Multiversal Anime Group Chat: A Journey Across Realms

One day the Supreme God woke up and choose violence. That sums about the summary of this fanfic.

Kuroki_Shishiro · Anime & Comics
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Chapter 19: Mission secured?

(Authors note:

Aight, before reading the chapter hear me out.

It seems some people think, I don't like criticism and the like because of how the first chapter is.

I just want to say that is the story premise, not me ranting.

You are free to rant whatever you want lmao.

This story is even inspired because when I was thinking of a premise I remembered a certain dude who kept ranting about my other work.

I actually missed him tbh, he stopped ranting here and probably dropped lmao.

So yeah, don't confuse the plot with what I want.)

(Dante POV)

With a shocked look on his face, Accelerator gently touched his reddening cheeks, pausing for a moment amidst his anger.

Meeting my gaze briefly, he seemed to struggle with his emotions before diving back into his stupid rage mode.

'This guy seriously needs to chill,' I thought to myself, as I signaled for Great Sage to keep up beating the shit out of him.

As Accelerator got back on his feet, his mumblings became harder to make out, a mix of frustration and defiance in the air.

But before he could erupt again, a quick knee to the groin sent him crashing down, his pained yelp piercing the air.

The mix of pain and anger reached its peak as Accelerator writhed on the ground, each hit from Great Sage only adding to his torment.

With a flicker of space magic, Great Sage teleported him a few meters above the ground, only to deliver a solid roundhouse kick to his face.

The cries and struggles filled the air as Accelerator hit the ground once more, the relentless beating showing no signs of stopping.

Just when it felt like it would never end, a group of armed men in matching outfits stormed in, bringing an unexpected twist to the situation.

"Number 3 cease your beatings. We are here to recover Number 1." With a commanding tone, the big guy leading stated.

'Mmm, I ain't sure who these men are. But since they know me and are here for Accelerator they should be the scientists working with him.' I then took control of my body before shrugging my shoulders and teleporting out of the area.

Atop a random high-rise building, I thought to myself, 'Next time, that same trick won't work on Accelerator. I need to devise a method that isn't deadly but can still breach his barrier.'

If I wanted to kill him, it would be easy as the Space Rend could easily take him down but I don't have any reason to do so.

Imbuing Space Element to my fingers or spear would also bypass his defense like a hot knife through butter, like how my spear easily wounded Kanzaki, but it would be too fatal.

'A technique to deal with barrier-type users that is not too fatal, huh? Capturing could be done by throwing them into a dimension like Kamui. Mmm, I can't think of anything.' As I gazed around the buildings in my immediate surroundings, a ringing phone then materialized beside me.

'Who?' I asked the Great Sage.

[Notice: The Guide, Move Point.]

'I see, Great Sage, notify me when familiar characters appear inside your range from now on. The one calling should be Aleister, I just don't know what he wanted from me.' After giving out such a command, I took the phone and answered it.

"Yo? Sup? Who's on the line?" I quipped.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am the chairman of the Board of Directors of Academic City. You can refer to me as Aleister Crowley," came the response, laced with a touch of authority and grandeur.

"Well, well, well, aren't you a big shot?" I retorted with a playful chuckle.

"What brings someone of your stature to contact me, my good sir? Hope you're not here to lecture me on proper phone etiquette," I added, keeping the tone light-hearted and jovial, to be in character.

Strong Esper's tend to have personality problems and I am playing the playful happy-go-lucky but easily angered type of guy.

"I'm not one to dwell on trivialities," replied smoothly, the voice carrying an air of authority.

"Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I have a proposition for you. Your ability is commendable, and I am willing to offer you what you desire in exchange for your allegiance. Are you interested in working for me?"

'This… this might turn out really bad or good. Well, I am not staying in the Academic City for long, but I do intend to visit from time to time, being Aleister's piece isn't bad, a lot better than most level 5's working for the other directors. Oh! I got an idea.' After a moment of thinking, my eyes lit up.

"My desires, you say? Aight, bet. I'm game to run errands for the oh-so-great chairman of this fantastic city. But first, could you introduce me to the strongest gemstone? I've heard about his abilities, and honestly, my fight against the so-called Number 1 left me disappointed. If the great chairman could help me set up a date and place to challenge him, then I'm all yours, my man." With a slightly cocky tone, I gave Aleister my reply.

'As long as this motherfucker accepts, I'm done with this mission. Fuck looking for Sogiita, real men get Sogiita looking for them.' With a smirk, I thought of my genius.

"A fight against Number 3 and Number 8, you say? Very well, I can arrange that for you," Aleister replied, his tone measured and calculating.

"However, be aware that I doubt Number 8 will provide the challenge you seek. In a few days' time, I'll have everything set up for you." With that, the call disconnected.

'Heh, a few days, huh? That means I can chill and explore the city a bit in the meantime. What to do, what to do... This is exciting!' I thought, feeling a rush of anticipation.

With my main mission as good as done, my mind began to wander.

The thought of adventuring in an anime world filled me with elation.

Although it's already my second day here, I've been so focused on speeding through my missions that I haven't fully absorbed the reality of being inside a real anime world.

But now, with everything nearly wrapped up, the dream of an anime adventure started to ignite within me.

'First, I need to get some funds and stock up on food. Sure, burgers and junk food aren't healthy, but who cares about that when a few status recovery potions can clear up any issues?' I thought to myself with a chuckle.

'I still haven't seen Misaka yet, only her clone. And I definitely want to see Shokuhou she's my favorite in this series appearance-wise, though she's not exactly waifu material,' I mused, grinning to myself.

With those happy thoughts in mind, I teleported to the Commercial District to procure my funds and kickstart my adventure.