30 Three Days of Losing Quirk

All Might walked out of the infirmary and went straight to the principal's office.

U.A.'s principal, Nezu, was sitting on the sofa inside the office, drinking tea. When he saw All Might enter, he smiled and asked, "Has Renault woken up?"

"Yes, he woke up and told me about what happened before," All Might nodded and sat opposite the principal.

"Confirmed, that person has appeared again, and even raised and trained Young Renault's younger sister," All Might said.

"All For One...he has reappeared," the principal put down his teacup and looked at All Might's Number One Hero status with his bright eyes.

"The crisis has come, but your strength is fading, and your chosen successor is not yet capable of bearing this responsibility."

"There's not enough time..." All Might sighed.

"Yes, time is running out. Although Midoriya Izuku has the mentality to become a top hero, he is still too weak, and he has not yet mastered the Quirk you passed down to him. So you chose to tell Renault, who has grown far beyond his peers," the principal said.

"I have considered it carefully," All Might said slowly with his head down. "The crisis has emerged, and without a doubt, they have set their sights on me, which puts these students in danger. But I cannot reveal the whole truth to them. However, if no one knows anything, it just makes it worse. Someone must be able to stand by their side and encourage them when we teachers are fighting villains. And before Young Midoriya grows up, Young Renault must take on this role."

"Principal, we discussed Young Renault's character before, didn't we? He values family very much, and even though he was adopted by an elderly couple, he has been very sensible since he was young and far beyond his peers in terms of mentality. Although his Quirk is very strong, he never bullies the weak. At the same time, he also has a very tough side and will not flinch in the face of danger. If it weren't for Young Midoriya, who has experienced the same things as me, maybe I would have chosen him," All Might explained.


Looking at All Might, the principal said, "But you should also be aware that things have changed now. Renault has a younger sister, and she's on the side of All For One. This will undoubtedly cause him trouble."

"The issue of trouble will be handled by us teachers. And I believe that even though Young Renault cares for his family, he will never stand against us."

After finishing the water in his teacup, All Might slowly stood up and said, "I can hold on for a while longer, so there's no problem."


The conversation between All Might and the principal about Renault went on without Renault's knowledge. After lying in the infirmary for more than ten minutes, Renault ignored Recovery Girl's protest and got up to leave.

The classroom was empty because the school had already ended. After picking up his backpack, Renault left the school directly.

Due to the villain invasion at U.S.J., U.A. suspended classes for one day. However, Renault had taken three days off, not just because of his injury, but also because of his Quirk.

Riding on his motorcycle, Renault raced all the way home.

Carrying a few convenience store rice balls and milk he bought along the way, Renault did not go to his room but went straight to the basement.

Even though it was a holiday, he did not intend to fully relax. Because of Suzushina Yuriko's appearance, Renault now had one more thing he had to do, which was to bring his younger sister back.

Although the man's words were ambiguous, and many details were unclear, Renault believed that they would meet again soon and have a chance to learn more. But before that, he needed to gain the strength to change everything.

Inside the training room, as Renault entered, the lights came on and a young man in a beige windbreaker materialized in front of him.

"You were badly injured. I never thought you had a younger sister," the young man said.

"You're just a virtual program. Don't gossip," Renault replied.

"Hey, even though I'm a virtual program, I'm formed according to the original character's personality. It's not an exaggeration to say I'm a complete copy." The young man sat on a chair that had suddenly appeared and looked at Renault. "Do you feel like your strength is not enough?"

"How do you know?" Renault asked.

"Of course, I'm a genius physicist. Plus, I, or the original me, have been through similar situations, so I understand it better. Renault, don't be rash. You have a unique advantage, even if your younger sister breaks through quickly later, you won't be left behind. Plus, you have your trump cards, right?"

Renault took a bite of his rice ball and said, "I know. I won't lose my temper. I just feel it's a shame. If that girl hadn't stood in front of me, things wouldn't be so troublesome now."

"It seems like that's fate. Some processes can't be avoided," the young man replied.

On the count of three, Renault finished eating a few rice balls and drinking milk. After taking a short break, he stood up and said, "Let's begin training."

"But your Quirk... it's not the only thing you have," the man said with a smile as he looked at Renault holding the Driver and Gaia Memory. "So, I'll give you a choice today. Choose your own opponent."

"No need for that, I'll take you on."

"It seems like being beaten by Build wasn't enough for you. Alright, let's start the experiment."

And so, Renault began three days of training without his Quirk.


On the first day after the incident, the news of villains appearing in the U.A. was exposed. U.A. had concealed most of the situation and only revealed that All Might had defeated the villains, but it still caused some questioning of U.A.'s safety.

However, this was within U.A.'s expectations and didn't have much impact.

But on the second day, when the students arrived at school, they found Renault wasn't in the classroom. After asking Present Mic-sensei, who taught English, they found out Renault had taken three days off.

Why did he take the time off? Was it because he was injured or because of his younger sister's sudden appearance?

Although many people weren't present at the time and were elsewhere fighting villains, they all knew the entire process afterward and felt incredibly sad.

Not just about Renault's younger sister, but also about his sudden burst of immense strength.

Then, on the third day, after school, Yaoyorozu Momo decided on something after discussing it with class president Iida Tenya.


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