My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse) Book

My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse)


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A Random dude gets reincarnated in My Hero Academia. As he catches the interest of a certain ROB. Will his life be the same old quiet life or will it be filled with action. What changes will his presence in this world, bring about. It's a multiverse story, with first or main world as mha. Further world's will be selected based on reader's vote. Mc will have gacha option, where he can draw forms or transformations from other fictional verse. There is no limit to whom he can pull, from jerry to TOAA or Scarlett King or Hajun. It can be anyone. Mc is overly overpowered and I have tried to balance the story a bit. At the start his aliens are nerfed a bit but by the start of canon, his transformations are as strong as original or even stronger in some cases. Though some people will be angry about that nerfing of his aliens but i haven't nerfed them like I said earlier, I have just shown him to be powerless against ROB and nothing more. Well many people did consider it as nerfing so I had to mention it. [Omniverse] Start World - My Hero Academia 1st World - Haven't decided, waiting for readers votes. Starting 3 chapters have a lot of gramtical mistakes. They were just rough drafts which I myself have not read and have just uploaded it. The next chapters are fine, I guess. Please bear with me and give it a try. I hope you enjoy reading this novel. I can't tell much about the upload time, as I am busy with my college I will try to upload 2-4 chapters a month. Except starting 1 to 4 chapters, all the chapters have a minimum of 4500 words to 8.5k words in some. Disclaimer *I do not own cover picture, it belongs to its original owner. If you are the owner of the cover picture and want me to remove it, comment in the latest chapter posted. *I do not own or have rights for My Hero Academia as it belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi, Ben 10 as it belongs to Duncan Rouleau(Warner Bros) aka Man of Action and any Marvel element in this show as it belongs to Marvel and thereby Disney. *I own nothing except the Main Protagonist who is an OC and ROB who's also a OC atleast his character design. *If you are the original owner of any elements used in this fanfiction you can contact me if you wish to remove the said elements from this fiction or wish for this novel to be taken down. *This novel is a fanfiction written by me for entertainment purposes and is a non profit fic and under no condition am I monetizing this piece of work and I am under no condition earning anything from this novel.