79 A Wish

Honestly, that emblem is really attractive, however it didn't matter to me that much, after I'm technically the owner of this place and if I wanted a similar I could easily get one, in fact I do have a unique emblem as the owner of this establishment, but I haven't really tried using it as it wasn't too important.

Still, seeing Gilgamesh diamond emblem. I was really tempted to use my unique emblem as well, but through sheer logic I stopped myself as basically showing my own emblem is like flexing toward Gilgamesh.

While it may be a bad idea, however she might have misunderstood it for something else, I rather not deal with this thank you very much.

Forgetting about the emblem for a moment, I noticed Gilgamesh trying to harm herself to 'see' if her newfound immortality works, she took a nameless sword from her Gate Of Babylon.

Which surprised me, because in this place using magic shouldn't be possible after all, the shop nullified them or at least that's what I thought.

I couldn't help but ask the A.I that was assigned to me by 'God'.

'Hey, I thought magic is nullified in the shop?'

[ Normally, but this is an exception when a customer tries a 'product' since Gilgamesh Of Uruk, bought immortality she has a temporary permission to use her magic to test the immortality she obtained. ]

I blinked for a bit, before thinking. 'That actually makes sense!'

If I recall, Ozma and Salem did use magic, which was the product they bought from the shop.

After realizing that, I didn't ask anymore as it's only logical for a customer to try the 'product' after purchasing them.

I looked at Gilgamesh who didn't even hesitate to swing the nameless sword at her other arm, not knowing whether the immortal works or not.

Just by this action alone, speak of the strength of her character. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this without hesitation, even though I would hesitate to do something like this. I may be crazy but I'm not mad.

Her the nameless blade hit her skin, instead of blood and severed limb, the nameless sword broke due to the force that Gilgamesh put into it.

But the fact that nothing happened to her arm, made Gilgamesh grin widely as confirming the immortality she bought.

I wasn't sure of that overpriced immortality details, since it couldn't see its description, however from what I saw. It's quite obvious that this type of immortality is complete immunity toward any physical damage.

The reason for that, is I saw it, before the nameless sword could hit her skin, an invisible power or force blocked the sword from harming its host.

Honestly, this kind of reminds me of Gojo's 'Infinity', but more superior than Gojo's infinity, because why not? It's expensive, and I take it for granted.

I wouldn't be surprised if this immortality is immune to concepts, I mean it would be more shocking if it didn't.

Seemingly satisfied with the results, Gilgamesh looked at my direction with a smile, not an arrogant or prideful one, but a genuine smile that honestly made my heart skip a beat for a moment.

'God, she looks absolutely beautiful…' Her beauty was not like D, who is otherworldly, but more of a touch of divine and mortality.

It was hard to describe it, but it has a unique charm that I couldn't quite point out. Without that arrogant or prideful expression, she looks more attractive in my eyes.

A second later, I managed to snap out of it and became embarrassed later on.

'I can't believe I was stunned at her smile! It made me look like a brain dead idiot, a simp. But still, to think a simple smile from her could affect me this much…?' It would be a lie to deny that I don't feel any attraction to her. It's just surprising that she managed to get such a reaction from me, from all people.

Not to brag but I have seen countless beauties across the words, classics, traditional, national and even world class and only a handful of them make me feel like this.

The first few times was understable, however later on I became more immune to beauties, but not completely or why else would a complete bitch like D would attract me?

Either way, Gilgamesh quickly reverted from her usual-self which was good to me, personally if she acts like a normal person, that would probably be the end of me.

"It looks like your shop is the real deal, if it wasn't I wouldn't know what to do with you, but since you satisfied me with your service, I will grant you a wish, name it and I shall grant it with all my ability." Gilgamesh suddenly made a decree and looked absolutely serious.

This was totally unexpected, that I was stunned in silence once again, not only me, Archer was surprised. He also didn't expect Gilgamesh to declare something like this.

Seriously this woman! How many times has she surprised me?

She's too unpredictable, but honestly it isn't too bad, encountering someone unpredictable once in a while isn't too bad I suppose.

Snapping out of it, I thought. 'This is technically tipping her right..?'

