222 Aftermath

John was still angry and flew to the broken world engine and transformed himself back to normal and proceeded to decimate the world engine with decomposition alchemy. The others understood John's anger. He had been trying to stop Ultron since the beginning. It was as if he was driven by hunger to kill Ultron.

When Loki came to attack he never showed that hatred but apparently Ultron disgusted John. It was probably because he had seen other universes that suffered from Ultron and thus wanted to kill him before he could do any harm.

"Hal, tell all the green lanterns to be on the lookout for a damaged Kryptonian ship. It's hull was blown off when it went into phantom drive. It couldn't go too far. I want every sector to be searched. I will inform the guardians myself of Ultron." John said.

"Yes." Hal answered as he contacted the Guardians.

"We can't always win, John. Sometimes we need to have a setback to rise higher." Geralt said. John sighed when he heard that. It was the first loss he had suffered after he came here. Never expected to lose in front of an AI.

"Fine. Let's go back. I hope Ultron will not raise a storm in the universe. The universe too isn't very kind to AI. SHIELD can handle the relevant matters here." John said.

Victor opened boom tubes and thus everybody returned back to headquarters. Everybody's mood was a little heavy so after talking a bit they went off on their ways. They needed to get ready for when Ultron comes in future and needed to be more powerful. John was stressed a bit for the past few months of Ultron and now finally Ultron had been purged off the internet he could rest.

Even though the threat was there, at least Ultron wasn't on Earth now. John was happy that there were almost no casualties on Sokovia instead of the original world. John was also a little excited for the rise of fan values.

This war was fought in Eastern Europe and thus they would be famous now in Europe too. Avengers mostly worked on America and now finally there was a change. This would prompt the people outside America to watch more movies and help John more.

The next day the whole world exploded with news of the world engine appearing. Tony later came out and reported on an evil AI taking over a world engine which was from Krypton. The AI wanted to make Earth like Krypton and thus the fight happened. The Avengers had to act immediately and so they took action to stop it.

People applauded the work of the Avengers. By now there were many members of Avengers and were surprised to see that there were even characters from the games too. They could easily identify Geralt and Ciri from all the pictures and videos that the Sokovians took before being transported to the hellicarrier.

This prompted the gamers to be a fan of John's games more. Before it was Horizon Zero Dawn and now it was The Witcher. John was happy to see the response and knew his fan value would be on the rise soon. He just needed to wait and watch the rise.

Though there were still protests saying the presence of an AI on Mars is a threat and must be killed. Umbrella just came out and said that the AI in Mars was required to maintain the ecosystem and thus it can't be killed. If the people still insisted on the path, their chances of space travel would be revoked forever.

Umbrella was responsible for space travel for normal people now and this was a huge temptation to all since Umbrella had been sending normal workers to Mars too instead of just sending rich people. This threat made the protesters back down a bit.

By the end of October all the protests had gone down. The Guardians tasked the lanterns in search of the ship. John even contacted Emma to be on the lookout and explained to her why the ship was important. She understood why the Guardians had tasked them in finding the spaceship.

John then contacted Lex and told him to be on the lookout for a damaged Kryptonian ship. The Nova Prime too was informed of a very powerful rogue AI and thus it alerted the empire. By now Lex Corporation had started building spaceships which had phantom drive.

For the first time in the universe, the spaceships didn't need to go to jump points to space travel. This new technology surprised almost every one in the known universe and they flocked to buying the new spaceships. Lex Corp was on the rise and it wouldn't take long before it became an entity that nobody would be able to shake. This even boosted the trade of the Nova Empire and they were happy to see more prominence and trade.


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