85 A Lifetime Worth Of Determination

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After they finished looking at what's left toward Amamiya Gorou, there was no point lingering in this place, as the entire purpose of this trip is to see the corpse and nothing more.

"So, what do you think after seeing your corpse?" I couldn't help but ask my son curiously, because a chance to see your own corpse isn't something everyone could do.

It is a privilege that exists only in myths and legends.

"I honestly don't know, it's complicated." Aqua shrugged at the question.

"Hm, I see, another question: what would you do to the person who murdered you if he ever got caught..?" I asked a question that made Aqua pause for a long time and answer with uncertainty.

"I.. don't know…to be honest, I didn't have any thoughts of getting revenge, this might sound weird but I'm kind of glad that I was killed."

"Sensei?!" Ruby was shocked at his confession.

I raised my brow for a bit, and checked at my son's expression and ultimately I understood. "I sort of understand that…"

"Eh?!" Ruby was stunned at my reply.

"Don't get me wrong, dying is unpleasant but unlike you didn't have to bear the pain of slowly dying, but it was thanks to death. I managed to get a new lease of life that I'm very much happy to have despite facing some problems. My last life was normal, in fact too normal. I'm average in almost everything and probably below average in some things, that's why me living in this new life makes up for the things that I couldn't in my last life, and I'm content with it." I couldn't help but smile a bit as I mentioned what I truly felt about my reincarnation.

Hearing my words, Aqua didn't say anything but I could tell that he sympathized with my story, for he is the same.

Not exactly the same, but similar.


As Ruby heard her biological father's words, she also could sympathize, after all, for all her life, before this. She was born with a weak body, one that is filled with sickness and destined to live a short life.

That sometimes, she would always think, why was she even born in this world?

What was the purpose of her being born? If she's too sick to do anything and try, what is this world going to offer?

She couldn't even move normally without some external help, she couldn't experience the same freedom the people of her age can, while they go school and play, she stays at her hospital bed, watching at the window, waiting for her inevitable death that awaits her.

It was a painful, yet lonely life she experienced.

For so long, she felt like her life had no meaning, that is until the fateful day.

One is when she discovered Ai, who later became her idol, the light of her life along with a certain someone.

And it's the second one, her assigned doctor, which she usually calls 'sensei'.

At first her impression of him wasn't exactly great, his was rude, not to mention plain.

She didn't really like him, but had no choice but to keep up with him, since he was her assigned doctor, which would later be replaced when she moved into another hospital like always.

But she was wrong, the rude doctor turned out to be a good man, hiding beneath that seemingly bitter exterior.

And that made her smile at the fond memories that she made with him. It started with a bad one, and ended with a bittersweet one.

Honestly, she didn't know when she started crushing on him, she just did, to fall in love with her 'sensei' was the greatest and the scariest thing that happened in her life.

It is the happiest because she felt love that she never thought she would have, but fate has proven her wrong, and it made her happy.

And scared because, deep inside she knew that she could never be with him, because her days are coming short, she loves him and often teases him about being together with him.

A mere fantasy of a deeply ill girl, hopelessly in love with the person that she could never be with, because of her sickness.

And her 'sensei' often humor her fantasy, by saying he'll think about it when she turns 16.

Which made it even harder and painful for her, because she knew, no they both know that she wouldn't last that long.

She tried to hide it in the facade of a cheerful smile, yet she can't and ends up making a sad, yet bitter smile. "That's cruel sensei.."

Despite all of that, it's like fate decided something more than just that, she thought death was the end of all, but she couldn't be more wrong.

All of her suffering of her previous life, was now being paid back full into this life, this was her reward, this was the life that she deserved for putting up with the pain in her last life.

A child of her favorite idol, a magician, she is blessed and as an additional bonus, her sensei was with her, although as her twin brother.

She did always want to become more than just a patient and a doctor with him, and it was granted, therefore they became twins.

Either way, she will take as she can get, looking at her twin brother, despite being siblings, the fact that he is, and will be her sensei.

She still loves him regardless, her crush did not stop, not even once it was revealed that they are siblings, such things won't stop her.

So what if they have the same blood?

It just means she has better chances than any girl who would later chase after her 'sensei'.

Now that she finally has a body that won't die so suddenly, it was finally time for her to fulfill her past life wish, her dream that she thought was unreachable.

There's no stopping her now, perhaps only age that is, looking at her brother, she smiled and thought. 'Just wait until I'm 16, I will fulfill that promise a lifetime ago, I swear.'

For some reason felt a chill behind his little back for no reason, staring at no one in particular with confusion.

Aqua thought. 'What was that…? Nevermind, it's probably just nothing…'

I noticed my daughter looked oddly determined about something, but I'll never know what she's thinking, unless I read her mind, not that I could do something like that…yet.

But I won't read her mind, or anyone who is important to me for this matter, and as for anyone else?

I will, and I would do it anytime to get an advantage toward them.

Anyway, we finished this earlier than I expected, honestly I thought we'd take hours but that was just my guess, so I decided to ask. "So, where do you want to go next? Do you want to go back home or…maybe visit your mom or something."

"Wait, we can visit mom at the studio?!" Ruby eyes sparkled at that suggestion.

"Ruby..I think it will be a bad idea-"

I cut him off before he could finish the sentence. "Aqua, you don't need to worry about, whether your relationship with Ai will be exposed or not, with me here there's nothing to be afraid of, with my power there's little I couldn't do, like I could easily sway the public opinion if ever they made a negative comment about your mother."

I grinned at him and Ruby. "Shall we?"

Both toddlers had different reactions, one was excited because they don't have to hide what they are anymore and the other one was resigned, overthinking what could go wrong with this trip.

He isn't wrong, but he also lacks faith toward me, either way I'll show them what it's like to be under my protection.

Thus, they went to the Strawberry Production.

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