2 Average One

A week after being reincarnated, finally. I could finally see, though what's up with reincarnated babies in anime opening their eyes as soon as they were born?

That isn't just possible, you need at least a week or so to open your eyes properly as I did.

Honestly, though, I don't remember the world to be this clear, but then again I'm a newborn baby meaning, new eyes, unlike the ones I have before.

Anyway, as soon as I opened my eyes I realized that my room is huge, and that made me wonder if my room is big enough to fit dozens of adults without a problem. How about the entire structure of my house?

No, perhaps this is a mansion rather than a 'house' or maybe a castle, I did remember my new sister saying that our blood is 'noble' so maybe I'm part of royalty or something?

Either way, I'll definitely find out soon!

"Young master, it's time for your lunch." A maid softly said.

Ugh..young master…I never thought I'd be one, honestly, the word 'young master' is ruined for me because of those Xianxia novels!

I blame it, however, at the same time, I'm grateful because there's no way, I'd act like an arrogant brainless fuckers who think through their dicks rather than their brain.

There's no way I'm going to be like those, first of all, I'd rather avoid trouble than finding it, but if they fuck with me, then that's personal.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Looking at the maid, who was feeding me baby milk, tasted as bland as it could be, but I didn't really have a choice but to drink since I'm hungry and I needed it to survive.

A month later I realized that the world I've reincarnated is magical, as magic exists I've seen it, my mother and father, and sister perform it at least once.

I wasn't sure what to think about it, knowing that this world is capable of magic, while I did say that I wanted to reincarnate in a world similar to earth. I should have been more specific, but it's too late for regret now, at least I've been reincarnated in a modern era, that's a plus to me, magic or not, it's still similar to my earth.

A year later,

I've fuck up, it was at this moment I realized which world I have reincarnated from, and I'm very familiar with it since I'm a fan of that particular franchise.

But to live in such a world? Is no better than living in Attack On Titan or Naruto world!

In each, Fate-verse is one of the most dangerous worlds to reincarnate in, despite having countless waifu around, it doesn't matter to me, as this world has a massive red flag!

I could only scream in despair internally, after all, there's a lot of beings that are capable of destroying humanity as whole, who knows when will those beings finally snap and devour earth!

Wait, Alaya isn't going to deploy her counter guardian on me right?! Since I'm an anomaly.

At the age of 1, I've known despair thinking about how would my life end this world.

It's been 4 years since I've reincarnated, maybe I was too dramatic years ago, and I've learned to accept the fact that Alaya won't hunt me down with her counter guardian, since I wasn't a threat to humanity, and world domination sounds like a pain, not like I'm capable of it either way.

Reading a book about basic magecraft in my family's library, I couldn't help but think. 'I thought magecraft would be more complicated than this..'

Don't get me wrong, it is complicated but I felt a bit disappointed honestly and also relieved at least I know I'm capable of learning magecraft.

While I was immersed in my reading, suddenly someone touched my shoulder making me flinch, and immediately shifted my attention toward the culprit.

It was my sister Lorelei Barthomeloi, looking at her, my relationship with my elder sister is a bit complicated, but not in a bad way, it's just she's a bit of a hardass sometimes, not to mention a massive perfectionist, but that's to be expected after all she is the Vice Director Of the Clocktower.

The Supreme Mage of the Present Era, Lorelei Barthomeloi, the Blue Blood.

"Careless, as a magus you should be more aware of your surroundings little brother, you don't know when your enemies are going to attack…" Lorelei started lecturing about how to act like a proper magus.

I couldn't help but groan internally, this again, every time I interact with my sister, she would always find a way to point out my flaws, and I wasn't even going to lie that it's quite annoying at times.

Each word that comes out of her mouth is a lesson, now only if she stops doing that.

"Are you listening?" I immediately felt stiff as I saw my sister's glare. It was very scary. Let me tell you it gave me nightmares at times.

"Yeah, I do." I lied through my teeth.

My sister's eyes narrowed and replied. "Is that so? Then mind reciting what I've just talked about?"

"..." Okay, she got me there.

Lorelei let out a sigh and said. "If you were any other person, I would have ended you right here and now for lying in my face, but you're lucky that you're my brother."

That's a scary thought, and no doubt she's serious about it, knowing her ruthless reputation in the Mage Association.

"Anyway, I'll cut you off some slack as today is the day you'll open your magic circuits." Lorelei then dragged me away from the library.

Now that she mentioned it, indeed today is that my family is opening my magic circuits, and discovering my origin and element.

