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What is My diary system in Marvel

Read My diary system in Marvel fanfiction written by the author TheWandaShip on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, system, superpowers, transmigration, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After transmigrating into the Marvel universe, Luke had awaken the Diary Entry System. As long as whoever that holds the diary believes and trusts in what was written, then Luke would be rewarded by his system. The stronger the trust value, the better the rewards. Editor note: Hello guys! I am not the author, nor am I a translator of this fanfic. I am simply a normal guy heavily editing an MTL of the raw "People are writing diaries in Marvel, and the Avengers are all confused". I saw some others on this app who are attempting to edit the chapters, such as "Elephas" or "BlackGoku222" but I find their edits rather lackluster. And since I am interested in reading this further, I thought i'd do the rest of us a favor of putting out my edited version of the MTL. Please note that the characters will be slightly AU. If you think that my edited version is different from the original or other versions, you would be right as I included my own elements and removed some extra information in order to try to make the story as congruent as possible. Honestly guys, the MTL is so confusing. Lastly, I will TRY my best to make this story as readable as humanely possible, but no promises for a 5-star edit as my English language was only a B3. And thanks for taking the time to read this! (Gib me cookies/stones please) (Cover pic by Nariva Amynia on DevianArt. This is not an original work, I own absolutely nothing except my own deviations to the original fanfiction!)

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Fellow readers, this is NOT some MTL garbage that we see everywhere. This is a fanfic where the theme is inspired by the MTL. With how much the writer had to edit and change, this could be considered a proper fanfic. I can’t wait to see what our author will cook.


Wanted to read the original myself before leaving a review. Now that I have, I can officially say that this version is WAY better. Not only does the author show respect to the original story and plot, but he also changes it just enough to make the story flow better, as well as the characters and interactions feel more natural and believable. I also like that while interactions, characters, and plot points have been added or changed, I still feel I can switch back and forth from this, and the original and feel comfortable enough that I know what's happening with the main plot doing so. While the characters and interactions add more to the story, they dont affect the main story beats that the original author wrote. On a side note, I do have to mention this is more of an adaptation than a translation, but I have to say this is how adaptations should be done.


Author review! Though im not really author of the fanfic, just author of this particular book xD So, This is a MTL that's being heavily edited by me. The ratio is roughly 20:80, meaning 20% is true to MTL source, and 80% has been re-written to make the story more coherent and readable for the rest of us. I have changed ALOT from the original MTL, and it is my hope that the changes were for the better. Some issues that I noticed: 1) Romance. Is this Harem? I dont know. I am only at chapter 44 on the MTL. I can say for sure that the MAIN FML will be Wanda. This is non-negotiable because I am a Wandaship :D. Now, the romance between my book and the MTL will also be different. I will try to build the romance up instead of going like the MTL "You are my wife", "Yes I am your wife". In this fanfic, the romance that the MC shows on the Diary is complete BOGUS. It never happened. in fact, whatever is written in the diary is complete BOGUS, but the diary holders don't know that. So some interactions might make you go "If only they knew", well they don't, and that's what I like about the fanfic 😂😂 Wanda is aged 16, while the MC is aged 19. Some people were worried that i was having an old war veteran chasing after a young girl, nah nah. I think 16 and 19 is a decent age to set the FOUNDATIONS of a romance. Not full on romance yet, just the foundations. Wanda WILL make the comparisons of "If the other Wanda can love him, then so can I" but just take this at face value. This was meant to just show that Wanda is open to exploring romantic r/s with MC, but not as a GUARANTEED romance with MC. 2) Overboard. I have been told that i tend to go overboard with the way i Write. Please keep this in mind 3) Similarity. REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL FANFIC. So of course there will be similarity to the actual source material xD I am only changing a few things to enhance the story. If you want to see the difference, check out "People are keeoing diaries in Marvel, The Avengers are confused" I will put up an Auxiliary chap soon for character pics, info, and any other things i need to point out! Thanks for reading!


Usually when an uploader on Webnovel says their upload is a "Translation", it just ends up being MTL'd and copy-pasted as it is without any effort from their side. Here, the translator might as well be the co-author with the changes he's making to the story (in a good way, of course!). Looking forward to where this story ends up and I can't wait to see the dynamic between wanda and the mc when they finally meet!


I have read this story from many different authors and I can say so far this one is the best translated and fixed version so far so please keep it up.


would be better if the author wasn't a scamming liar will not consistently update on patreon will get mad if confronted with the fact they don't provide what's been paid for great potential terrible person writing the book


I only demand more CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is someone writing this book that’s further along it’s called marvel: journal writing by blackGoku222. They hit chapter 45 as of today.


Good structure and direction so far excellent potential hopeful for more updates recommend a read


I don't usually write a review but this is a quality translation l but honestly its more of an adaption/improvement of the story can't wait to see where this goes!


Very nice story More chapters update please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I liked the story 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


I really didn't have any expectations for this one but it honestly surprised me. It's absolutely worth a read. Give it a try the characters are good and the interactions not dull. So yeah give it a try.


Decent novel made better by TL effort to correct the general "chinesness" of it. I'd definitely recommend. BUT there's a glaring problem with the format of the chapters... Author made it hard to binge with unecessary preamble and end note every chapter, it became more a chores like trying to fix puzzle when you binge read.


This is such an awesome story, and more power to author for not only translating but also improving it to such a vast degree. I know how it is to translate a novel, as I am translating one myself but to improve it to such a degree... awesome author... here take my powerstones which I was going to use on my story


I can't lie I'm also reading the MTL of this and I can honestly say that the spin the author has put on this is better than the original which has become unreadable over time.


At first I thought this is a standard MTL novel, but author did a great job in translation. one of the best translation novel out here. so 5 ⭐


This is very good! I need more chapters!! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


top novel hope it doesnt stop like so many others i see a lot of potential in it [img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


this is something I found today and binged the whole thing in a few hours and the only thing I was disappointed by was not finding this earlier this is an amazing story even if its a translation and an edit I am very much happy with your edits and from what I have read from your notes I am so glad with your changes


So fa so good. Keep it up author! I'll be waiting expectandly new chapters.


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