Multiversal: The Shop

In the shop, we have everything when we say everything, means everything but of course are you willing to pay the price for receiving them? There's nothing free, everything has a price. --- Alexander Barthomeloi, previous name [Unknown] before reincarnating as Alexander, he was nothing more than a poor average human in earth with nothing special, that was until 'God' a mistake and killing him by accident. Thus 'God' offered to compensate him for his mistake, it was to go to heaven or be reincarnated in another. And he choose the latter choice with the condition being born in a rich family and nothing more, however 'God' felt like was lacking for his compensation. So, 'God' decided to give him an extra blessing which is 'The Shop'. [ Warning! ] The story is a first person POV for Alexander. While the others are 3rd POV. Current Crossovers - Nasuverse Tada-kun wa koi wo shinai! Bocchi the Rock! Kumo ga nani desu ka? Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement (There would be more in the future) Support me on P@.treon, even if it's just for a month I'd be really grateful. P@.treon/charlottes143 There's currently 10 advanced chapters there. Update 1 Chapter Daily. The cover isn't mine, credits to the original artist.

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I successfully managed to sell some items, now I have a profit of 10 Multiversal Credits. No matter how small it is, I'm pretty satisfied with it.

After all, there's a lot of things I could buy with just 10 M.C, not to mention with my perks as an owner I get an 80% discount, meaning it's cheaper for me.

I also got my own unique credit card after I profited from my first customer. Unlike the standard ranking, the appearance of my card is different as it's one of a kind, and it's called Master Card.

Anyway, while I'm excited to try and buy something for my benefit, I have to ask Blake what I needed to know more about the shop because the explanation that I gave Mrs. Rose before is improvised.

I didn't know about the shop credit card or the rankings, that's why I have to know the inner functions of the shop so I wouldn't remain ignorant.

"Blake, is there anything I have to know about the shop? Aside from what you already explained to me before." He asked.

[ There is, but this may take a while to explain. ]

"That's fine, I have the time."

[ Alright, then sir I shall explain the other functions of the shop. ]

Okay, not going to lie there's a lot of hidden functions of the shop that I wouldn't know if it wasn't for the fact Blake told me about them.

This shop literally had everything, it was an exaggeration, to say that it's perfect, however, right now I'm interested in trying the newest function that I was told about.

The Gacha Machine, I'd like to try my luck at least once with this machine. I wasn't delusional enough to think I'd get something powerful, but I'm hoping that I'd get something useful from it.

I went to the room where the Gacha Machine was located, and I saw the machine, it looked exactly like what I was expecting it to look like.

Although what's inside the machine is another thing as the balls were literally glowing in different colors, though the majority of the glowing balls are white, I'm guessing what's inside those balls are common items.

I approached the Gacha Machine and indeed I was correct, as I saw a sign about the rarity of the balls inside the machine.

White is Common.

Blue is Rare.

Orange is Epic.

Purple is Unique.

Golden is Legendary.

Rainbow is Mythical.

And lastly Black is Unknown.

The machine was quite easy to understand, however unlike the traditional Gacha Machine where there's a fixed price before you could roll.

This machine lets you decide how much money you would use each spin, which means the bigger money you put the better chance you get a rare item.

Though, the shop catalog is definitely safer than this uncertain game, at least in the catalog you get to pick your desired items or skill.

With that, I fixed the price as 10 since it's the only money I have on hand for now. Without hesitation, I pulled the trigger and the Gacha Machine started rolling and not a second later, a white ball came out.

I wasn't surprised as I was definitely expecting this outcome, however, I was a bit disappointed.

However, before I opened the white ball I realized that I still have 8 Multiversal Credits left on my credit card.

It didn't take me long to figure out what happened, it seemed that my discount perk as the owner of the shop also applied here.

I should probably have seen this coming, anyway, there's no use thinking about what I already know.

My hand took the white gacha ball and immediately opened it. As soon as I did, memories that definitely weren't mine invaded my mind, because of the sheer amount of memories that suddenly assaulted my mind without a warning I was forced to kneel on the ground.

What I'm feeling right now is worse than my hangover a few hours ago, thankfully the pain quickly faded as soon as it appeared.

However, it was a sensation that I wouldn't forget anytime soon, the memories that I got were from an unknown demon slayer who is pretty much a foot soldier compared to the Pillars, not to mention this particular demon slayer isn't well versed with any of the known styles at all, as he only knows of the total concentration breathing technique.

