93 The Wish



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Honestly, suggesting this was made out of a whim, I wasn't really doing this out of kindness, but instead out of curiosity, I want to know how powerful Gods are in general, and I'd like to see if I can kill one.

But of course, it wouldn't be just me, I would need support if I failed to defeat one, which was quite unlikely considering the range of my abilities but there's always an 'if'.

Even if I die I can simply return again, now I'm waiting for them to accept, which later Morgan without hesitation accepted my offer.

"Yes! Please! I will hire you sir!" With a massive smile and tears on her face she agreed with my term.

There's definitely a misunderstanding here, I'm sure of it but I didn't correct it, because it's good for my image.

"Thank you!" Morgan repeatedly thanked me, which made me feel quite awkward at her sincere thanks. I'm doing this for my own selfishness, nothing more.

"Anyway, let's do a contract, a magical one." I said, which she accepted without hesitation after all, in her perspective I'm their only hope, although it can't be said for some of them, as they're skeptical of me, which was understable since I haven't really shown them the extent of my abilities.

It is a smart thing to do, honestly believing without a proof is foolishness, I respect their caution and suspicion.

I took a contract that would bind us, if either of us tries to disobey what was demanded from the contract, there would be a penalty.

Although I don't know what kind of penalty this is, but there's no way I'd like to find out, it's better not to experience it

Not like I have plans to flunk this contract anyway, this contract is so powerful that there's no way to sever it. Even Medea's rule breaker is useless against this contract as it's not made out of concept, magic, or any kind of energy.

But simply, unknown.

Other than 'God' no one knows how to break this contract, that's why the penalty must be terrible and I don't want to find out.

Before she signed the contract I stopped her and said. "Hey, don't be hasty, read it first, what if it's a trick contract and you just binded yourself for no reason."

I may not be a good person, but I know how to play fair, but of course that bet is off when someone pisses me off.

Honestly, I don't know how many magus have been tricked because they didn't read the contract first, fools a lot of them are. Haven't they learned that the moonlit world is filled with snakes and backstabbers?

Hearing my advice, Morgan blinked and then blushed at her blunder. "O-oh! Right, sorry I was too excited! A-ahh..if mom finds out about this…"

She muttered the last part for herself, but regardless I heard, and I could imagine what Salem would do if she found her daughter signing a contract without reading them.

Maybe she will ground her, yeah I could definitely see that, Morgan is lucky that they aren't asian or else they'd face the mighty slippers.

Which power level scaled to high outerversal.

Anyway, as a princess and a royalty, it's reckless behavior for her to sign readily without reading it first. Hopefully she'll learn from this or else she'll face some consequences in the future.

Morgan then read the contract to her embarrassment, then after checking a few times, she was satisfied with the conditions that were laid in, no traps or tricks involved.

"I've read it and the condition is good, now I will sign it." Suddenly a pen appeared in her hand, which surprised her a bit, but she has experienced more weird things with magic, so she wasn't that surprised.

After signing it, I looked at it and was satisfied. "Alright, before I follow you I'll call my support first."

It's time to cash out my wish, time to call 'her'.

In the land of Uruk, in the grand castle of the King, inside the throne room Gilgamesh was sitting in a cross-legged position while reading a list of contracts that she needed to sign.

Her life after she got out of the shop was painfully mundane, while she got her immortality, her life as the King of Uruk is back, originally she was to set a journey to obtain immortality but now she actually acquired it, there's no point going to find it.

Normally she won't bother doing tasks as boring as this, but her friend's death changed her and wanted to strive to be better, an ideal king not a tyrant that they saw her as.

But changing is hard, she can't just change 24/7, but she will try for the sake of her people and friend's sacrifice.

Then her thoughts wandered, it's been several days since she left the shop and she's still waiting for that wish she granted that magician.

Gilgamesh was a bit annoyed by the fact that he made her wait this long and thought. 'Daring to make this king wait…you're the first to live this long.'

She smirked at the thought of that, while she may not admit this to anyone, right now she's in the mood for sex.

It's been years since she was last laid and she wouldn't let herself be degraded, like doing a self-pleasure, the thought of doing such a degrading act is pathetic.

Whoever participated in such an act has no dignity and pride in themselves, how foolish.

With a long sigh, she willed herself to continue reading these lists of contracts despite knowing 80% are worthless.

That's just the life of a monarch, as she was about to continue, suddenly something inside her breast vibrated, Gilgamesh took it out and it was her shop card.

As soon as her finger made direct contact with the card, it suddenly floated in front of her, and she heard a familiar voice on that card.

"Your majesty, I hope I'm not bothering you."

Gilgamesh realized that it was the magician, then with a smile. "Maybe, but it isn't too important, so what do you want?"

She didn't bother asking how he was able to communicate with her, and bluntly straight to the point, although she has a guess why he called.

"I won't beat around the bush, I know what I want for that wish."

Gilgamesh smiles, and she was very eager to know what he wanted to wish for. She hopes that it's nothing boring because honestly she has enough, she wants a bit of excitement.

"Say, if I wish for you to slay gods, would you grant it?"

And just like, all of her previous expectations were nothing compared to what actually was his request, to kill a God? Now, that's something she could get behind.

With a bloodthirsty grin, she didn't say yes, or anything similar but instead she said. "Where?"

Maybe today was a good day after all, a chance to kill a god is a good day for her.

Thankfully, she accepted which I'm quite happy for, then I looked at Morgan and said. "My support is going to arrive any moment now."

And as soon as I said those words, the door of the shop opened, revealing a golden haired woman, with a quite bloodthirsty smile, wearing her iconic golden armor.

Although it was designed for females, but there's quite a few similarities between her male counterpart armor.

Morgan and the rest of her friends were at awe at the beauty that Gilgamesh showed, she was beautiful beyond mortal.

Yang in particular didn't really find herself lacking in the looks department, as she got a great confidence with her appearance, but when she saw Gilgamesh, she felt very plain compared to her, like she was a mere peasant in front of the real beauty.

Her confidence took a massive blow at this moment, as she got to see a different level of beauty.

In fact, it wasn't just her who felt that way, the rest of her female friends also felt lacking compared to her, their confidence as women took a massive blow.

Especially to Weiss who believes she was the closest to perfection and now she saw perfection, she can't believe how arrogant her previous thoughts were, in fact she felt like burying herself in the ground right now.

Either way, the girls felt like some village girl compared to Gilgamesh, who is royalty.

But she paid them no heed and only looked at me, and said. "Where are the Gods?"

She's quite eager ain't she? Well, there's no reason to make her wait. "Follow me, your majesty and also the rest of you."

Then after that they went to the door and arrived at the almost ruined world of Remnant.

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