Multiversal Anime Group Chat: A Journey Across Realms

One day the Supreme God woke up and choose violence. That sums about the summary of this fanfic.

Kuroki_Shishiro · Anime & Comics
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37 Chs

Chapter 18: Jumping Kanzaki

(Authors note:

Aight, I change the Katana into a Nodachi in the past chapters.

At first, I thought Kanzaki was wielding a katana because the figures I usually see have swords that don't look that long.

But after rewatching to refresh my memory, I saw that she was wielding a Nodachi.

Fucking figurines lied to me.)

(Dante POV)

About a kilometer away from a rundown apartment, I sat on top of a building, using my newly learned magic sense and something I called Esper sense, which utilized the aim spread throughout the surroundings, to observe the injured Index and Komoe-chan through both magical and Esper means.

'Great Sage, how is it? Were you able to record all of that? Is it possible to learn that healing magic?' I inquired the sage, as the ritual finished.

[Notice: Insufficient data to perfectly replicate the magical ritual.]

'That kinda sucks. So no healing magic?' With a sigh, I gazed upon the sky.

[Notice: Utilizing the magical data recorded from the individual named Stiyl, and analyzing the flow of magical energy, it is possible to attempt the creation of an alternative form of healing magic using mana.]

'Nice, do that. About how much time would it take?' I inquired.

[Notice: The research and creation of the healing magic will take approximately 300 hours. It is possible to shorten the required time by obtaining additional data on magic.]

'Mmm, magical data, huh?' My thoughts then wandered to what will happen next.

'Stiyl and Kanzaki will attack to try to wipe Index memory so there would be magical bullshit happening. Should I join in the fun? Mmm, Kanzaki mainly uses her nodachi so she won't give much magical data, but Stiyl spamming magical attacks is good.' With my thoughts settled, I stood up and commanded the sage to bring me back close to the dormitory.

As I teleported close to the dormitory, I heard an explosion.

'Seriously? That guy is really into it, huh? Well, it is possible to beat the crap out of him if I let Great Sage control my body. But he isn't really worth the time anymore. I won't get shit from beating him up.' But as I was about to leave, Kanzaki appeared in front of me bringing the mad dog behind her.

'Fuck this girl is passing me the mad dog I passed her. Well, I could simply teleport away, but you know what? Fuck it let's brawl. I should be able to force Kanzaki to use a bit of magic for additional data.' Without hesitation, I instructed Great Sage to take over my body.

As the edges of my irises turned red, Great Sage assumed control and promptly activated Space Rend a few inches in front of Kanzaki.

With a shocked expression, Kanzaki jumped backward as a rift in space, seemingly sliced open, materialized.

"You?" With a wary expression, Kanzaki held her sword in an Iado stance as she gazed at me, and the rift in space, which disappeared in a few seconds.

"Huh?! You dare return, you punk?! GOOD." Accelerator then appeared behind Kanzaki, his fist clenched and punched her.

Instantly, Kanzaki turned around and slashed towards Accelerator's fist.

With a shrill sound, the collision of Accelerator's fist with his barrier and Kanzaki's sword resounded as Kanzaki was shot backward.

Without delay, Accelerator then spread both of his arms as a black rotating spiral appeared on his palms, sending one toward Kanzaki and one toward me.

With teleportation, I appeared behind Kanzaki as my spear swung towards her vertically.

"Tch." With a clearly annoyed click of her tongue, Kanzaki decided to dash towards Accelerator's attack as she backed away, not daring to attempt to block my attack.

With a super-fast sword strike, Kanzaki destroyed the spiral, only to find Accelerator's fist coming from behind the dissipated spiral.

"Got ya bitch!" With a mocking expression, Accelerator's fist connected to Kanzaki's face sending her flying towards me.

Possibly feeling the danger from behind, Kanzaki's body rotated only to find me thrusting my spear intending to impale her.

Accelerator seeing a chance to take down the "bitch" sent two dark spirals from behind Kanzaki.

In the midst of two dark spirals and a defense-ignoring spear, Kanzaki unleashed her Saint power.

Even while airborne, she skillfully evaded the spear with inhuman reflexes, rotating her body by 720 degrees.

Still airborne, but now positioned behind me, Kanzaki muttered "Yuisen."

With a glint, a supersonic sword slashed through the air, phasing through me before obliterating the two spirals and striking Accelerator's barrier, sending the mad dog shooting backward.

Turning backward, I found Kanzaki with a very annoyed expression.

"Nanasen," She muttered as thousands of magical wires appeared throughout the surroundings.

Swinging my spear vertically, I teleported behind her right after it gained momentum to make the spear strike harder to evade.

To my surprise, she effortlessly evaded my spear before counterattacking with another Yuisen, which simply phased through.

Accelerator then surged through Nanasen, appearing a few meters behind Kanzaki.

In a swift motion, he unleashed two rotating spirals and hundreds of Nanasen strings, all controlled through his vector manipulation, aiming directly at her.

With her Saint power liberated, Kanzaki easily destroyed Accelerator's attack by using Yuisen for the third time.

'She should be tired by now. Yuisen, her sure kill move is not for long battles, she also liberated her Saint Power. She would escape soon. I already obtained a good amount of magical data from her magical strings Nanasen and the mana infusion from Yuisen.' With such thoughts, I saw Kanzaki look into my eyes clearly annoyed.

I then told the Great Sage to let her escape and focus on Accelerator.

Kanzaki then dashed and passed by me as she disappeared.

"Tch, the bitch escaped. Now it's just you and me, asshole. You're gonna pay for making me waste my time looking for you." With an eerie smile, Accelerator kicked the ground as two dark spirals appeared on his palms.

The spirals, stone fragments, and remaining Nanasen strings shot towards me.

Teleporting beside Accelerator, my fist materialized before punching his face.

Normally, due to the vector shield rebound, I would only end up damaging my hands.

However, thanks to the Great Sage's impeccable control, he managed to halt the fist just before it reached Accelerator's automatic rebound.

By pulling the fist out, he redirected the rebound into a punch directly at his face.