Even though I didn't really do anything aside from 'scamming' her to buying expensive stuff, aside from that does it really matter?

Since she's pleased with what she acquired from my shop and wanted to grant me a 'wish'.

It would be rude to refuse such a valuable thing, since who knows when I will receive such a favor again.

I need to think about what I want her to grant me, something that would benefit me..

I want sex.

Wait no!

I mean, I wouldn't be against tasting that.

Okay, what the fuck? Calm down.

Taste that pussy.

What is wrong with my mind right now?! I ain't Denji, I'm not that horny especially since I got bitches, where he ain't got no one.

After fighting the horny devil, that is my own mind. I decided.

"I would like to think more about what I want, if that's okay with you?" This was the best answer that I could come up with at the moment, as clearly right now my mind is too corrupted to think of anything decent aside from sex.

I know she's beautiful and all, but do I really have to be such a horn dog? I know hormones could be embarrassing, but this is something else entirely, even with D didn't experience something like this.

Gilgamesh saw nothing wrong with my decision and nodded. "Of course, but the next time I come back here you better make your decision by then or else this king will be displeased."

"Of course." Who knows when she will come back, but regardless it would be enough to sort of thoughts by then.

And after that, Gilgamesh left the shop with that perfect booty behind her, that even Emiya himself a.k.a The Bone Of My Sword, couldn't resist looking.

Incarnation or not, a man is a man.

Reality marble user or not, a flawless booty is something to stare at.

That's why no one told us about staring because if we did, we'd be a hypocrite. Archer has enough of being a hypocrite though.

"Listen, we did what we did and there's no denying about it." I tried sounding like a wise sage, but Archer gave me a deadpan look.

"I'm tired, can I take a break?"

"You barely did anything, why would you even take a break."

"Dealing with that golden bastard drained most of my energy."

"Not bastard, but 'bitch' there's a difference."


"You didn't look 'whatever' to me when you stared at that sinful booty of hers."


I stared at him for a bit, and realized that the man, the legend, the myth and the bone of his sword himself is flustered!

I couldn't help but be surprised once more, I didn't think Gilgamesh could surprise me, but I was wrong, she surprised me again but showing a flustered Emiya!

That day, I realized one of the few weaknesses of Emiya. It was a female Gilgamesh sinful ass.

I'm now back on earth, thus back to dealing with the girls. I didn't immediately step into the living room where the girls were staying, as I wanted to know what they would do when I wasn't in the picture.

Just them 3, and the first thing I noticed is that the air between them was intense, like it could cut anyone, not to mention awkward as hell.

And Hitori, who has the lowest social level amongst the two, couldn't help but melt at the pressure the two of them let out.

Hitori might as well not exist.

Even though my children were affected by the atmosphere, it was impossible not to notice the tension.

After seeing nothing changed, I was about to interfere, however suddenly Ai started with a smile, a fake one that she uses every time. "So, Mitsuha-san, isn't it? If you're okay with me calling you that."

"Of course, I don't mind." Mitsuha replied with an equal fake smile of her own, although more unrefined compared to Ai.

But that's to be expected, after all Ai is a professional while Mitsuha isn't, but the fact that she could make a convincing smile while not being a professional is an impressive thing.

"Do you mind me asking, what's your relationship with Alex?"

"Oh, about that…"

I wasn't sure what's going on, but I have a feeling that there's something deeper going on behind ordinary questions, like politics but in this case, only women are the participants.

Which as a man, couldn't understand the deeper meaning of their conversation.

Listening to their conversation was like watching a professional ping pong match live, it's quite interesting to watch but hard to understand.

And that's why, it was pointless listening and I decided to step in. "I'm back."

With his presence, the atmosphere immediately changed and wasn't as overbearing as before.

"So, what did I miss?"

"Oh, nothing, just Ai-san asking normal questions." Mitsuha smiles a bit.

Ai also did the same. "Indeed, I wanted to know more about her, that's why I asked."

Even though I was there listening, I still couldn't understand, I couldn't help but scratch the back of my head. "If you say so…"

Maybe as a man, I would never understand their woman ways.

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