57 Fight

"I have got something for this guy." Rhodes said as he took out the launcher for the missile called "ex-wife" and launched it towards Ivan. But it immediately bounced off after hitting Ivan suit without even exploding.

"Never trust Hammer. I told you." Tony said with sarcasm.

Rhodes started firing bullets but it did nothing to Ivan as he had a strong armor. He used his whip to hit both of them but they dodged.

"I need to be near his suit to do alchemy. The iron content in this place is low and it won't be able to stop his armor nor his whip." Tony said. The fight ensued as it was supposed to in the original world.

With both the whip bounding the bodies of Tony and Rhodes. As Ivan was holding them 5 batarangs stuck near his ground. After seeing this Ivan had a bad premonition. In Monaco too it had happened before a wall was formed.

Before Ivan could react the place where the knives stuck the ground bulged forward fast like huge log and hit his body. Ivan was thrown away a few metres. Tony and Rhodes were freed instantly as Ivan let go of his whips. Tony got an opening and came to Ivan who was lying down. After striking his two fists together he touched the armor of Ivan.

The armor distorted crazily while giving out sparks of blue lightning and the whole armor opened by itself. It was the iron alchemy which made the armor fall apart. Tony pointed his hand thrusters on the face and said

"You don't think my name of Iron Man is just a name. Do you?" Tony said.

"You still loose Stark. I have rigged all the drones. Haha people will die and you won't be able to do anything." Ivan laughed.

"We know that. That's why I let Cinch, Toolbox, Drift and Batwing to take care of it." said a bland and deep voice from behind.

"That's impossible there are so many drones, your friends won't be able to save everyone." Ivan said as his face changed as he saw Batman arriving from the shadows. He knew that he has failed in all his pursuit

"You need to do your homework Ivan. I have more friends then I have shown."

Ivan's suit suddenly made a beeping sound. Tony understood what Ivan wanted to do so he flew away. Bruce and Rhodes too left the next second as Ivan had rigged his own suit too. They didn't want to save Ivan as a lunatic like him who was consumed by revenge was beyond saving.

Tony flew towards Pepper's location. As he saw Pepper standing near his Audi car he knew that Drift had kept her safe. He was relieved after seeing this. Tony really thanked John in his heart as the Cube had saved all of them. Drift and Batwing were able to dismantle the drones which were lying damaged without anyone nearby. While Toolbox and Cinch went to disable the drones which were in open public. They did it sneakily as they didn't want people to know the existence of Transformers yet.

They did all this when Ivan, Tony and Rhodes were fighting. "Thanks Drift. Thank God you are alright Pepper." Tony said.

"I quit from being CEO. This job isn't for me." Pepper said.

Tony was surprised by this but he didn't accept the resignation. He apologized to Pepper saying it's because he was dying that he was acting weird. They had a long conversation while at the end Tony finally ended up with kissing Pepper.

The next day Tony came to a secret base for SHIELD and sat opposite of Nick Fury. "This is the evaluation given by Agent Romanoff and Bruce. Read it." said Fury after handing him a file written Avengers Initiative.

"Uhh.. Personality report. Mr. Stark displays compulsive behavior. That was last week. Prone to self destructive tendency, damn. Bruce is my enemy number one. C'mon I was dying. Text book narcissism. Agreed to that. Recruitment assessment for Avengers Initiative. Iron Man yes. See I am still good." Tony said

"Read on." Fury continued.

"Tony Stark, not recommended." Tony said with puzzled expression " How can you recommend me but not recommend me."

"It means that at this juncture we can't hire you as a consultant" Fury said. Tony got up and did a handshake with Fury saying " You can't afford me."

"By the way I need a small favor. Rhodey and I are being awarded. We need a presenter." Tony said with a smile.

"I will see what I can do." Fury said.

At the award ceremony Rhodes and Tony were both presented the award by the same senate who tried taking away Tony's suit on the basis of national defense and security concerns. Tony really felt happy at this as he never forgets to take revenge when he can.

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