My Familiar Space Is Bound To The Cultivation World Book

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My Familiar Space Is Bound To The Cultivation World


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Chen Kun transmigrated to a world of beast-taming. Everyone here would awaken the Beast-taming Space when they turned 18 and become a Beast Tamer. When Chen Kun awakened his Beast-taming Space, he discovered that his space was bound to a cultivation world. Powerful beasts that were rare in the beast-taming world were overpopulated in the cultivation world. They were even regarded as demonic beasts and were hunted by cultivators. People in the beast-taming world complained that it was hard to encounter beasts in the wild. All they could find were low-level beasts. The cultivation world was overpopulated with high-level beasts. There were even some ancient savage beasts there! Any one of the beasts brought back from the cultivation world was considered a top-class beast in the other world. People in the beast-taming world complained that the resources were limited and that it was difficult for the beasts to evolve. The cultivation world was covered with countless spiritual stone veins. Resources were limitless. Chen Kun fed his beasts spiritual stones as snacks. In the beast-taming world, someone complained, “Coach! He is cheating.” Another person agreed, saying, “That’s right. How could his beasts be so strong and evolve so quickly?” With a look of enjoyment, Chen Kun lay his head on the lap of a maiden with soft beast ears. He said, “All that is just a piece of cake for me. My beasts can also cultivate martial arts techniques. They can even transform into human form.” In the cultivation world, Chen Kun eventually established the Demon Clan to gather all kinds of powerful beasts under his wing. He became the overlord!


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