96 Magic Core

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After healing those people outside, I went back inside the mansion. I never really questioned why there's a mansion here as it's quite obvious, as Salem the owner of this pocket dimension is like a god here, as limited her authority is, she still can do a lot here.

Like making a mansion apparently, it isn't the only building here, there's also houses around, but it wasn't as big or detailed as the mansion.

It only makes sense though, if I was the owner of this place why would I make time and effort to make detailed houses that aren't mine?

That's pretty normal, it's selfish but so what? As the owner it's only granted that I make my own house better than the rest, I'm not like Shirou is a selfless bloody idiot.

Anyway, as soon as I went inside I was greeted by Salem who bowed and then thanked me for my services.

"Thank you for healing the people of my domain, if there's anything you want I'd do my best to acquire it."

I waved my hands at her and answered. "Don't worry, it's just a minimal effort for me."

Which is technically true, to be healing to those people is basically a kind of chore to me, so it wasn't that much of a big deal, as for her granting me a favor, I don't think I'll ever need it as there's hardly anything I want in this place.


"If you really wanted to thank me, just keep up your job because I don't think it's easy managing thousands of people, and I respect you for that, that's why wait a little more and this will be all over, you will reclaim your world, that's a promise. Now where's Ozma? I heard from your daughter that he's injured and is in a coma, lead me to him and I'll heal his injuries." I said to her, as she nodded and looked more grateful compared to before.

"Very well, I shall lead you there, sir."

Will you look at that, based on her reaction alone, she does care for her ex-husband, if she didn't she wouldn't be making that grateful look.

She still does love him, after those thousands of years of conflict between two sides.

I arrived at the room where Ozma was confined, and he looked like someone who got his soul sucked out of him, no pun intended.

Like literally, he was supposed to be black but damn, he literally changed race with his paleness.

There were multiple wounds in his body, however they weren't that life threatening, so what seemed to be the problem.

I analyzed his body using an advanced version of structural analysis, and no it's not Tracing, there's no reason I'd be able to copy that spell.

First I don't have the right element nor am I an incarnation, most importantly a reality marble to make it happen.

So, my structural analysis may be better than the basic version, but it's so much inferior than tracing, which sees the history of a weapon or item, that shouldn't be possible without frying your brain with an ungodly amount of information.

Anyway, my structural analysis is pretty much based on tracing, a degraded version but still better than the original basic of the basics structural analysis.

I don't know why most magus didn't try to improve this particular spell, because to me it has limitless possibilities, at least for magus like me who doesn't have any clairvoyant based mystic eyes.

After I used this spell on Ozma, as I predicted his wounds weren't anything major at all, but the problem lies in his spirit…

Wait, the bitch actually has a magic core?!

What a lucky son of a bitch, is what I would have reacted if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a magician of first magic and also another fact that I could acquire something better than a magic core.

But seriously though, it's no wonder he's powerful with magic core, he has more mana reserve than anyone who isn't human or entirely human.

No wonder he is one of the most powerful mages in remnant history, with a magic core he's vastly superior with other mages, although I'm not sure if wizards in this world use the same magic system with my own, but I'm guessing it's similar.

Anyway, his magic core is damaged, no surprise as I heard Morgan about going all out with the Brother Gods, he must've used an enormous amount of magic, probably too much for his magic core to break.

Well, he's fighting a divine the fact that he survived speaks of his abilities or maybe he's just lucky.

Having a damaged core isn't normal, nor the fact that he lasted this long without dying.

It's a miracle really, everyone who is part of the moonlit world that the worst injury isn't physical, but spiritual.

It's time to heal this man, I don't think he would last very long if I take more time. He's very lucky that I'm here or else no one is capable of healing his magic core.

Even Touko Aozaki can't heal this kind of thing, and mind you she's the best puppeteer in his world and the closest magus to achieving the third magic, heaven's feel.

Or at least an abbreviation of it.

Unless the user of third magic is here, I doubt that they could heal Ozma's magic core.

With the use of the first magic, healed his magic core and as soon as I did, Ozma regained his consciousness.


"Welcome back to the world of living Oz." I smirked as I told him.

Ozma was a bit confused for a bit, before recognizing me a second later, making his eyes widened. "You! Why are you here?"

I rolled my eyes and replied. "Now, isn't that rude? You speak as if I'm not welcome here.."

Hearing that Ozma couldn't help but wince and quickly said. "Sorry, I don't mean to say it like that i-"

"Pfft- I'm just kidding Oz, anyway the reason I'm here is because I was hired by your daughter to take care of brother gods."

Ozma blinked a couple of times before realizing what I said. "WHAT?!"

His jaw dropped hearing that information.

"Too loud." I winced a bit at his loud voice.

"H-how…?" Ozma was in shock.

"Ask your wife about it, now that I finished healing you, it's time for me to do my actual job." Without waiting for him to react I left, leaving him alone with Salem.

"Wife..? But I don't-" Ozma's words were cut when he saw his 'wife' and realized who I meant.

Salem who was looking at her 'husband' with righteous anger. "You stupid man!"

"W-wait! I can explain!" Instinctively he raised both of his hands.

With a cold look, Salem cut him off and said. "Save it, you have no idea how much you worried m- I mean, our daughter you stupid man, now feel my wrath!"

And thus that day, Ozma once again got punished even though he doesn't know his fault.

Men. We don't know what we did.

After I left Ozma's room, I went to find Gilgamesh so that we could go outside this pocket dimension and hunt the gods.

It didn't take long for me to find and to my surprise, I found her being serviced by team RWBY by fanning her, massaging her feet and feeding her grapes.

"Okay, the heck is this?"

I know she has high charisma, but to think she made these main characters like servants in such a short time.

Gilgamesh noticed my presence, totally ignoring my surprise. "Oh, you're finally here I thought I'd fall asleep waiting, so are we finally going to hunt the gods?"

Snapping out of it, I replied. "Yes, also why are they acting like her servants..?"

My question was directed to team RWBY, which this answered with a blush. "W-we don't know…we just felt like we needed to do this…like it was a natural thing to do…"

Okay, I get that they would be swayed by Gilgamesh charisma, but even Weiss?

She's a very prideful character, honestly I'm not going to bother asking what happened, I just want to go and try my abilities against gods.

"You know what, forget I asked your majesty, let's go."

Gilgamesh stood up from the leather coach, and was frowning when she got closer to my direction.

'Shit, was I too casual with my words?' I thought as she got closer to me.

"Magician, I permit you to call me by my name." Gilgamesh suddenly declared.

I blinked a couple of times, before saying. "Of course your majes- I mean Gilgamesh."

She glared when I tried to call her by her title, and I thought. 'Okay, that was weird…'

"Hmp, don't forget now, we shall go."

I don't know why she was acting like this, but we have a job to do, I could think about it later.

And thus we went outside the pocket dimension to find the Brother Gods.

Perhaps at first it would take some time to find them, but I couldn't be more wrong as the minute we step outside, we already met them.

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