20 Sorcerer Supreme (3)

She checked multiple times to see if there was anybody who invaded but didn't find anyone. So she had to use the eye of Agomotto to look into the future only to see that the future has changed by a huge mile. She checked all the possible timelines and realized that the main person behind this change was John. Even though on possible timelines John never turned against earth she still had to check on John herself as to judge his character.

So the ancient one started spying on him from the mirror dimension and after few days of spying she realized that John was a decent guy from heart, loved his family and had very interesting ideas. So after that she stopped paying attention to him.

She didn't know that all the knowledge of future came from movies in his previous life and the powerful entity behind him was not even a living thing. It was just an overpowered system.

"Yes I do know of Tiamat. But that is the headache of Strange. Not mine" the ancient one said with a mocking smile as if she was having a laugh on the future problems of Doctor Strange. John was dumbfounded by seeing this side of the ancient one. He wondered if all the sorcerer supreme has such weird character.

Well after leaving his thoughts in the back of his head he sat straight and came to the topic for which he really came all the way from home.

"In a few months many other worldly powerful beings will enter earth. They are friends of mine. I hope you won't stop me. " John was serious. He was scared that she would reject but she gave a reply he never expected.

"You can bring anyone you want from other universes. It won't really matter to me as long as they don't hurt the defenses of earth and the Sanctums" the ancient one said with a smile.

"That is of course. I can even ask my friends to help you guard the sanctum if you allow us." John added instantly

"Well then I will thank you in advance for your help" She said with a smile.

"Well I can see you brought two beings with you. One is on the parking spot of New York and the other in your pocket. Right?" She added. As soon as she said that the mobile in his pocket vibrated continuously. It was probably asking for permission to transform and attack her because Fixit felt that the woman was dangerous by her words.

John probably guessed what Fixit wanted to do so he brought the mobile out of his pocket and said "Fixit you can transform and show yourself". As soon as he said that Fixit transformed and immediately started shooting from his transformed and even launched a small RPG from it's back towards the ancient one.

John didn't even get the time to stop Fixit but he was relieved to see that she already put up the rings of raggadorr in front of her. Even though the bullets and the missile won't really hurt too much to a human being but it still might cause burns and pain. And if used in vulnerable places these bullets and missiles could even prove to be fatal.

"Wow these beings looks so cute. It's name is Fixit? That's a nice name. Are they from the planet Cybertron?" She asked with curiosity. John was dumbfounded.

"How come you know of Cybertron? The movie hasn't even released globally? You even watch movies made by me?" John asked with huge eyes.

"Of course I went to LA and watched the movie from mirror dimension. I have to say that I loved the idea of the movie. That car outside is the famous Bumblebee. Right? Looks powerful. I could feel the power from outside. All these years I watched some of your movies and works. I have to say that having a knowledge of so many universes is amazing" She said

John felt guilt and shy for deceiving her as there were no such universes. He was just a guy with a small trick or at least that is what he thought. He wasn't sure if Naruto universe existed or not. He didn't give much thought to it anymore.

"Yes this is Fixit and the car outside is indeed Bee. Fixit say sorry to her. She is a friend of mine and our ally." John said to Fixit. Fixit looked back and forth to the ancient one and John and he couldn't understand why he pointed this mage as an ally but Fixit didn't argue on this.

"I am sorry for firing upon you, mage. Hope you won't take this to heart"

"It's fine. I can see that you want to protect John. You can continue to do so." she said.

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