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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? [DxD - Now!] ... Waking up in a mysterious world, August finds himself grappling with the dilemma of whether he can survive in a seemingly beautiful yet deeply dark world. Fortunately, leveraging the luck of his nine generations, he manages to obtain the Gate of Babylon belonging to a certain goldenman... With the Gate of Babylon in his pocket, August decides to amass all the treasures available in the world. However, once again, he faces a dilemma... Are girls also treasures? Can he keep them in his Gate of Babylon?

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[158] Reincarnation of Hilda!

The power of darkness was the proof of the Demon Clan being favored by darkness, naturally possessing the control over the power of darkness.

These sixteen evil pieces were contaminated by the power of darkness and directly transformed into new demon evil pieces. Not only that, the original ordinary pieces also turned into mutation pieces.

The topmost king piece directly fused into August's body, then was devoured by August's original king piece.

Soon, August felt the amplification of the power of darkness by the king piece, doubling its effect.

With just this change, the number of followers August could have, originally limited to 15, also doubled to 30.

This surprised August. Then, he became happy. Each piece could create a powerful follower. Originally limited to fifteen slots, now it increased to thirty, a significant boost.

"Congratulations, August. Now, you're the sole seedling of the Demon Clan. You should expand your branches and leaves."

Sirzechs' words made August suddenly understand. Oh, it was for this reason.

Evil pieces were created to increase the number of devils. By giving him this special set of evil pieces, Sirzechs aimed to increase the number of demons.

"So, this was your plan."

August's gaze fell on Sirzechs, making him somewhat embarrassed. After all, his motive was impure, and he felt somewhat guilty.

"Enough, don't act like that. But since I have evil pieces now, then..."

While speaking, August's gaze shifted to Hilda beside him, the best candidate for reincarnation at the moment.

Sirzechs and Grayfia also focused their attention, as reincarnating into demon was their goal.

"Hilda, would you be willing to live for me from now on and become my sword?"

"My Lord, your will is everything to Hilda."

"Then, from now on, live for me."

With a wave of his hand, the knight piece moved toward Hilda.

In an instant, a huge moon-star emerald pattern appeared under Hilda's feet. Sirzechs was curious about the pattern, was this the magic pattern of the Demon Clan?

Next, the knight piece fused into Hilda's body. Shortly after, dark magic began to surge.

Above Hilda's forehead, the demonized sun pattern slowly emerged.

This was followed by a powerful burst of magic, bringing Hilda, originally an upper-level devil, just a step away from becoming the highest-level demon.

This shocked Sirzechs immensely. Just a moment ago, Hilda was only an upper-level devil, but now she had advanced to the highest level demon. The quality and quantity of this magic power alone were enough to make her dominate among the highest-level demons.

Soon, Hilda restrained her dark magic, and the original demonized pattern disappeared. Her aura returned to that of an upper-level demon.

"Thanks for your grace, My Lord. Your will is Hilda's life."


August nodded. He had gained another follower.

"It's incredible. In an instant, she upgraded from an upper-level devil to the highest-level demon, then reverted back. Is this the legendary demonization?"

"Huh? It seems you know quite a bit. Did you do your homework?"

"Well, I've heard about it."

Sirzechs felt a bit awkward because he knew that August had figured out his real intentions.

"Alright, I'll take these items. Consider it a favor owed to you."

"A favor, huh?"

"Don't take it too seriously. It's just a favor. Giving you respect is a favor. Without it, it's nothing."

"You're quite straightforward."

Watching August speak so frankly, Sirzechs couldn't help but be a bit speechless. Throughout the entire underworld, only August dared to speak to him, the Satan, like this.

In August's memory, they were somewhat like friends, albeit with a bit of banter.

August didn't give Sirzechs respect, but when he needed help, August spared no effort to assist him.

Although all of this was arranged by the identity card settings, August felt quite pleased about it. Backed by a Satan, it felt great just thinking about it.

Of course, on the surface, August would still give respect where it was due because Sirzechs was, after all, a Satan.

"Do you have anything else?"

"Well, nothing."

"That's good. Let me see you off."

"Hey, I haven't finished my tea."

"Alright, finish it before you leave then."


Watching this scene, Grayfia couldn't help but laugh. Only someone like August could make her man act like this.

At the same time, she was curious about August. What could be the reason for Sirzechs, a powerful being, to willingly give respect and send him gifts?

"Oh right, Sirzechs, I remember Rias is not so young anymore, right?"

"Yeah, time flies. Rias is now... Wait, why are you asking about this? What's your plan?"

"Nothing, just feel like it's been a long time since I last saw her. I want to visit her. I remember she went to the human world's Kouh Town, right? Help me arrange it, I'll go there tomorrow."

"What do you want to do?"

"Nothing, just want to see Rias."

Gazing deeply at August, Sirzechs didn't get the answer he wanted.

"If you can, you can help her a bit."

"Is this paying back a favor?"

"It is."

"You really are a sister complex."

August bluntly said, and Sirzechs, knowing his motive had been exposed, smiled faintly, not refuting.

A bit annoyed, Grayfia frowned. She could sense that Sirzechs was dissatisfied with Rias's engagement with the Phenex family.

Although it was Sirzechs' father, Zeoticus Gremory, who suggested it when Sirzechs ascended to the throne, now that he became Satan, he canceled the engagement, seemingly breaking a promise.

Even though she was now Sirzechs' queen and maid, she was also a descendant of the Lucifuge family.

Afterwards, Sirzechs left after a brief chat. As a Satan, his daily tasks were incredibly busy.

After seeing him off, August began to contemplate his current situation. It seemed like he was a winner in life from the very beginning.


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