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-Ichigo Saitou-

It took every fiber of his being not to shout at this man, who impregnated his precious 'talent' which is Ai.

This man did something that could very well ruin, not only Ai but also his company, but personally he cared about Ai more than his company, to him Ai Hoshino wasn't just his precious 'talent' but also considered her as his daughter.

But honestly, he couldn't really understand that child, either way. He will keep this anger until this arrived at a private location and tell this kid that he fucked him over, by that revelation.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at his office, and after sitting down, they glared at the kid. "Do you just understand what you just did?"

The kid, Alexander sat down 'calmly' with a smile, like he did nothing that he ruined, potentially ruining the lives of his children and their mother.

"I do." The brat answered.

"No, clearly you don't." Saitou gritted his teeth in frustration.

Alexander let out a sigh, and replied. "Believe me, you might think I don't but I do, don't judge my age for being incapable of understanding what I did."

This kid…veins appeared in his forehead, then said. "If you did, then why did you do that?! You understand that revealing your relationship with Ai and the existence of the children could very well ruin Ai's life!"

"Yes, but don't misunderstand. I did it for their sake, because I don't want my children to hide their heritage, I don't want them to hide what they are for the rest of their lives." He replied.

"For their sake?! Are you even listening to yourself?! If you really cared about them, then you wouldn't do something so irresponsible like this! This will cause a scandal, Ai will be hated, mocked and degraded for the rest of her life, and so will the children!" Saitou couldn't stop himself from screaming.

"No, that won't happen." A trace of irritation appeared in his face.

"Huh?" Saitou was confused at his answer.

"That scandal will never happen, I've already made counter measures of such, if there's ever any related to this happening, instead of hate, the public will sympathize with us." Alexander smiles as he looks at him.

"W-what do you mean..?"

"What I meant is that, with enough money you can control the media, simple as that, now like I said before, are you interested in my business proposal..?" Alexander said.

His earlier anger was forgotten, as he was still absorbing the words that this kid just said.

Thinking about it, he realized this kid may not be some ordinary rich kid after all..

After I explained my reason to him, he calmed down which is good, it means I don't have to resort to hypnotizing him.

Saitou is a smart man, he understood the implications of what I said.

No matter what form of scandal about Ai, the twins and I, it would immediately be disregarded.

As I can control the media, simple as that. With enough money, you can solve most problems, and that's a fact.

An unwritten golden rule in this modern era, I held the power that politicians would kill for, well at least politicians that aren't part of the moonlit world.

I don't think money is as effective in the moonlit world, anyway about the business proposal, it's about me becoming this company's sole shareholder. Basically I bought Strawberry Production, it's mine now, however despite all of this Saitou is still the president.

I won't bother taking that tiresome position, if I were to accept it, that would be like me, accepting being part of a political faction in mage association.

Which is one of the major reasons why I choose to leave the Clocktower because politics is tiresome.

Lorelei could have it, she's good at it.

But despite my best, I'm still inclined to go back to the mage association once in a while, so I'm not completely free, but if I were to reveal my status as one of the magicians, well perhaps that would change but I don't plan on revealing about it for now.

After all, I've learned from my days in Clocktower that information is important, to reveal your card is simply a bad move, so I will only reveal it if it's necessary.

Since even without my magic, I'm still one of the strongest magus in the mage association.

Either way, now that I've bought this company as my own, Saitou and the rest of the staff who worked here, including the idols, are working for me now.

I'm in complete command of this place, at least within a reason, now I'm the sole shareholder of this place, which means Ai and the rest of the idol won't be joining 3rd rate shows or performing in relatively unknown stages.

With my support, Ai will be performing in big leagues, and I'm completely confident of her abilities as an idol.

Honestly, the only reason why she's still not as popular as she was supposed to be is because she doesn't have a good background, no offense to Strawberry Production but this company is small compared to those entertainment giants.

If she was contracted with other big companies, at this point she would have become the most popular idol in her generation, because she had the complete package, talent, looks and charisma to draw people in her presence.

But now that she got me, as her support the only weakness she had is completely gone and nothing could stop her becoming a legendary idol.


In the practice room, where all idols, including the staff, were told to gather around in this place for an important announcement.

Ai naturally was curious about what this announcement was going to be, although she was pretty sure whatever this announcement was going to be has to do with Alexander, as she saw him go to the president's office for a conversation.

Still though…ever since Alexander revealed about her relationship with him and the twins, her fellow idols were giving her a stare and honestly they were uncomfortable, like she was being judged.

But thankfully her children were helping distracted from those intense judging gaze. Hopefully whatever Alexander was planning it would be a success, because she can't bear her children to face the same judging eyes like her.

Finally, the president arrived at the practice room, alongside with the father of her children, who saw her and waved at her with a smile.

Naturally she waved back out of instinct, and that made those judging eyes of her co-idols more intense, making her feel awkward.

Then president satou? Saito? Anyway the president spoke. "I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here at a short notice?"

Some nodded, while others remained silent as they continued to listen.

"It's because I'm here to announce something important to the future of our company, this gentleman right here just bought the entire company by himself as he is the sole shareholder of this company."

That announcement not only shocked Ai, but also everyone who was working in this very building, as it's not everyday someone buys a company like it was nothing.

Now that the president was done with his speech, it was Alexander's turn to speak. "As you all heard, I'm now the owner of this very building, but I'm sure you have questions, please feel free to ask and I'll answer it as best I can."

One of the idols asked. "What's going to happen to us? Are we still going to keep our jobs?"

Alexander smiled and replied. "Relax, nothing is going to happen to your job, it's going to be the same as always, but let me ask you what your minimum wage is?"

"E-eh.. it's 200,000 yen…" The idol answered.

"Well, good news you will all get an additional 1,000,000 yen each month, including the staff as long as you work in this company." Alex suddenly dropped a bomb that no one expected.

No one said anything at first as everyone was digesting the information, but a few moments later, voices of excitement and happiness were all-over the place.

Naturally everyone was happy with his new change, after all an additional 1,000,000 per month, isn't something anyone can ignore, that's basically free money.

The excited voice was silenced by the same man who started it, by saying. "Alright, I'm not done with my speech yet, so let me finish."

And obediently waited for him to finish his speech as they're impression of him was very good.

Which Ai finds very impressive, because he immediately installed some sort of discipline toward them in such a short time.

"Good, now as the new shareholder and the owner of this place, this company will become one of the best entertainment agency in japan, you might think if this as a lie, but I'll show you not with words but with action, we shall enter a new era, that's all I have to say." Alexander finished and after that they started clapping at his speech, while it might not be the best speech it was enough to leave an impact toward them.

After I gave the speech, I thought. 'I should improve my oral skill more…compared to the likes of my sister and Luvia I find mine lacking…'

And suddenly I was notified that there's a new customer in the shop.

"Well, then let's not keep them waiting."

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