97 Outmatched

Outside the pocket dimension, the once glorious city of vale was nothing more than a bunch of ruins and rubble, it was nothing more than a shadow of the past.

I looked around, and said. "It's more fucked that I expected."

It wasn't just the ruins and building rubble that caught my attention, but the corpses of hundreds, perhaps thousands littered around the place.

Since it's still been a month, the corpses weren't fully skeletons yet, and they are being actively decomposed.

Which is why, it's so fucking smelly.

I quickly created a handkerchief to cover my noise, it was truly an unpleasant smell.

Even Gilgamesh was making a face, anyway, I should do something about these corpses with a wave of my hand. I cremated every single corpse around my sight.

Now, there wasn't that unpleasant smell in the entire, but there's still a lingering smell of it though, but not as unbearable as before.

Either way, it's the least I could do with their corpse, and I should have known that this action of mine would get the attention of the gods.

Unintentionally I lured them to our location.

Suddenly I felt like something was about to hit me. I instinctively moved my neck a bit and narrowly dodged a spear that was seemingly made out of light.

"What the..if I didn't have observation haki, I'm sure my head would have been blown off by now." I grumbled, thankfully though haki is very useful.

I stared above and saw a man with golden antlers, blonde, muscular and handsome.

It didn't take me long to recognize this man-, no this being, this is one of the Brother Gods, the God Of Light.

Meeting a divine being for the first time, made me realize that divinity has a certain aura about them, like you instinctively realized that this being is no mortal.

Interesting, at least I know that I could recognize if one is truly a divine being, Celestine and Gilgamesh are different.

Celestine is just an avatar and wasn't the real thing, Gilgamesh is a demi-god, although I did feel some divinity from her, a full- fledged divine is different.

"So, are you going to talk or what?" I asked the god.

Ignoring my question entirely. "What are you? I am certain that you are not from this world."

I wasn't surprised that he knew, I mean it would be more surprising if he didn't. "While I don't mind answering your question, however, it would be quite stupid of me to actually answer it, like why would I give my enemy information about myself?"

It's really stupid, like I'm not the type to talk about the details of my abilities and so on, like those stupid classic fantasy heroes and villian, revealing their weakness, abilities and plans beforehand.

It's like they wanted their enemies to take advantage of that information.

The god of light didn't say anything for a moment before finally speaking. "It doesn't matter, you will die for trespassing our world."

"Really? That's the best you got?" I smirked at the god of light and then looked back at Gilgames. "I'll take care of this one."

Gilgamesh didn't say anything, as she was looking at something or someone in a particular direction, I took her silence as a sign of acceptance.

After that I went to confront the god of light.


After the magician left to fight off the other god, Gilgamesh was still waiting for the God who was looking at her, as she was studying her very being.

After a minute of silence, she decided to break the silence. "Enough of this."

Suddenly she used her gate of babylon and a single golden portal appeared behind her and shot a sword that is demonic in nature and effective in divine beings.

Its speed broke the sound barrier, despite ridiculous speed the divine being blocked it with his power, in such ease too.

Gilgamesh wasn't surprised, if this god were to die in a single attack then that would have been disappointing and pathetic, her attack was just to let this being know that she tire of it observing her from a distance.

With that single attack fired, she successfully made the divine being come closer, now it's just a few meters above her.

Gilgamesh could now see the divine being of clear appearance, a man with black hair, goat-like horns, and eyes that were completely black, there wasn't even a pupil on them.

"Hmp, so you finally showed yourself in front of me."

Instead of answering, he asked. "What are you? You are divine, yet at the same time you are not….you are something between…an abomination…a freak..no, a mongrel-"

"Are you done?" Although those words were said calmly, her expression was not, her eyes were filled with anger and hate, a strong outburst of magical energy was coming out of her body, before wasn't really going to go all out because she felt like there's no need to.

However, this being insulted her, this god will not die an easy death, she will make sure of it.

Countless golden portals appeared behind her back, different kinds of magical weapons with the concept of cutting through the divine, ready to be fired at the moment.

"If so, die!" And the shoots were fired.

The god of darkness didn't dodge, probably thinking that it wasn't a big deal, he only used her ability to cast the power of darkness, and that was a mistake as some of those weapons were enchanted with anti-magic properties.

It passed through the darkness and hit him without resistance making the god of darkness bleed with his divine blood, realizing that he was hit and damaged, he roared in anger. "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME! THE GOD OF DARKNESS! YOU SHALL PAY FOR THIS YOU-"

Before he could finish his entire speech, a projectile struck into his mouth and through his head.

"Silence, mongrel you're quite pathetic for a god, I thought you would be more challenging but it seems that you're pathetically weak.." Gilgamesh stared at the god of darkness in disdain, in fact she fought the divine beast harder than this one.

At least, it knows how to defend and block, but this particular one didn't seem to know how to do that, as if thinking that nothing could touch it, how delusional, but perhaps fitting as in this world there's literally nothing that could top them.

Until now that's it, while they may have lots of powers, their combat skills are basically non-existent.

The god of darkness was angry beyond belief, despite having a sword stuck in his head, he wasn't dead, which was quite common at least for the divine.

He roared until his voice was no longer that of a man, but a beast, his form was changed into that of a dragon.

To others they might be intimidated, but Gilgamesh wasn't. "Transforming into a giant lizard doesn't change a thing."


Gilgamesh snorted. "Usually I won't use this for a pathetic being like you, but I shall let you see the difference between you and I."

A golden portal appeared beside, she took EA out from the portal and its power leaked making the god of darkness feel shock and fear for the first time.


Gilgamesh didn't answer instead, she raised the 'sword' above and said. "I shall perform this final blow as a parting gift to you!"

The EA mechanism started to shift.

"I will tell you of the beginning. Heaven and Earth split, nothingness congratulated creation, my Sword of Rupture cleaved the world!"

An enormous magical energy was gathering in the tip of the 'sword'.

"Mortar of the stars, heaven's hell is the eve of creation's celebration. Now you shall die and be silent…"

The last of the chant was finished, as the energy of the couldn't be contained anymore, then Gilgamesh swung EA and shouted.

"Enuma Elish!"

A beam of red light cuts the sky into half, and the god of darkness couldn't even react as the beam that was filled with magic hits him and completely obliterates his existence.

Nothing was left to him, not even his corpse or even a single speck of dust, nothing at all.

Gilgamesh brought back the 'sword' back at her gate of babylon, and as finished her attack not only was the god of darkness obliterated but also what's behind him, the ruined city was nowhere to be seen, only a massive crater from a distance was left.

"That god was pathetic, I'm quite disappointed at how quickly this ended, now let's see how that magician fares against that other god, hm? My, isn't this surprising?"

Gilgamesh was a bit surprised by the result of the fight between the magician and the god of light.

How can this be..?

I can't believe it…

This god…is too weak!

"Is this really it?" I asked him in disbelief, in front of me was a golden dragon who was filled with multiple wounds across its body

I was expecting to struggle with beating s divine being, but what the hell, with only a few moves, he's already at this pathetic state.

Looking at the god in front of me, I thought. 'Maybe I'm stronger than I thought…'

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