My Boss is scary Book

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My Boss is scary


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Li Zi Yun was the eldest daughter of the Li family but her dad hated her. Her step sister or should she say half sister was always ready to take everything away from her. Her step mother was trying to make her life a living hell. But she was no longer the old Li Zi Yun who was yearning for love. Her boss was waiting for the moment when he could make her pay for what she took away from him. But she will endure it all. She had nothing to lose. She will not succumb to the situation. Li Zi Yun was now in a respectable position in one of the top companies. No one can take advantage of her any longer. She was going to play by her rules. P.S: I Don't own the book cover. English is not my mother tongue. So please forgive me if I make any mistakes. Also Check out my other book 'Back to 22'

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