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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? [DxD - Now!] ... Waking up in a mysterious world, August finds himself grappling with the dilemma of whether he can survive in a seemingly beautiful yet deeply dark world. Fortunately, leveraging the luck of his nine generations, he manages to obtain the Gate of Babylon belonging to a certain goldenman... With the Gate of Babylon in his pocket, August decides to amass all the treasures available in the world. However, once again, he faces a dilemma... Are girls also treasures? Can he keep them in his Gate of Babylon?

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[160] First Encounter with Sona!

Another two days passed, and the inner world was well organized.

Starting with the Tree of Water, a small river was specifically opened, circulating throughout the small world.

In the lower central part of the inner world, a massive mansion was built, making the entire inner world vibrant. From this, it could be seen that the abilities of these twenty individuals were quite impressive.

"My Lord, something was delivered by Lord Sirzechs."

Hilda said as she handed over a package containing what seemed to be documents.

August opened it and found quite a treasure, his acceptance letter to the Kuoh Academy, student ID, bank card, property certificate, and everything needed in the human world.

"Wow, I must say, this guy is quite impressive, doing all this for his sister."


Hilda fell silent immediately. As a maid, she had no qualification to comment on such matters.

"By the way, what grade is Rias now at the Kuoh Academy?"

"High school senior, My Lord."

"Then, I'm..."

August looked over and suddenly froze. High school sophomore.

This made August suspect that Sirzechs was messing with him. Sirzechs' sister is in her senior year, and he assigns me to the sophomore year? Is he deliberately causing trouble?

"My Lord, if you're not satisfied, you can modify it. The Kuoh Town belongs to the territory of the Sitri family and the Gremory family. With your status, changing grades is not a problem."

"Modify what? No need, it's fine as it is."

August narrowed his eyes slightly. A sis-con, asking him to help his sister, he's probably planning to give him his sister as compensation.

Before even going, August had already made up his mind. This red-haired maiden, the one skilled in destruction, is his.

"Get ready, we're going to Kuoh Town today."

"Yes, My Lord."

Hilda proceeded to make arrangements.

To enter the human world from the Underworld, one had to pass through dimensional rifts since they were two different dimensions.

While most people could easily travel between the two realms using teleportation magic, August had never been to the human world. For his first visit, a record of his level was required.

After all, the Underworld had undergone updates, replacing all the old things.

Opening the system, August looked at the system tasks triggered in this world, silently contemplating.

[Red Dragon's Demise: Defeat the Red Dragon Emperor, one of the two contemporary Heavenly Dragons. Reward: Advanced Gacha Draw *3]

[White Dragon's Demise: Defeat the White Dragon Emperor, one of the two contemporary Heavenly Dragons. Reward: Advanced Gacha Draw *3]

[Ascend the Throne: Become the Lust Demon King, ascend the Demon King's throne. Reward: Demon King's Authority, Advanced Gacha Draw *3]

[Surpass Limits: Become Super-level being, become the world's top powerhouse. Reward: Advanced Gacha Draw *9]

Looking at these four tasks, August began to ponder.

Leaving the last two aside, the first two were not a problem. Whether the Red Dragon Emperor or the White Dragon Emperor, both were clear targets. Given some time, defeating them would not be an issue, after all, August was cheating.

However, becoming the Lust Demon King posed some difficulties for August. If it were just breaking through the Demon King level or Satan level, it wouldn't be introduced this way. There might be something else involved.

As for the reward 'Demon King's Authority,' it piqued August's curiosity. What kind of authority does a Demon King have? But since it was called 'Authority,' it was undoubtedly extraordinary.

The last task, Surpass Limits, was something for the late game. August was currently just a Level 7, and reaching Level 9 was still a distant goal.

As time passed, August sat here quietly drinking coffe, contemplating future events.

Although Hilda had left, it didn't mean there was no one around. In this castle, what was least lacking was maids.

Drip~ Drip~ Drip~

Soon, Hilda returned.

"My Lord, everything is arranged. The nearest dimensional train will depart for Kuoh Town in an hour."

"Which family's dimensional train is it?"

Although dimensional trains and human world trains were both public transportation, most families had their private stations and trains. It was convenient, and they didn't have to travel with lower servants.

"It's the Sitri family's dimensional train."

"Sitri family? That's normal. After all, their princess is also in Kuoh Town."

Hilda tidied up her belongings, which weren't much, mostly items for serving August, like coffe sets and various props. Other things could be bought later.

August didn't put on any airs and left with Hilda.

Using a teleportation array, August and Hilda arrived directly at the Sitri family's dimensional train station.

"Lord August, we have been expecting you."

As soon as they arrived, an old butler-like servant bowed to August.

The ancient devil race had strict requirements for etiquette. Lower servants meeting upper devils had to bow, much like the rules of the feudal era.

"You're too kind. I'm just hitching a ride in the Sitri family's carriage."

"You jest, your presence makes the Sitri family shine."


August didn't pay much attention and walked straight into the dimensional train.

In the train, two people were sitting, none other than the Sitri family's princess and the future successor, Sona Sitri, along with her queen, Tsubaki Shinra.

"Lord August, greetings."

"Greetings, Lord August."

As soon as they entered, Sona and Shinra stood up and bowed to August.

After seeing August sit down, Sona sat back down, while Shinra continued to stand on the side.

As the saying goes, the statuses weren't equal. She was Sona's queen, making her a servant. If it was among their own people, it didn't matter, but when there were outsiders, servants couldn't sit with their masters.

"Don't be so nervous, I'm not a rigid old-fashioned guy. Sit, Hilda, you too."

"My Lord, I..."



Hilda didn't dare to disobey and sat down, but she was still ready to stand up at any moment.

Seeing this, Sona understood August's intention and gestured for Shinra to sit down as well.

If it were those old guys from the devil race, they absolutely couldn't stand this, but August wasn't like that. If we consider it, four months ago, August was still an ordinary person without these annoying habits.


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