6 Clocktower

I finally arrived inside the Clocktower, this place was massive, not to mention so secure to the point that I'm overwhelmed. This place is packed with different kinds of bounded fields, some of which are very dangerous.

Without a guide there's no way for an average mage to bypass the security of this area, it's literally impossible for anyone to go inside forcefully.

Did I also mention how dense the prana is in this place? It's no wonder that the mage association was built in this place with such a rich prana.

My family limousine arrived at an underground parking lot, where it's unbelievably clean despite only a parking lot, the ground was literally shining.

This is only the parking lot, and it's already grand, stepping outside the limousine, I noticed that I could see my reflection in the ground, the concrete was that clean.

There's no way, this was cleaned by human hands, this has to be magecraft, there's no other explanation for this!

Looking around, I noticed that there's a lot of fancy cars around, there's even a few one-of-a-kind vehicles, seriously they take the 'rich' and 'powerful' status too much.

Shaking my head, I went toward the Clocktower entrance and saw my sister along with a few enforcers guarding her.

Lorelei saw me and said. "You're finally here Alexander, here I thought wouldn't come."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at that and replied. "I don't have the balls to do that, even if I did I'm pretty sure you'd hunt me down and drag me into this place."

Lorelei nodded. "You are correct."

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a sigh and said. "So, where am I staying?"

"Follow me," Lorelei said without looking back and followed, my eyes wandered around filled with curiosity, while I didn't like being in this place. It's still a beautiful place, even before I became Alexander I knew this place through fiction. Now that it's real I wasn't really sure what to think about it. From what I know of this place is terrible, not the building itself but the people who are inside this very building are magi.

I never really met a lot of magi in this life, so far I've only met a handful of them, outside of my family, the only magus I've met was Luvia Edelfelt.

And from what I know about her, she's one of the odd bunch of magi that actually had a heart, someone who could still sympathize with normal human beings.

Can't say for the rest of the magi here, I don't have any delusion that all Magi are like Luvia, someone like her in the moonlit world is very rare.

Lorelei and I arrived at the inner section of the Clocktower, the section that only those who have a powerful connection or family could enter, since technically I have both I was allowed to enter.

It didn't take us long to arrive at my assigned room for the rest of the summer, and it was way bigger than I imagined. "Is this it?"

"Indeed, this is the room you'll be staying in from now on," Lorelei said while putting her hands behind her.

"It's too big, it could fit a few dozen people inside, can I pick a smaller one?" I asked my sister who suddenly glared at me.


"Alright, geez don't glare at me like that!" I recoiled at her denial and saw that my sister was letting out a massive sigh.

"Remember, this isn't our house anymore, you can't act careless without consequences, be warned you must act like a respectable magus, do not fool around either, your reputation affects mine as well," Lorelei said with a warning.

I didn't say anything and just nodded, I wasn't going to do that anyway.

"If you understand, then I shall leave you now, if you excuse me I have a meeting a few minutes from now on." Before leaving, she gave me the key to the room and left the place where the meeting will be held.

"Well, then let's arrange my things before exploring this place." After that, I started arranging my clothes, daily necessities, my gaming set, and everything I brought.

Satisfied with my arrangements, I decided that it was time to explore the Clocktower, walking away from the inner section of the Clocktower.

The first thing I explored was the cafeteria because I'm very hungry as I haven't eaten breakfast yet. From what I know the Clocktower has several cafeterias.

Each one of them has a different quality of dishes, naturally the better the quality is the more expensive the dish, not to mention the difference between the establishment, the ones with a better quality have a better service than the lower quality ones.

Which wasn't a surprise for me, however right now the place I've dined in was one of the lower-quality cafeterias, where the poorer magi dines.

I noticed that there isn't a lot of people dining in this place, it wasn't strange because most magi had a heck amount of pride, despite being poor, none of them wanted to be seen or treated as one, that's why even though they are in tight of money they still choose to dine in a better cafeteria in the Clocktower so that they could maintain their dignity and status to their peers and fellow magus.

The magi here are the most accepting ones with their situation, or just bored and wanted to try something new.

I called for a waitress to get my orders and noticed that I have higher quality of clothes compared to the people who are dining in this place which made the waitress confused, but didn't say anything.

"May I have your order?"

Placing back the menu on the table, and started listing my orders. "I'd like 2 cheeseburgers, with fries and a bucket of fries along with a glass of cold cola."

After writing my orders, the waitress said, "Please wait a few minutes for your orders to arrive."

I nodded, making the waitress sigh in relief, noticing that I couldn't help but frown for a bit and thought. 'Did she really think I'd be displeased with a few minutes of waiting? But then again this is the Clocktower where all kinds of egotistical magus from all over the world gather around.'

I started tapping my fingers on the table wondering which department I should join. While there isn't a limit to how many departments I could join, I'd rather pick something that is actually useful to me.

After a full minute of thinking, I've decided to join either the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory or the Department of Astrology.

…Eh, why not both.

After that my cheeseburger, fries, and a bucket of fried chicken along with a glass of cold cola arrived at my table.

Then I immediately took a huge bite of the cheeseburger that I ordered and an indescribable flavor exploded in my mouth. It was so delicious that I couldn't stop myself from eating like a barbarian!

I know I promised Lorelei to act like a proper respectable magus, but right now it's the last thing in mind.

How?! How the heck do ordinary cheeseburgers taste so delicious?!

After that, I tried the fries, and again, how the hell is this bunch of sliced potatoes this delicious?!

Then I looked at the bucket of fried chicken and expected it to taste divine like the others, and I wasn't disappointed at all.

Although unexpected, I enjoyed this meal very much, even though the high-quality dishes that I eat in my family's castle aren't as good as this!

Low-quality ingredients shouldn't be this delicious!

Suddenly, I have an idea of who made this while it's just a hunch, I have a feeling that it's him.

Only he could make something this delicious with low-quality ingredients.

I wiped my mouth with my handkerchief, it's a habit I learned from being with the Barthomeloi, back in my previous life I would never be able to act like this.

I stood up from the table and went directly to the counter and said. "Can I meet the chef who made my meal?"

The staff at the counter couldn't help but feel concerned at my sudden demand, as someone who had met a lot of magus, he learned to analyze who is powerful and who is not.

And he realized that I'm someone who wasn't to be looked down upon despite how young my appearance is.

"I-is there something wrong about ser magus?"

"No, there isn't, it's just I wanted to praise them for the delicious meal they made, so can I meet them now?" I noticed that he's uncomfortable with my presence, so I decided to be specific so that he wouldn't misunderstand my intention.

And as expected, after saying those words, the staff calmed down a lot and replied. "S-so you just wanted to meet the chef who made your meal?"

I nodded and answered. "That's right."

The staff let out a sigh of relief and said. "Then please wait a moment, I shall call him."

Not a minute later, I saw the chef who made my meal, and couldn't stop myself from grinning as I was right about my guess.

The person standing in front of me is none other than the main character of the Fate Stay Night series, Shirou Emiya.

"I heard that you wanted to meet me, is there anything I can help you with?" Shirou was a bit older than I expected, he looks like he's in his mid-twenties, and his red hair already had some white strands on it, not to mention he's already started turning into tanned.

He almost looks like Archer, maybe within a few years he would be his look-alike, but for now, he's Shirou, not Archer.

And this is how I met my brother-in-law, I didn't just know yet.

Foreshadowing? Yes! It may be biased of me, but I totally ship Shirou and Lorelei, so far I've only seen one version of Shirou dating Lorelei in a lot of Fate fanfiction I read.

At this point, Alexander doesn't remember much in his previous life shows, most of them are blurry at this point.

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