727 Hunter and hunted

"You can kill me for sure but if you do that Owen will die the moment my heart beat stops and if you let me go, Owen will commit suicide 10 months later. That was the predetermined time anyways." Logan was speaking in a very calm tone and it didn't seem like he was fazed by the fact he was speaking of the fate of the multiverse and killing trillions of different species.

John was now in contemplation of what his next move would be. He would have to contact Eternity and let him find Owen in all of the multiverse and kill each and every Owen who is still influenced by the power of Beyonders. Kill each one before they could even understand what was going on. Only in this way could they win this race against time.

He wasn't sure of how truthful the words of Logan were as he wasn't sure if Logan had the power or not , but he didn't want to play games with such a large population and regret later for the rest of their lives. John could only hope that the 10 months time gap was the truth.

This would be a shot in the dark but at least now they have time. There are various smart minds working at the Avengers facility and they would have enough time to come up with something.

"I say we kill him. Who knows if he is speaking the truth or not." Lucifer said as he was still angry thinking of the fact that his night club and penthouse might be gone. Wanda and others were still shaken and in the depth of their heart they really wanted to kill him but the responsibility of such a huge decision was weighing on them and they didn't want to gamble.

"John, you are the leader here. What should we do?" Barry asked in a low tone. He didn't want to be the person who would take tough decisions. John was always the person who had better knowledge of the Source Wall, even better than Batman who once sat in the Mobius Chair.

John was looking at Logan with sharp eyes and thinking if he should trust him. Bruce Wayne and Logan were always someone who could be trusted in their respective worlds but here. He wasn't so sure any more.

"Will you keep your word if I do this?" John asked.

"No, John we should kill him now." rare words came out of Thanos' mouth. In the whole journey he had been mostly silent and never went against the orders of John or any other person for that matter. But he was forced to open his mouth. John looked at Thanos with cold eyes and didn't answer him. He knew that Thanos like many others wouldn't choose to believe Logan and kill him here but he has read the world more times than he could count off. Especially during the last few months.

He needed immense knowledge and comics were the best in this regard. Dr. Strangefate was not a joke and he might just have the power to kill the multiverse. Any Doctor Strange in itself was a very powerful being but they had their moral code. So John hoped that Dr. Stangefate had the moral code and abided by what Logan said here.

10 months would be enough to bring down each and every kind of Owen. The abstract beings would be called for this and thus it would be easier and faster. It was time for TVA to show their effectiveness and let the Time Keepers come down to help.

"I will let you go. And I know that the Source Wall would be broken. But you are forgetting the most basic thing. The Source wall is in the Void of our multiverse. Even if it breaks, the multiverse wouldn't fall apart unlike the other multiverse. So we will be safe. But the Wall breaks. Run and hide.... RUN and HIDE because we will come for you. Not Perpetua nor Batman who Laughs would be able to stop us from killing you and your entire band. I didn't want to dip my hands on the filth of the Dark Multiverse but you have forced our hands. We will hunt you down and kill each and everyone of you."

"Hahahaha.. Of course you will. We have always known that your band will come along with that band of half dead Justice League. Ha.. I heard Batman is dead there. What a shame!! Anyway if you don't come for us, we will come for you. Let's see who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted." Logan said as he was smiling. John clenched his fist in anger and almost blasted him away with his magma hand which was flowing down due to his anger.

He really wanted to kill Logan.


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