My diary system in Marvel

After transmigrating into the Marvel universe, Luke had awaken the Diary Entry System. As long as whoever that holds the diary believes and trusts in what was written, then Luke would be rewarded by his system. The stronger the trust value, the better the rewards. Editor note: Hello guys! I am not the author, nor am I a translator of this fanfic. I am simply a normal guy heavily editing an MTL of the raw "People are writing diaries in Marvel, and the Avengers are all confused". I saw some others on this app who are attempting to edit the chapters, such as "Elephas" or "BlackGoku222" but I find their edits rather lackluster. And since I am interested in reading this further, I thought i'd do the rest of us a favor of putting out my edited version of the MTL. Please note that the characters will be slightly AU. If you think that my edited version is different from the original or other versions, you would be right as I included my own elements and removed some extra information in order to try to make the story as congruent as possible. Honestly guys, the MTL is so confusing. Lastly, I will TRY my best to make this story as readable as humanely possible, but no promises for a 5-star edit as my English language was only a B3. And thanks for taking the time to read this! (Gib me cookies/stones please) (Cover pic by Nariva Amynia on DevianArt. This is not an original work, I own absolutely nothing except my own deviations to the original fanfiction!)

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C02 - Desperation... The Avengers have failed!

'Inner dialogue/thoughts'

"Normal dialogue"


[Diary entries]

(Word Count: 1,041)

~ With Nick Fury ~

[My name is Luke Sullivan, and it has been almost two months since I have been transmigrated to this universe.]

"Transmigrated? This universe? Is he from a parallel world than ours?" Reading what was being written in the diary, Fury's brows furrowed slightly. As the head of an international spy agency, Fury is well aware of the parallel universe theory. However, he did not expect to read about it in this diary. Maintaining a healthy dose of scepticism and vigilance, Fury resumed reading the diary entry.

[The universe that I came from, my home world… There is not a second that goes by that I am not haunted by the destruction of my world. An entire planet, destroyed. I fear to think of what followed after that. Most nights I lay sleepless looking to the sky, asking myself how it had gotten to that point. How? We had won the war, had we not? We faced an army of extraterrestrial monsters in the heart of New York and cemented our position as the protectors of our world. We faced the Mad Titan, and though we suffered heavily, we came out victors of the inter-galactic battle. We faced the Conqueror and the Time Variance Authority, and even they were put to a stop by us. We were the Avengers! The Earth's Mightiest Heroes! SO HOW?! How did we lose? How could we have lost…]

Fury's attention was immediately captured. 'Avengers?' He pondered. The Avengers was a concept created by Fury himself, to bring together a team of extraordinary individuals to keep the world safe. In the aftermath of the battle in the 1990s, only he knew the importance of having such a team, especially when the one who protected the Earth at that time is no longer on the planet. Yet, this concept had not once been given the approval to be implemented. However, to see this concept bear fruit in this parallel universe, Fury could not help but give his full attention to the diary.

[We had just won against the Conqueror and the TVA, at that time, the survivors felt tired and relieved that the battle had ended. Who would have ever thought that Hawkeye, a man as straight as his arrows, had felt relieved that he could finally put the time into training his chosen successor. He knew it was time to hang the bow, it just was never the same since her death. Thor even joked about training his daughter to join the next generation of Avengers. Hell, even Loki claimed that he had wanted to start a family with his lover. One could only pray that he would not have ended up like his father. That would've been a disaster, especially for me considering Loki and I were the best of mates.] 

[But through all the battles, the victories, and the defeats, if there was one thing that kept me pushing on, it would have been my lovely wife, Wanda. She was my reason to survive, my strength to face down adversities and stare at the eyes of death unafraid, my purpose to win and come home to her. She was my world. And she was also carrying our unborn child, Pietro, named in honour and memory of the one we lost.]

~ With Wanda ~

'My lovely wife, Wanda.' Reading this part again and again was Wanda Maximoff, apparent wife of Luke from a parallel universe. 'It can't have been a coincidence, could it? My lovely wife, Wanda. And the baby's name?! Pietro?! What does he mean in honour and memory of the one we lost? It can't be, right? Pietro wouldn't leave me behind! Just what happened in that universe?!' Reading the contents of the diary overwhelmed Wanda. Many questions were raised, with no answers. Was she the wife of the owner of this diary? What happened to Pietro? And why did she have the foreboding feeling that something bad would happen? Even though Wanda had always hoped to have a loving family, with cute and well-behaved children of her own, she was only sixteen years of age at the current moment. She was still too young to be thinking of marriage and having children of her own. With renewed curiosity, Wanda resumed reading the diary entry.

[We were all pulled into a state of peace, a lull from the constant of war, fooled into a false sense of security. That was until they arrived. In the blink of an eye, we had lost everything. Countless Conquerors, monsters, and even the Cosmic Beings appeared. In their presence, everything began to collapse; mountains were caving in, the oceans began boiling and evaporating, the sky turned red and even the gravity of the Earth was not spared from their might. In that moment, there was only one thing that I felt. Sheer, fuck*ng despair. Despair in knowing that everything around me was collapsing. Despair in knowing that this was not a battle that we could win. Despair in knowing that everything we ever stood for, everything we ever sacrificed for, was all for naught in their presence. Despair in knowing that my wife… That my unborn child… Despair in knowing that we've failed. We, The Avengers. Protectors of the world. Had failed in our duty. In the next second a blinding light covered my eyes accompanied by an eery silence, and I just knew that our world, had ended. Everyone had died. In that moment Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, and Thor appeared before me. The original Avengers. They were smiling at me while waving goodbye. I guess this was the end.]

[The next thing I knew, I woke up in this world. Alone. A failure. I had failed to protect my world. And I had failed to protect my family.]

The first diary entry ended there. At this point, all three holders began feeling extreme dread. This was all that it was, words. Just words. And yet these words from the diary had somehow made Fury, Natasha and Wanda feel as if they were the ones who were personally experiencing the desperate apocalyptic event being described in the diary.

- End of Chapter 02 -