95 Another Tutoring?

The study session started at 10 AM.

After speaking for an hour and a half in history, Yaoyorozu stopped in a timely manner and sat back down. She drank some tea and looked at Renault beside her, asking, "How did I do?"

"You should ask them," Renault replied.

Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero were hopeless and were currently resting their heads on the desk, their brain cells exhausted. Ojiro organized his notebook and said, "You explained everything in great detail. I understand a lot of things that were previously unclear. Thank you so much, Yaoyorozu!"

"I feel the same way!" Jiro smiled and said, "Thank you, Yaomomo. I feel like my grades will improve a lot this time!"

Hearing the gratitude from the two people, Yaoyorozu felt very happy and blinked her big eyes, saying, "This is what I should do! Ah, it's almost time now. Let's go to the cafeteria for lunch!"

"Lunch!" The three who were still lying down immediately sat up with gleaming eyes.

'Embarrassing...' Renault rubbed his forehead and thought to himself that he would have to educate them well after lunch.

Yaoyorozu's parents were not at home today, apparently, they went out for an inspection, but they knew that their daughter's schoolmates would come over, so they instructed the maid to take good care of them before leaving.

Therefore, the lunch was also very luxurious, although it was not the kind of exaggerated table full of dishes. It was Western food, but everyone's lunch was very extravagant.

After cutting a piece of steak and putting it in his mouth, Renault nodded in satisfaction and said, "Hmm, it tastes really good. Your family's chef is amazing, Yaoyorozu!"

"That's not true. He just cooked for the prime minister of France before," Yaoyorozu always said something casually that made people speechless...

After going through this series of events, the other few people were shocked and numb, so they simply focused all their attention on the food.

After lunch, they rested for half an hour and then started afternoon tutoring. It was Renault's turn to give them math first, followed by Yaoyorozu's physics.

"Okay, I'll start tutoring math this afternoon, followed by Yaoyorozu's physics," Renault said with narrowed eyes. "Get ready, I'm very strict."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but swallow their saliva.

For the first year of senior high school, the content was not complicated, but Kaminari and the others had not studied properly before, so they fell behind in progress and felt tired. But Renault didn't care about this. Time was already limited, and it was better for him to give them hellish training rather than letting them figure it out on their own which would take forever.

Although Ojiro and Jiro's grades were good, and they could keep up with Renault's explanation, they still couldn't help but shrink their necks.

Renault was so serious and scary.

Yaoyorozu was observing Renault's teaching style, taking notes thoughtfully.

'So, it's possible to teach like this? I should analyze which method works better between mine and his...' She thought to herself.

After an hour of class, there was a ten-minute break, and Yaoyorozu began teaching.

Although the intensity of the learning was high, the effect was significant. Kaminari and the others quickly caught up, although it was unknown how long they could maintain this level. For now, they needed to focus on passing their exams.

At 4:30 PM, the study finally ended, and everyone prepared to leave.

"Are we leaving already? Do you want to grab dinner before you go? Learning must have been tiring," Yaoyorozu said, reluctant to see them go.

Although they wanted to stay longer at the Yaoyorozu's place, Ashido shook her head and said, "Sorry, Yaomomo. We've already disturbed you for the whole day, and I promised my mom to go home before dinner."

Renault also said to Yaoyorozu, "It's alright. We'll continue tomorrow, so I'll see you then."

Yaoyorozu thought for a moment and agreed, "Alright, take care on your way back. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow~," they said.

After leaving Yaoyorozu's home, they headed to the station. Renault happened to be going the same way, so he walked with them, pushing his motorcycle.

Sero rubbed his neck and said tiredly, "I didn't expect learning to be this exhausting. It's even more tiring than our regular training sessions."

"Of course, even in our previous combat or speed training, it was done in sets with buffer time. But today, we barely had a break," Ashido added, looking annoyed at Renault. "And Renault-kun is so strict!"

"I'm doing it for your own good. Otherwise, with all of your lazy attitudes, how much could you learn?" Renault retorted.

They fell silent.

At the station, Renault bid them farewell, saying, "Alright, see you tomorrow morning. Be ready, we still have a day of study."

"Enough already!" they replied in unison.

Everyone thought Renault was talking about studying liberal arts, but little did they know, Renault had already planned for the combat training tomorrow. Although the content wouldn't be too much, it would be enough to surprise them.

As Renault was riding his motorcycle and arrived back home, he prepared to push it in, but then he heard Mikoto's voice behind him.

"Senpai, you're back?"

"Hmm, Mikoto." Renault turned around and looked at Mikoto that running towards him. "Yeah, just got back. How about you? Did you go out this afternoon?"

"I also have final exams coming up. Today I went to the library with some schoolmates." Mikoto tilted her body and showed the backpack she was carrying.

"Right, you also have exams. But with your grades; it shouldn't be a problem."

"Of course..." Mikoto started to say, but then she stopped herself and said, "Of course, there's a bit of a problem!"


Then Mikoto said somewhat hesitantly, "I... I had some problems with my liberal arts, so I went to the library to study. But I didn't make much progress. Senpai, do you have time tomorrow? I want to ask you for some tutoring."

Mikoto's grades were actually completely fine, but she could only say that to find an opportunity to spend time with Renault.

"Liberal arts? Well, I'm also going to give some schoolmates some extra classes tomorrow."

"I see..." Mikoto's mood suddenly became a bit low upon hearing this.

After thinking for a while, Renault finally said, "But if it's just a little extra tutoring after dinner, I still have time."



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