98 Dignity

"H-how could a mortal have that kind of power..?" The god of light said in his dragon form, his voice was filled with disbelief.

"That's just you thinking that mortals can't have this kind of power, why would you think that we're incapable of such? Do you really think that only divines are capable of having a power ability?" Point is that I've watched a lot of mortals like me surpass gods.

While they may be fiction back in his precious life, but right now there's a possibility that they exist after all, if a fictional world that I lived in came to be, what about others?

Point is, whatever fictional place, or character it may be. It probably exists somewhere.

Either way, if he asks some dumbass question like that, might as well say. "How could a god like you be so pathetically weak? I thought you divine beings are omnipotent."

That's technically a lie, as I know lots of divines that are powerful, but never omnipotent.

The god of light growled at the insult, but he can't do anything to me, it's because he created a barrier that would suppress him with a slight movement.

Never thought it would be effective honestly, after trapping him into this invisible suppression barrier I beat him like a birthday party pinatas.

It is quite disappointing, not perhaps anti-climatic, honestly if this was a god of my world there's no way they'd be suppressed by something too basic like this.

But then again, they aren't the gods of my world, they might have created humans, but they aren't that impressive at all.

"What? Isn't it the truth? Like, if you're so powerful why don't you get out of there and beat and prove that mortals can't beat divine? No? Too bad, I proved my point." I feel evil at this moment, because I truly enjoyed when I see his rage and hate toward me, but can't do anything about it.

But remembering they caused a genocide, I thought. 'Yeah, compared to that I'm not evil.'

There was no point keeping this god alive, but before I could end this divine being, I noticed that Gilgamesh arrived.

"Your maje-i mean Gilgamesh?" I almost called her by her title again, hopefully she didn't notice- right who am I kidding she obviously did.

Gilgamesh didn't show anything outward, despite hearing what I said, instead her attention was into the god of light.

"You beat him easily, as expected they're weak, how disappointing…"

I can't blame her for feeling that way, because it would be a lie to say I didn't feel the same, after all I was anticipating a hard fight, to which I would struggle and give everything I have to win.

But frankly, that didn't happen but instead I beat one of them, like an adult fighting a toddler.

"Hey, what happened to his brother?" I asked a very obvious question.

"What do you think?" Gilgamesh answered.

I stared at her, then to a crater behind her back. "Yeah, that was a stupid question to ask."

"Indeed." Gilgamesh couldn't agree more.

"W-what…? Are you saying that my brother is dead?" The god of light said in disbelief.

Gilgamesh stared back at the golden dragon and replied. "Can't you feel it? Your brother is no more."

Realizing that it was indeed the case, the god of light stayed silent for a moment saying. "I see…"

Gilgamesh raised an eyebrow at his unexpected reaction. "Oh? You're not mad that I killed your brother?"

"I am, do not think for a second that I am not, woman. But…if it's true then.. there's no point for me to continue living, mortals finish my life, end me." The god of light suddenly made an unexpected request.

I didn't expect him to act like this, however for his request. "Even if you didn't ask I would still kill you, either way, however before that, do you mind me asking why do you want to die after you realize your brother is dead?"

"It's not something a mortal like you could understand." The god of light replied coldly.

"Then make me." I said not backing at all.

Seeing that I made no attempt to back out, he decided to explain, albeit reluctantly. "Human, do you have a sibling?"

A particular question, but regardless I replied. "I do, I have an older sister, but what does it have to do with it?"

"Everything, perhaps you would understand even if it's a bit, very well I shall explain. In the beginning of my birth, my brother was there. We experienced life together, lived together, but despite that we are very different with each other, in fact we are the opposite with each other and often fought whether it's physical or verbal matches. But despite our differences, we never hated each other, dislike, yes but never hated, I have known him in my entire life and so did he know me, that's why knowing that he's not here anymore, there's no point in living anymore, without my brother I can never be whole again, life without him isn't complete despite our disagreements. I loved my brother, that's why I cannot bear to be the only one left, you understand right?" The god of light said to me with a serious expression.

I wasn't expecting him to give a speech like this, but I could understand what he's trying to say. "I do…"

"If so, then kill me." God of light responded with a resigned tone.

For the first time perhaps, I pitied him and so I heeded his final request and killed him as painlessly as possible, despite what he has done at the very least he's truthful in the end.

And I respect that, then I turned to Gilgamesh who crossed both her arms together and said. "I don't understand what he's talking about."

Of course she won't, there's no way she'd understand if she's the only child of the family, those who have a sibling would, at least a semblance of it.

"Well, you don't need to understand, just think of it as a dying man's last rant." I shrugged, there's no point explaining something that she probably wouldn't understand.

Gilgamesh stayed silent, which I take for a silent agreement. "Well, since we are done with our job, we'll let the others know about our success so-"

I was suddenly cut off by Gilgamesh before I could finish the sentence. "No."

"No..?" I asked her confusedly.

"I'm not satisfied with the battle with those gods." Gilgamesh wore a displeased look.

I blinked and replied. "It's the same for me, I didn't expect them to be this…weak?"

"Hmp, it's not my problem. I was so excited but in the end it was a massive disappointment, you have to take responsibility for wasting my time." Gilgamesh said as she looked at me.

"But, I used a wish…" I tried to reason with her, but she wasn't having it.

"You still wasted my time with this farce."

Realizing that it was pointless to reason with her, I gave up and humored her. "Alright your majesty, what do you want me to do for your wasted time?"

Gilgamesh glared. "I told you to call me, by my name!"

"Right, Gilgamesh, so what do you want me to do?" I wasn't sure why she wanted me to insist on calling her name.

Gilgamesh looked thoughtful as if she was deciding what to do, but in reality I didn't know at that time that her decision was already made even before we fought the gods.

"I want you to please me." Gilgamesh declared.

"Please you?" I frowned, there's plenty of ways to please someone and I don't know which one she wanted.

Noticing that I didn't get what she was trying to imply. Gilgamesh exclaimed. "Fool! Do you really not understand what I'm implying?"

There's no point lying and replying. "No, not at all, after all there's a lot of ways to please you, I don't know which one it is, so be specific."

Gilgamesh let out a long sigh and said. "If it was anyone else their head would already be lying on the ground…"

Geez, is that supposed to make me feel better?

Then Gilgamesh stared back at me once more and said. "I want you to have sex with me, is that so hard to understand."


I finally understand, but wait!

"Sex with me? L-like here and now?" I said while pointing at myself.

Gilgamesh rolled her eyes and was getting impatient. She opened her gate of babylon and took out a bed worthy of a king. Without hesitation she pushed me there and stripped in front of me.

At the moment my brain short circuited as I saw her flawless tits, might as well call it 'Holy Tits' cause, god from above it's the most perfect breasts I've seen in my life.

Suddenly without a warning, Gilgamesh gave an adult kiss, that includes licking and was dominating my mouth.

'I'm being dominated!' I've come across a lot of women, but none of them were as dominant or as aggressive as Gilgamesh.

The kiss lasted for a while, and after separating a trail of saliva was left behind both of our lips.

"Now strip, this is just the beginning." Gilgamesh demanded.

'Okay, this might sound weird but damn, that was hot.' However, I couldn't allow myself to continue, Gilgamesh or not. There's no way I'd let her dominate me!

My dignity as a man is at a stake!

Thus, the battle for 'dominance' starts.

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