Snakes and Ladders (A Hollywood SI/OC)

Author: Archonstine
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What is Snakes and Ladders (A Hollywood SI/OC)

Read ‘Snakes and Ladders (A Hollywood SI/OC)’ Online for Free, written by the author Archonstine, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Hollywood, the land of dreams, the birthplace of modern cinema, the-. ah, who am I kidding, it's just a big old game of ...


Hollywood, the land of dreams, the birthplace of modern cinema, the-. ah, who am I kidding, it's just a big old game of snakes and ladders. You either go up or down, depending on whether you got a ladder, or a snake in your corner. But what happens if you just, flip the board over? Let's see what happens when Richmond 'Ricky' Stirling attempts to do precisely that. Why wouldn't he? When life is just a game for him. Don't forget to add this to your collections for daily updates, and leave a 5 star review will you? It'll be much appreciated. Do share your honest feedback though. As an author, I strive to improve myself and I can't do that without my dear readers' varied opinions. Also, don't forget to join my discord server: https://disc ord.gg/uh2fS Guatb P.S, here is my p.a.t.r.e.o.n account for additional chapters: https://www.patr eon.com/user?u=42 576719 (remove the spaces after copy pasting the link) or just search 'Archonstine' on patreon... whichever works

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im a fan of the Hollywood acting/directing fanfic genre and this one seems to be of higher quality than most I've come across. looking forward to this story. it has its own original take on exploring such a path. id like it to explore each movie/show he is a part of more thoroughly instead of too many time skips but overall a great story.


Let's not waste words, just go and read it. Definitely one of the best I have read on this concept so far. Still early though, what with only 10 chps by this time. Hoping for the pace to slow down a bit. Going into more details in scenes (not the movie ones but day to day life ones) & descriptions (including descriptions of surroundings to get a mental image for readers). More focus on characters (not just at the critical parts). Looking forward to it.


I can't believe a Hollywood themed Novel with no harems actually Exist! 😭 I LOVE YOU! The Anti-Harem Sect is pleased. Keep up the good work!


I take care of my lads, so here’s five stars. Now for the review, the story is pretty darn cool! Especially for a first one, I’m proud of you man. It’s pleasant, doesn’t contain the forbidden tropes of fanfiction and even though I’m not into that type of fic (the whole Hollywood thing just isn’t my cup of tea.) I actually liked reading it. Keep up the good work!


Great story! The dialogue between characters is used well, and kept improving since the first chapter. I like stories that use dialogue to move the plot along, as well as build the relationship`between the characters. In shorter terms, showing instead of telling. Lastly, I find the plot/story interesting.


this novel is everything you can ask for.


Fantastic Novel, written in a realistic way. It really gets the reader's attention towards such novels....... Keep it up, waiting for more.


This is my first review but the quality has astonished me and convinced me to at least write a review about it. I honestly believe this is one of the best Hollywood themed story on this platform, the story development and lack of harem has opened up more space and time for character development which has only improved the story. I wish I could give it the full five stars but the lack of consistent updates has made it sometimes difficult to remember what happened before. Even though I say this, I am fine with the time it takes between each update as I value the quality put out then the quantity. As a final thing to say, please don’t rush the author as I believe pressuring him will only delay the chapters. Please continue writing!!!


this book is incredible Manuel gomes Caneta azul, azul caneta Caneta azul tá marcada com minha letra Caneta azul, azul caneta Caneta azul tá marcada com minha letra


Reveal spoiler


This is without a doubt, the best hollywood SI I have ever read in my life. I just hope daily updates start soon............................


This is fantastic. I haven't seen a Hollywood novel be written with such fluency of language. Not to mention the plot. Kinda unconventional, but at the same time intriguing.


This is great. I'm really enjoying the story so far. Does anyone know any stories with the same premise? I've already read 'I'm on TV!' and 'Redoing my life', and I have 'My Hollywood System' and 'Tycoon Actor' in my Library to read later.


Best Hollywood theme story to date. no words enough to describe. please carry on writing this story. like I saw in another review just go and read it. dont miss out on this masterpiece


I love everything about this fic......................................................... More............................................................


love the book. Even tho the update is not as fast as other books, it makes up with longer chapter and entertaining content. keep up the good work author!


The novel is a pretty good read, the author definitely knows what's he's writing about and seems to have the plot well planned out. Th MC is a fun character, he's well written and while he seems infallible the author has done a great job in balancing him out. The side characters are also really well written, they all add something to the story in their own way and help to ground the MC. Overall the plot is really good and the charactersl interactions are enjoyable to read. Although the update are kinda inconsistent sometimes.


One of my favorite books on wn, hope to read many more chapters soon. Kudos to the author. And now I must continue writing to post this review.


Story is great. It has great writing . Author know what he is doing and has a good plan for this book My fellow reader this book pass the poison check from me and you can give it a try.


Great book. Would recommend it. Great book. Would recommend it. Great book. Would recommend it. Great book. Would recommend it. Great book. Would recommend it.


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