sleep in class and don't listen to Old Chen's teachings. How do you do it? Did you learn it in your dream?" Liu Wenfeng asked in confusion and envy.

Li Yi laughed. Liu Wenfeng was right.

The knowledge he learned in the "library" was much more complex than what was taught in Professor Chen's classes. Perhaps because his brain had been strengthened, Li Yi took some time to read through all the classes and did not find the knowledge in the textbooks difficult at all.

Zhang Hongtao looked at Li Yi and teased with a smile, "Those guys in the class called you a sleeping god and were all waiting to see you make a fool of yourself in the end-of-year exam. Looks like that won't happen after all."

"Is that so! I didn't even know." Li Yi could not help but laugh.

"Old Li, your programming skills have improved by leaps and bounds. Would you happen to understand the infiltration technology?" Lin Hang looked at Li Yi and suddenly asked.

Li Yi was slightly stunned and hurriedly said, "I know a little. Why?"

It was not a problem for him to use the new algorithms and programming techniques he had learned in the "library".

"If you understand it, go and take a look at Hackerone! Perhaps you can use your ability to earn money!" Lin Hang suggested.

"Hackerone? What website is that?" Li Yi asked in surprise. Then, he followed Lin Hang's guidance and searched for this website on the search interface.

When the website opened, Li Yi was surprised to find out it was a hacker website. It was a place where hackers all over the world learned from each other, posted, and received missions.