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It's been a few hours since I've read the location of the school, which I won't think about for the next few days, until I actually see it personally. I wouldn't conclude if 'that' was actually the same school as I remembered.

I could be wrong though, maybe it has the same name but isn't the same school I remembered in my previous life, either way right now. Aside from my children, Ai was currently in the studio for a rehearsal.

And for my sister and my brother-in-law, they were back at Clocktower for business, as someone who held a very high position in the mage association. My sister rarely has free time, as she's busy most of the time, from either attending meetings with other Lords, or hunting dead apostles with her faction.

The fact that she has time to visit me, speaks to the fact that I mattered to her, an important person. If I were just anyone else there's no way she'd visit me, as soon as she heard the news of gaining an 'heir'.

And as for Shirou, while he may not hold any political powers in the Clocktower, even if he did I doubt he'd hold the position for a long time, either way despite not having any importance in the political side of the mage association. He followed Lorelei like a loyal dog.

No offense to him, but I doubt Lorelei needed protection, as she's the greatest modern mage after all, no one is stronger than her in magecraft in the modern era.

Even my magecraft isn't comparable with her, however if we add magic to our overall status, then that's a different story.

Lorelei may be the greatest mage in the current era, but the strongest she is not, those who held that title are the magicians.

Magic and Magecraft are completely different levels, that's just a hard fact. You can't beat logic against the illogical.

Like a smart person tries to argue with an idiot, who simply Isn't capable of understanding what the smart person is trying to explain.

Anyway, now's the perfect chance to talk with my 'son' about his previous body. I couldn't talk to him because of the events that happened after informed him about his corpse.


Right now, he was listening to his 'sister' who was scrolling through twitter, arguing with those who bad mouth Ai, while he understood that she's annoyed at the people bad mouthing Ai, she's making this more dramatic and complicated.

He's a fan of Ai, naturally he'd feel irritated by a person who dared to bad mouth his idol, but aside from that he wouldn't do a thing, unless of course it would affect Ai.

That's why he felt like his sister was overreacting, as someone who knows one or two things in life, it is inevitable that there's someone who would hate Ai for what she is, as there's truly nothing perfect in this world.

Humans are, after all, a being of hate and envy, even if that particular person did nothing to warrant that hate and dislike, a human would eventually find their own reasoning to hate them.

That's just how it is, humans are a creature filled with flaws, an imperfect being.

Either way, he wasn't going to start something just because he thought of them as imperfect beings, he wasn't going to become a cliché villain in some anime or something.

He wasn't that edgy.

(A/N: Aizen Cough*)

"Grrr…how dare they say that to mom! If I only have the ability to curse someone through internet I would have already done it so!" Ruby looked angry, as much as a toddler could.

Seeing this angry look of his sister, he couldn't help but think of a fierce kitten trying to intimidate someone.

Later his sister gained some sort of enlightenment and looked at him. "Wait, maybe Papa could teach us how to curse someone through the internet!"

Aqua suddenly sweat dropped at that. "W-well..if he did there's no way you'd do that right? Cursing someone just because you bad mouth Ai…"

However, the answer he got was Ruby unflinching stare.

"You seriously won't curse someone just because of that right..??"



Aqua suddenly broke a cold sweat as she realized his sister was dead serious about cursing someone, he knew she could be petty but this is on another level!

Ruby finally said. "Maybe…"

With that, he could sigh in relief, for a bit.

Just a little bit.

After that, Aqua noticed something particular about Ruby's previous words. "Wait, did you just say 'papa'? I thought you disliked him?"

"What? No, I never claimed I dislike him though." Ruby looked at him like he was speaking nonsense.

Aqua was speechless at his sister's words, after that he shook his head, there's no point arguing something pointless.

"Whatever, so you accept that he's our father now..?" He replied in a low tone.

Ruby just shrugged and answered. "Not really, but it's not like he's going anywhere anytime soon, it is most likely that he'd become our father eventually, so there's nothing wrong with me calling him 'papa' in advance, plus he's rich, also a mage and a reincarnator like us."

Aqua blinked at his female counterparts, and quite surprised to hear something logical from her own mouth!


"Is being rich really essential…?" Aqua said warily.

"Of course duh! If ever mama and papa get divorced in the future, mama could at least take half of papa's assets!" Ruby smiles at him like it was nothing.

Hearing that reasoning, Aqua shivered. 'What is this terrifying creature?'

Either, who filled her head with this kind of nonsense?

Maybe it was a mistake for him to allow her to watch the western media, damn their culture, it's a mess.

"I don't think that would be possible considering he's part of the moonlit world and also Ai and Alex aren't married."

"Yet.". Ruby replied.

Damn, when did this girl learn to be smart?

A while ago, she got the intelligence of a chimpanzee fighting those twitards, now she's like a decent educated person!

Nothing makes sense anymore!

"My point still stands, also stop being literal. Besides I don't think Ai will be the only person he'd be in a relationship with.." Aqua said as he listened to the conversation last night.

"Ah, that…" Ruby's face darkens a bit, recalling that particular memory.

"Indeed, to think he's been in a relationship with 2 other women, even though it's a common practice in the moonlit world, according to him. It's still out of norm to me, I still can't quite grasp that kind of relationship, to think that there's a society that accepts that kind of thing. I thought it was limited through LN or Anime, but to think he's starting a harem…" He's frustrated because their mother won't be the only woman in their father's relationship.

But at the same time, he couldn't help but admire the achievement that his father achieved, to be in a relationship with multiple women. That kind of thing was a man's dream, well most men.

And he's part of them, not that he'd stay that outloud.

"That womanizer! Why can't he be satisfied with mama?!" Ruby complained.

Aqua sweat drops, but honestly, a part of him agreed with her, but it is what it is, there's little he could do about it with his current body situation.

Not that he could win against his supposedly father in a physical fight.

Anyway, he can't believe the adults left time alone, while he may not be a real toddler, isn't this quite irresponsible for them to be left alone?

But either way, they can take care of themselves. It's not like this is the first time that they've been neglected, don't get him wrong 'neglected' is a strong word, more like Ai or their other caretakers are busy with work.

Aqua could also recall Miyako sleeping on many occasions when she was supposed to take care of them, that's why they often change their diapers by themselves.

Weird, but it's not like they can complain about it. They're toddlers and they often can't control their urges.

Not to mention as people with an adult mentally, there's no way they would want to smell like shit or piss just because they wait for someone to clean them.

That's disgusting.

And when he was about to start a conversation, suddenly someone entered their room.

To his and her sister's surprise, it was their biological father. Honestly Aqua thought he left home or something, but it seemed that he left behind.

Which makes a bit of sense, considering Miyako isn't here.

"Aqua, Ruby get ready. I'm going to take you to where Aqua's old corpse is." Their biological father suddenly announced.

Oh, that's something that he could get ready all day, after all it's not everyday someone could see their previous life corpse.

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