1 Alexander Barthomeloi

My life was nothing special, as I'm someone who was born into a poor family, as for my looks I'm pretty much average…I mean maybe?

There's no telling what is 'average' or not, because such things change each generation you know?

People's taste changes, anyway as a poor person that was born into a poor family, I've always wondered what it was like to be born into a different family, a richer type of family than those who are in the upper-class society.

Not to mention being good-looking, I wanted to experience that of life and unexpectedly I had the chance to fulfill that 'dream'.

In the form of God in front of me.

"My child, you died."


Seriously, I was taking my death a bit too easily. Like it didn't bother me much as I've always thought it would.

Either way, I'm dead…so what now?

Even though I haven't really remembered what's the cause of my death. I was certain it wasn't an accident because I'm a very cautious person, and a bit paranoid at times. I mean I was the type of person that thinks 'what if?' scenario in my head.

Like crossing the road, imagining getting hit by a vehicle, and dying painfully, and that's why I always check if there is a car around.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I didn't die because of a disease or an illness.

Since I was perfectly healthy, how exactly did I die?

While I didn't care much honestly since it's painless and all. I was still curious about the cause of death.

"Umm..so how exactly did I die? And also who are you, sir..?" I wasn't really sure if I called this person? If this being is even considered as such, but anyway they look like a person, but I can't determine which gender they are.

Because their voice is a mix between a male and female, not to mention their appearance is a glowing humanoid body that I can't tell whether is a female or male.

"You died because of my error child, you see you weren't supposed to die but you did because I cut the wrong string as for your other questions I have plenty of names, but the most familiar name that you know of me, child is God," God said.

Oh..shet, I'm meeting God for real? I wasn't really a believer and was skeptical of the existence of God.

And now before my very eyes, I met God.

Oh crap, is it too late to repent or something?

"There's no need for you to do that child, I didn't bring you here to meet me personally so that you could repent, no I brought you here so that I can compensate you for my mistake," God said while getting closer to me.

Oh, right God said that my death was because of an error that he made.

Surprisingly, I was pretty chill about it, probably because my death is painless and I don't have much attachment back on earth, while I do have relatives I wasn't close to any of them and both of my parents are pretty much dead.

That's why I wasn't too affected by my death.

"Oh, so umm..how exactly would you compensate me, God?" I asked with the most polite tone that my voice could muster.

I'm pretty sure God noticed that but chose to ignore it and replied. "I'm going to give you a chance to either go to heaven or reincarnate to another world."

The former was tempting, honestly as heaven was a myth which was apparently real since God himself said so. To a Christianity like me, it was the ultimate goal of my religion and I would have the chance to go there.

But…. being reincarnated into another is a much, much more tempting offer to me, so I decided. "If I reincarnate would I have the option to choose which world I reincarnate in?"

Naturally, I asked this because it's very very important, after all, what if I would be reincarnated in Attack On Titan? Worse in an apocalypse world where everywhere is a danger!

Please, I wasn't crazy enough to be part of such a world, while it's certainly entertaining to see the lives of the people who lived in that world through movies or fiction. I definitely wouldn't want to be part of that fucked up world.

Naruto is a shitty world no matter how entertaining the show is, and also worlds that are still in the middle ages are no good.

Imagine a place with no toilet?

I couldn't help but shudder at the thought of a place without a toilet or the internet for that matter, that's why I have to be sure that I can choose.

God nodded and replied. "Of course my child you can."

I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, before I wasn't given a choice of which world would I reincarnate to, I would regrettably pick heaven, after all, it's better heaven than reincarnating a world such as Attack On Titan!

Or Naruto, perhaps Resident Evil.

Either way, all of the above are such a shit world, definitely wouldn't want to be either of those.

It wasn't like I was a coward or something, it's just I don't want to die early, not to mention gruesomely after reincarnating I just wanted to live a life that was better than my previous one.

And that was enough for me.

"Then, please I'd like to reincarnate in a world similar to earth, and also I want my family to be very rich so that I would live my fullest in this life without worrying about anything!" I said.

"Is that all?" God said.

I nodded, without a doubt that's what I wanted.

"It's a bit lacking, are you sure that you don't want more?" God asked while looking at me.

I hesitated for a bit, honestly, I was tempted to add more, but decided that my decision was final. "Yes, that's all I wanted."

"Alright, your wish will be granted, you'll be born in a world similar to earth and within a rich family, consider this a bonus from me for not demanding more, you'll receive it when you reach 18." God snapped his finger better than Thanos could ever be, and after that, my soul disappeared and was transported to a world similar to earth.

Later, I would have regretted my decision for not being more specific with my choice, because the world going to be reincarnated was worse than Attack On Titan or Naruto combined.

Huh..? Where am I..? Why am I stuck in such a narrow location? Not to mention isn't this place too hot-

Wait, I'm inside a womb right now!

Suddenly, I felt like my body was sliding out of my mother's womb and I was out of that disgustingly narrow, sticky place.

It was a weird experience, while it isn't my first time going out of someone's womb, it's definitely weird now that I'm aware of how I got out of that place.

Suddenly I heard a man's voice, possibly my father in this world. "Magnificent! It's a boy!"

Thankfully though, I could understand his words, since it's spoken in English, still that accent though. It's British.

Wonderful, now I can have a cup of tea.

Ahem- British joke.

"Lorelei, come hold your baby brother." A weak woman's voice said.

It's my mother surely, and who is this Lorelei? Her name is a bit familiar though but I can't point out where it came from.

Meh, I'll think about it later.

Then I felt someone's touch at the back of my body, it was my older sister apparently who held my little bitty body.

"Hm, is it normal for a baby not to cry?" Lorelei said.

Oh crap, maybe I should cry so that I wouldn't become suspicious!

"No, it's not but it's a sign that the child is brave and has a bright future!" My new father said.

"Or dead, apparently," Lorelei replied bluntly.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to cry at the very moment, not that I was planning to stop it anyway and so cried like any normal baby after birth.

"Oh, Lorelei don't be harsh, now look what have you done to your baby brother." My new mother lightly scolded my sister.

My elder sister let out an annoyed huff, then spoke to me. "You, my brother, carry the noble blood of our family Barthomeloi, and that's why I'll make sure that you'll live through our family reputation."

At first, I didn't really know what she meant, but soon enough I would.

After that, I couldn't stop myself from sleeping, since I'm a baby and all.

But before I fully fell asleep I heard my mother say. "Lorelei, would like to name your brother?"

Lorelei sounded surprised by their mother's suggestion. "You'd like me to name him..? Are you sure about that mother?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Alright then, I'd name him Alexander, Alexander Barthomeloi."

Alexander…that's going to be my name from now on and after that the dream world claimed me.

Yes, as you've guessed the main character or Alexander was reincarnated in FATE or at least a parallel version of it since it wouldn't be the only series I'm going to add in this world.

A world worse than Attack On Titan and Naruto, there you have it the Nasuverse where a lot of beings that could literally end humanity anytime of the day!

It's just that most of them don't bother humanity as long as it doesn't bother them, some are inactive and there's a particular one that plays a lapdog from a certain half-true ancestor.

Anyway, Alexander was born in the house of Barthomeloi, not just from a branch family but a direct relative of Lorelei Barthomeloi.

Which guarantees his standing in the Clocktower in the future.

After all, he got a friend from a high place or a sister in this case.

Not that he'd take advantage of it though.

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