I wasn't worried whether I have magic circuits or not, if I have them then cool, I can learn magecraft only to protect myself, because unlike most magi I don't have any obsession with reaching the Root I couldn't be bothered looking for it.

And if I don't have any magic circuits, then the better it is, because frankly living a normal life is more tempting to me.

To begin with, the reason why I reincarnated is that I wanted to live my life to the fullest.

Right now, I'm inside a ritual room, this is the first time I've been in this place, and I've noticed that the elders and the head of my family are here to see the result of my awakening.

I know that they have big expectations for me, since I'm Lorelei's brother but sorry to disappoint you people, but I'm not my sister because I definitely wasn't a prodigy.

My parents and sister are also near, looking at my awakening with expectations. If it was other people I wouldn't really care but they are my direct relatives in this world, so I didn't really want to disappoint them, but there's nothing I could do if my result isn't within their expectations.

"Now, I will begin the ritual." The man with a hood said.

How cliché can this be? Why is this guy wearing a black hood like in those movies where they perform some sort of ritual?

Is this guy trying to be mysterious?

Either way, it's time for him to open my magic circuits.

The man in the hood started chanting a spell and my body felt the prana entering, opening my dormant magic circuits. I couldn't help but let out a hiss.

It was quite painful, but not to the point that it wasn't unbearable.

So, I have 100 high-quality magic circuits, not to mention it's the same as any Barthomeloi Blue Blood: Noble Magic Circuits, good to know that I'm not a bastard child or something.

This blue blood magic circuit is the undeniable proof that I'm a pure-blooded Barthomeloi, while it's already established the day I was born, there's nothing wrong with being cautious.

"You have a lot of magic circuits, as expected of a Barthomeloi," Lorelei said with pride.

I couldn't help but smile wearily at my sister, I get that she had a lot of pride being a Barthomeloi and all, but it's a bit too much honestly because she might as well use Barthomeloi as her name, geez why did my parents even bother naming her if she finds her name almost worthless.

"Still, it's a bit unexpected for you to be an Average One," Lorelei said with a pondering look.

Right, I wasn't expecting that either. I mean despite its title Average One, it's actually far from average, because an Average One is capable of manipulating the 5 elements known as.

Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Void.

That's why a magus with an element of those 5, is highly valued by the Mage Association.

To learn magecraft that had to do with these 5 great elements with great ease is something very valuable to the magi.

Even my sister only had wind as her Elemental Affinity, though that hardly matters as her Origin is Almighty whatever that is, but honestly, it sounds awesome!

Speaking of Origin, I wasn't able to figure out mine, not because of the lack of trying but because they can't, no matter how many times they tried they can't figure out what my Origin is, so that's why it's a mystery.

Despite not knowing my attributes, I wasn't disappointed at all, because I hardly care about it.

Unlike many others from the mage association, I don't care about research for better magecraft nor reaching the Root. I'm content learning what's in front of me.

This means I'm only learning things that are available to my family because I would never lose my humanity to achieve better magecraft.

When I meant losing my humanity, I didn't mean in a literal sense, there's no way I'd become a dead apostle or vampire because my family is surely going to hunt me to the ends of the earth.

After all, the Barthomeloi in general hates, dead apostle period.

Now, by what I mean losing my humanity is me losing my morality, the thing that defines you as a human being because you are capable of empathy and most magi are like that, someone with no empathy at all, a literal demon using human skin.

For the sake of their research, and their benefit they lost their morality.

"So, I'm going to be your magecraft teacher from now on, because I'm the best and that's why you have to meet my expectations, brother, or not disappointing me would have its consequences." Lorelei slapped her riding crop in her steel arm.

I couldn't help but swallow my saliva, and thought. 'She's not going to hit me with that right..?'

"Now, let's start with the basic Alexander." Lorelei with a cold hardened look.

I couldn't stop myself from shivering, she looks damn terrifying.

So he's like Rin Tohsaka, an Average One. Meaning he's going to be a powerful magus with his elemental affinity, not to mention his mana reserves.

Now, if anyone is curious despite its title The Shop, the story is fate-ish? Well, it wasn't originally going to be like this, but when I started writing this, and thought, isn't this better than what I originally planned?

To be fair, I was just going to reincarnate him into a muggle family that is rich, but decided at the last second that there isn't a lot of fanfiction where Barthomeloi or Lorelei is a character for that matter.

So I was like…why not?

There isn't a lot known about the Barthomeloi, it's just that they are a long-line family of magus dated thousands of years ago.

That's why I can freely use my idea of that particular magus family without holding back for what's wrong or right.

And we'll get to the Shop eventually.

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