84 Weekend Training

Soon, several police cars arrived at the scene.

As these police officers got out of their vehicles with their weapons, they sighed upon seeing all the unconscious criminals at the scene.

"How did this happen again?"

"We thought this wouldn't happen again, but it did after some time."

"Captain, what should we do?"

The policeman referred to as captain tightened his grip on his gun and said, "Arrest these people, take them away, and then retrieve the nearby surveillance footage."

Although he thought it was unlikely that the surveillance captured anything useful, it was still necessary to follow the proper procedures.

A few minutes later, as the police officers dug out a heavily injured, blood-stained man from the pile of rubble, they couldn't believe their eyes.

"This person is..."

"Porcupine from the wanted list?"

"This guy has been on the run for three years, and he was beaten here?"

"He was beaten so badly, with such a deep footprint on his back."

As they spoke, they took out handcuffs and other tools to control the fugitive.


On Saturday morning, when Renault got up to eat breakfast, he learned from the news on TV that the strong man he defeated yesterday was actually a fugitive who had been on the run for three years.

"Ah, what a pity. This is a big bounty."

Biting into his sandwich, Renault picked up the remote control and changed the channel.

After resting for a while, he prepared to start his training for the day.

*Ding~ Dong~*


Hearing the doorbell, Renault got up and walked over to open the door.

"Good morning, Mikoto."

Looking at Mikoto wearing sportswear, Renault guessed the reason for her early arrival and moved aside, saying, "How did you know I was already up? Come on in."

"Sorry for disturbing you, Senpai. Hehehe, I came to practice with you before, and you always got up around this time. I already knew," Mikoto replied.

As she walked past him, a faint fragrance wafted from the girl. Renault watched as Mikoto bent down to change into her slippers, and memories of the time they spent playing outside together came to mind involuntarily.

Shaking his head, Renault cleared his mind of these idle thoughts and led Mikoto into the underground training room.

Mikoto was no longer surprised by the fact that there was such a large training ground under Renault's house. After all, she knew that he wouldn't answer even if she asked, so it was better not to ask in the first place.

Although she had some thoughts at first, Renault's mental state began to focus as they began their training. The same was true for Mikoto. Although he was the senpai she admired, becoming a Pro Hero after passing the U.A. entrance exam was also something she aspired to. As a result, she resolutely suppressed her girlish thoughts.

In some ways, these two people were quite similar.

Renault's Quirk was slowly developing, and if he wanted to continue to advance, he needed to develop himself in all aspects. After all, his Quirk was not like the Vector Manipulation in "A Certain Magical Index" which required mostly intellect and calculating prowess.

As a Quirk, Renault's Vector Manipulation is actually considered good. The kind that Aizawa has, which can erase an opponent's Quirk with just one glance is the one that is completely illogical.

However, after a while, Renault became too lazy to consider these things and just focused on using his Quirk for his own enjoyment. To him, using Vector Manipulation was extremely enjoyable.

Renault couldn't develop his Quirk fast enough, so he focused most of his energy on Mikoto.

"For now, your electric power is sufficient. Next, Mikoto, you need to consider your combat mode. Besides the medium-range stun gun, you also need to consider how to deal with opponents in close combat."

"Close combat?" Mikoto said, her arms crossed and a look of distress on her face.

"I have no experience in close combat. Although I can control the electromagnetic force to stimulate cells and increase my kinetic energy for a short time, the duration is very short. If I discharge electricity all over my body, it will also consume a lot of energy, which is very wasteful."

'It seems that Mikoto is still far from becoming the "Railgun".' Thinking about this, Renault asked Mikoto to wait for a moment and left the training ground.

Five minutes later, Renault came back with a bucket filled with sand and mud.

"Senpai, what is this...?" Mikoto asked.

"Use your electromagnetic force to extract and control the metal components inside," Renault replied.

Although she was very puzzled, Mikoto still did as she was told. Using her Quirk, she extracted all the metal particles from the sand and mud, which floated in her hand.

Pointing to the metal particles in Mikoto's hand, Renault said, "This is just a random bucket of sand and mud I dug up from outside, but you can control a lot of metal particles in it. If you expand the range and increase the amount of control, what about iron sand?"

The more she thought about it, the more Mikoto's face lit up with a smile.

"Senpai, are you saying...?"

"Your physical fitness is good, and you can learn some close combat techniques. With the iron sand under your feet, you can use it as a weapon for defense or attack. How do you feel about the consumption?" Renault asked.

Shaking her head, Mikoto put the iron sand back into the soil and said with a smile,

"The consumption is very low, about half of what it takes for me to discharge electricity. Hehe! I have another trick now. Thank you, Senpai!"

After saying that, Mikoto pounced on Renault and hugged him.

Faced with the sudden attack of the girl, Renault was also stunned. Her petite and lively body was tightly pressed against his, and her slightly sweaty body mixed with a faint fragrance constantly stimulated Renault's senses, making his face turn red.

The last time he felt like this was during the sports festival when Yaoyorozu hugged him. Renault's mind suddenly recalled that scene for some reason.


Quickly pulling Mikoto aside, Renault noticed that the young girl had also become aware of her own behavior and was feeling quite shy.

However, as a senpai, he needed to set an example, so Renault patted Mikoto's head and said, "We've rested enough for now. Let's move on to the next phase of training. As for the iron sand training, I'll prepare it tomorrow and we'll begin practicing in earnest."

"Mm-hmm..." murmured Mikoto, looking down at her toes, barely audible. Her ears turned red with embarrassment.

Suppressing the urge to look at her, Renault walked to the side and took a big gulp of water from his cup. He knew that at 14 years old, they still had a long way to go, and they couldn't afford to slack off.


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