90 Relics

I eagerly waited for more about this tale, Morgan is going to tell.

"Well, before I tell you the rest of the story, I might add some context before talking about the Brother Gods arrival. I thought you might be interested in what happened in our world after we left here." Morgan said.

She wasn't wrong, I was curious about what happened after they left the shop, since apparently to them it was already a decade, so I nodded for her to continue.

"After we left your shop, mom and father immediately fought over who should custody my siblings and I, which honestly almost turned into a full blown fight, but thankfully aunt Summer managed to find a solution that made both parties satisfied or at least tolerate. It was pretty simple it's for us to live both in our parents respective homes, like for example we say at our mom's house Monday to Wednesday and dad's house Thursday to Saturday, as for Sunday, is family time to which we all live in a single building together which was really a challenge at the beginning as both of our parents still is uncomfortable with each other.."

Yeah, I can totally see that, after all you can't just forget a thousand years of conflict with each other in such a short amount of time, in fact it's quite unbelievable if they made up like it was nothing.

The heartache, the betrayal, the pain and many years of solitude, you can't just fix it magically.

"At the first time, they really couldn't stand each other's presence and would often have a verbal insulting contest with each other, but aside from that they didn't get into any physical fights as they were very afraid of repeating the past." Morgan had a certain look on her face and I understood immediately what she was trying to say.

They're afraid of repeating the mistake that they regretted for the rest of their lives, if it wasn't for the shop's existence, it would probably be there for the rest of their immortal existence.

But since my shop gave them a second chance to repent and fix their regrets, they have to be careful not to repeat it again. After all, they learned from their mistakes and the first time they did is when they lost their daughters.

And the worst thing is that they killed them by their own actions, therefore should not be repeated.

"Anyway, years have gone by many things changed in Remnant, for example Grimm are almost gone due to the fact that my mom stopped being a queen of Grimm and her plan to cause a mass extinction, she no longer controls the Grimm and doesn't actively produce more Grimm in the grimm pool and also the fact that my dad's magic is at full power, there is hardly any Grimm that he couldn't kill with ease, except for few ones that was thousands of years old, anyway because of that the Remnant entered a golden era, where people don't need to fear the Grimm and those nightmarish creature us reduced as some wild animals in the eyes of the people." Morgan recalled with a smile on her face.

That sounds good, if I didn't know about what was bound to happen I might have given them my congratulations.

Either way, I continued to listen.

"Although the threat of Grimm was greatly lessened, the Huntsmen Academies were still needed, although Huntsmen are considered a special force of military rather than for the sake of killing Grimm like it was previously, anyway unlike my sister who had no interest in becoming a Huntsmen, I wasn't the same as them as being the presence of Huntsmen made me want to become like them as well, that's why I told my parents about it and naturally my mom was completely against it, while my father was in complete support of my decision."

Okay, that's cool but what does it have to do with your world problems..?

Despite thinking that, I didn't say it out loud because I don't want to be rude or something, although this information is quite irrelevant. It doesn't mean it's not interesting so I continued to listen.

"In the end they reached an agreement, that I would be heavily monitored, while I disagree with the arrangement, at least I was allowed to attend, from then I joined my father's Academy, because it's the only school that mom could monitor me as much as she wanted, I love mom but I really dislike her protectiveness sometimes.." Morgan looked annoyed and her friends in the background let out a chuckle or a giggle, despite their dire predicament.

To which she glared at them to shut up, which was mostly effective, with the exception of Yang Xiao Long and Nora Valkyrie.

Who was still grinning at her direction, not a surprise there, since knowing those two personalities.

"Anyway, in that Academy is where I met my teammates and partner in the most unconventional way." Morgan smiles at Nora, Ren and lastly winked at Jaune…?

Which the latter blushed a bit.

I blinked at this action, while others might now notice what's the big deal with it. I was different after all, there's no way this girl would wink at somebody without a meaning.

Something is going on between these two, I can tell but, for I will see where this goes.

"Seriously, throwing us in a forest in a forest infested with Grimm, way to go dad for that terrible idea, now to mention the landing strategies…" Morgan couldn't help but sigh as she recalled that particular day.

Indeed it was a terrible idea, who knows what would happen to a student without aura? They'd go splat into the ground like minced meat.

Looking at Jaune, seeing that he's still alive, maybe he got his aura unlocked before the test happened, maybe his family did teach him combat and wasn't the same with the canon, considering I interfered with it by healing Summer who was bound to die.

"The rest of the first semester was fine, everything was normal, until the vytal festival…" Morgan's eyes darkened, alongside her teammates and friends.

Okay, after that unnecessary information, finally the real part is about to begin.

"Without a warning, the Brother Gods arrived on the day the vytal festival happened, announcing that the judgment day had arrived and started a massacre, that day thousands of people died." Morgan trembled remembering that day.

Hearing that I grew thoughtful. 'So the Brother Gods aren't as powerful as I thought, if they were omnipotent they would have killed anyone in a single moment, but clearly they lack the means to do so…'

"My friends and I were all in that day, and the only reason we survived because dad managed to protect us, and also questioned the Brother Gods why would they do such a thing, which they replied that they warned my dad before that this day will come, and said to let them do their job, which naturally dad didn't agree and fought with all his might, that fight wiped out Vale at the face of Remnant, despite dad incredible power he had no chance of winning against the Brother Gods, but before they could kill him, mom arrived saving him from the face of death.." Morgan said with a bitter smile.

Oh? Salem saving Ozma? That's unexpected, did the two of them make up after years of living together?

I'm missing a lot of context, but I'm betting that Salem at least tolerates his existence and doesn't want him dead for the sake of their children.

But that's just my guess, I won't know unless I see it for myself.

"Despite that, there's no happy ending…my world is in a state of apocalypse, every single second people are being killed by the Brother Gods, at this point only 10% of the world population is left." Morgan couldn't stop herself from crying.

"Aunt Summer, Uncle Crow, Uncle Hazel died while trying to gather more survivors in my mom's pocket dimension, which is the only location in the world that was safe from the Brothers. There's currently thousands of people gathered across the world, and possibly the only people that are alive…" Upon mentioning the deaths of Summer and Qrow.

The two sisters cry at the reminder that their mother and uncle are dead, it wasn't just them who cried, Weiss and Blake also did.

Which made him guess that their parents or family died.

"My condolences." I bowed a bit to them.

"Thank you." That was their answer, at least most of them.

"While I may not know the full picture, I'm guessing you're here to buy a weapon to kill a god, correct?" Based on Morgan's explanation, it wasn't hard to guess what they wanted.

Morgan nodded with a dead serious look. "Yes, that's right."

"You do understand that to obtain something like that from my shop, you need credits right?" I said, as much as I sympathize with their predicament, there's no way I'd give them an item with the caliber for free.

"Yes, that's why we bought these." Morgan took something out from the backpack she was carrying and when I saw the items that were laid in front of me, I couldn't help but recognize them, but before I could answer, Morgan beat me to it.

"These 4 items are the relics of our world and I would like to convert them." Morgan said without hesitation.

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