Not to mention this demon slayer isn't from the same era as Tanjiro and the others from the main cast, but a hundred years before the plot started.

Either way from all things I expected from that white gacha ball, memories were the last thing I thought I'd get.

However, it wasn't a total loss as I got to know the method of total concentration technique, this would be a useful addition to my overall physical abilities.

Also, I wasn't worried about the memories I received wouldn't affect me in any way because there's no way that it would happen, while it may be part of my memories, it's just too different from my own if I were to describe it the memories I received is like I was watching someone's life through a high-resolution TV.

While I may know every single detail that person did, I wasn't him nor he is me, it's just too different so there's no way that this would affect my personality at all.

Through the memories of that demon slayer, I breathe and guide the air through my veins. It's quite a painful process as my body wasn't used to this sudden change, which made sense since I only gained that person's memories and not his muscle memories.

It would take a while for my body to adapt, my cheeks were red from using the total concentration breathing technique, I was successful with my attempt, and decided to regulate my breathing to normal.

I was satisfied with my progress for now, then I looked at the machine once more and decided to use all of my credits.

With the same fixed price of 10 Multiversal Credits, I pulled 4 balls from the machine and my luck definitely started to kick in, as I got 2 white balls and 2 blue balls.

Meaning I got two rare ones in my hands, but before I opened the rare ones, it opened the common first.

And I got Basic Body Strengthening Pills, which based on the name alone is from a Chinese Cultivation story.

If these pills are what I think they are, they would be useful to my physique, as most items from a Chinese Cultivation story are ridiculously overpowered and useful.

A pill that could give you a 6 pack of abs without working for it, is something a lot of people would kill for, while it might be a common item in the world of Cultivator, in my world it's not and it would be categorized as a magical item.

The other item that I got from the 2nd common ball, is a protective talisman. Its description says that it would block any attack that is at the same destruction level as a nuke, though only once and it would only be triggered when the user is in serious danger.

I couldn't help but blink at its use and thought. "How can this thing only be common?"

This talisman is so valuable that the people or mostly magi back in my world would literally kill to obtain it, a life-saving item that could block a city-level attack is nothing to scoff off.

Quickly I put it inside my pocket, I promise to bring this with me 24/7 because who knows what will happen in the future, my safety is always a priority.

Now, if the common gacha balls have these amazing things inside, it makes me wonder what's inside the rare ones. To say that I'm excited was an understatement.

I feel like a child, excited to open my birthday present. Without further ado, I opened the first rare ball, and what I got definitely surprised me.

What I got was a complete formula of a certain magecraft, no call it magecraft is an understatement of the years, as this particular magic is teleportation.

It was something that wasn't seen after the age of gods ended, it was lost and now I managed to recover its formula and how to cast it to step by step.

The fuck, any magus with a brain would die out of envy of what I have, a massive smirk appeared on my face.

'Yeah, I'm definitely going to brag about this to Lorelei.' Normally it would be a very bad idea to brag about your magecraft to other magus, especially when it's unique and powerful, announcing it would get you a VIP ticket that was called Sealing Designation.

But I trust my sister and besides telling her it might be a good choice after all she is the Queen Of the Clocktower, the Vice Director, and Head of the Department of Policies.

If there's one person that could protect me from getting a sealing designation it's her, Lorelei Barthomeloi.

Anyway, as for the last rare ball, I opened it and was immediately stunned at the item that was floating in front of him.

It was a very beautiful golden scabbard.

A scabbard that I definitely recognized.


A/N: Let me tell you this to avoid misunderstanding, this isn't the real Avalon, as there's no way it would be just in the rare category. In fact, this Avalon is nothing more than a replica, a counterfeit, a fake, no matter how similar it may be in terms of appearance.

Now, as for the real Avalon in his world, it is in the possession of Shirou Emiya and I think everyone knows about it.

Anyway, unlike Shirou's, Avalon doesn't function due to the fact that the original owner isn't near.

Making it completely useless, now as for Alex Avalon (Replica), it doesn't need King Arthur's connection, as Alex is now the original owner of the scabbard, while it isn't as powerful as the original it is still a powerful item with regenerative ability.

So that concludes it, the next chapter is going back to Alexander's Pov, though if you want more Summer content let me know.

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