[#r18] [#SLOW BURN] [#INC][Do not translate my work you rulate site bastards.] My life changed for better or for worse after Harley injected me with an experimental drug that transformed my body into a hunk. And I have awakened a freaking Eroge System. Time to make money and create a harem of my own. But, only if it was that easy. My life was filled with beautiful girls, sex and shit tons of problems... Hidden family secrets, Vampires, League of Assassins, Anti-Mutant organization, My freaking unstable power, The one who laughs... Oh, and not to forget fucking Deadites... ...and many more... This is the story of Multiverse, so anything can pop up from anywhere... [SLOW BURN] If you are not into slow-burn, pass along. Don't read. I am getting enough complaints from casual readers who want to know everything in a single chapter. But, if you have patience, read the first vol and then decide... As for blue balling, read vol-2 and decide for yourself. Lacking action? Read vol-3 and decide. [NO MINDLESS ORGY OR FUCK DOLLS] [NO NTR] [IN*ST> Yes] ********** This is fan fiction. I don't own the characters or plot except for the characters and plot I created. I am also posting this on Scribblehub. Cover picture is AI generated. Support Link: www.patre on.com/XcaliburXc [Close the space] Discord: https://discord.gg/bzcSPgV3Ux __ If you are going to ask me for permission to translate or post my fics on other sites, ask me. The answer will be no. So, don't bother and don't steal my hard work.

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Ah! My head. Damn! I shouldn't have drunk that much. I opened my eyes with a splitting headache after drinking the entire night with a broken heart. Yeah, you heard it right. A broken heart and shattered dreams. Well, it's not a fun experience. So, let's not get into that for now since that's a story for another time.

What's important right now is that I don't know where I am. And, from what I can see in that dimly lit room, there were racks of sex toys, lubes, an entire rack of condoms, and different sex play S&M devices you would generally see in movies related to dominatrix's room, or you can call them mistress if you prefer. Now, I am 100% sure it's not my room.

I can't get up. Someone had tied my legs and hands to the bed. Above me, there is a giant mirror in the ceiling with tiny red led lights around it, and a long rope is hanging near my feet.

'Oh! Great,' I am naked, and that good-looking mug I remember before I got those scars, and those abs are not mine. It's the opposite of my original scarred look.

I still remember my average face, black hair, and that nasty scar on my right cheek and chest that I got from an attack last year when a cloned red Hulk went on a rampage. Thankfully, our favorite green Hulk and Iron man arrived in the nick of time and rescued us.

"What the?!" My eyes fell on my erect dick, covered in lube. This situation reminds me of the movie Basic Instinct, except that the sexy killer girl is missing. How good would it be if she was here, jumping down on my rock-hard cock? Well, obviously, without the killing part involved.

As soon as the thought came to my mind, an intense sexual urge took over my body and mind. At the same time, the door opened, and a girl entered the room. Humm! That paint makeup on her face, twin pigtails, tight red glittery underwear, and a tank top that was hardly covering her ample breast. Wait a minute!

F*ck me!!! I know her. "Harley Quinn." I stuttered as my erect cock started to throb, but no voice came from my mouth. That's freaking lunatic Harley Quin. I have no doubt about that. But what the heck is she doing here? Am I the Joker? What kind of freaking shit am I in?

"Oh, my dear. You look... Slurrrp! I am gonna devour you... Hehehehe!" Harley said as she licked her lips. Her eyes were fixed on my throbbing cock. She jumped on the bed with a little giggle and began to strip tease.

A sweet perfume came to my nose as Harley started to dance. From my situation, I am certain. She is the one who drugged me, and now she is about to jump on my cock, very soon.

Harley turns around and squats down, brushing her soft mound and butt over my face. I instantly took out my tongue, lightly licking her pussy over her underwear. A sweet and lightly salty taste filled my mouth. F*ck me she is dripping... She is wet as hell.

F*ck!!! I don't care anymore. Let's go with the flow.

"Oh! You naughty boy... Tehehehe! You were resisting so much earlier... Look at your shivering cock," Harley said seductively.

I instantly felt an intense sensation. Harley just lightly licked the tip of my cock. She turned around with a large smile and tore apart the tight tank top on her chest, barely holding her tits. Her big boobs jumped out.

I just laid there enjoying her tease. She was shaking her hips and squeezing her boobs. Sometimes she was lightly twisting her pink nipples. Damn! She even went so far as to paint her nipples. Don't tell me, she did it for me.

It was my first time experiencing such a sensation. But... I want more. I want to ravish her. I want to dominate her. But in my present situation, I can only lie and enjoy what's in front of me.

"You look frustrated... Wanna lick my tities?" Harley stopped dancing. She is looking into my eyes with a seductive smile. My heart is throbbing as if someone is hammering a slab of iron on an anvil. I can't believe it. The freaking Harley Quinn is capable of making that face.

'This has to be a dreammm... Oh, God!!!' I met her eyes. I can't resist such a fucking hot, and fuckable girl. The girl, a lunatic killer or not, wants to f*ck me. And I too want to ravish her... Then, why should I resist? My freaking gold digger girlfriend left me anyway.

Harley sat down on my stomach. My cock slit in between her bubble butt cheeks. I can feel her pussy over her thin panty. She slightly moved her hips without breaking eye contact, sending an electrifying sensation through my body.

I nearly came. The drugs running in my body were too strong. I wonder how many drugs she gave me. But I gritted my teeth and held on. There is no way I will cum before fucking her and making her squirt. This is the chance of a lifetime, and I ain't gonna waste it like this.

Ahh! This is fluffy heaven... Harley's pushed down her big boobs on my face. And then came a buzzing sound in my ears. Harley's body began to shake as if she was being electrified. Her soft boobs were rubbing on my face. I am nearly out of oxygen...

"Got her," the voice of a girl came to my ear, "F*ck! Look at that size..." She mumbled, but surprisingly, I could hear her.

Damn it!!! Which fucker stopped my dream? I was so close... You bitch. You could have waited for a few more minutes. Well, that's what I wanted to scream. But sadly, I am still unable to speak.

I raised my hip up and down and tried to get Harley off. I can't breathe anymore. Someone get her off me... I can't die from boob suffocation... It will be freaking embarrassing. I don't want my name on the front page of the newspaper, printed in big bold letters, stating... 'NAKED VICTIM, SUFFOCATED TO DEATH BY HARLEY QUINN'


I want my stones... Give it to me... Help me reach the top...

Author's note: I am sure you all will have tons of questions, especially the first 20chs. Let me be clear, the first volume is mostly built up for the main story. MC's character will mature as the story progress. Ask anyone reading the latest chs, for infos, I am sure they will clarify it. So, all I ask is to have patience.

THIS FICTION WILL TEST YOUR PATIENCE at least till the end of vol-1

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