Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Second Shinobi War is just few years away and Kidou got transmigrated in Ninja World with few talents. How will he work out to keep himself safe in the world? Being a Chunin in Twenties, how will Kidou fair with his low IQ? MC isn't genius so he will make stupid mistakes. If you want a MC who is cautious, genius, always makes amazing decision, then this isn't you you. Also, Hmm? I forgot what I was about to write, so anyways. Just read the book and tell me how you feel about this. . . Like always, support me on Patreon and you will get extra chapters in returns, https://www.p@treon.com/Logical_Dot Of course, replace the @ with a.

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Kidou looked at Tsunade as he heard her words and shaking his head, he said, "Then, Teacher Tsunade?"

"Eh? No! No! Just call me Tsunade," Tsunade said as she felt uncomfortable getting called a teacher by her peer and it made her feel old.

"Then, Tsunade, Can you give me the Medical Techniques you have? All of this was written based on what I read in the library and if I have Techniques, I can analyze and create simplified versions, or even develop them." Kidou said as he took out the book related to the Body Flicker Technique.

Reading the book he gave, her expression changed and then she looked at Kidou and saw a shadow of her Granduncle in him.

'No! What am I thinking?'

Shaking her head, Tsunade looked at Kidou and said, "Sure, I will give you later. For now, let's leave! It's already evening and because of me, your time was wasted."

"Hmm?" Kidou said as he looked outside and his expression changed. He also hadn't expected time would pass like this.

"Sure, I will see you tomorrow," Kidou said as he picked up the books and put them in the storage seal, but before he could move, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he heard.

"Where are you going? We are going to celebrate the fact that you have become my assistant."

"Eh? Celebrate?"

"Haha! Come with me," Tsunade said as she held his hand and walked away, making him stunned and he couldn't do anything as her grip was strong. He could only let himself be dragged by her, but when he looked around and saw eyes on him, his expression changed and said, "Tsunade, we are outside."

"Hmm?" Tsunade said as she heard his words, and when she looked around, she understood his meaning. A chuckle escaped her lips and she asked, "What are you embarrassed about?"

"It's not about me but you, don't you know that you have many suitors, I am sure they will come and fight me if they know that you were dragging me away," Kidou said in a joking tone, but he knew that his words were true. Like fangirls, there are many fanboys in the world, and for someone like a woman, who not only is beautiful and exceptional Kunoichi, but even exceptional status, many want to try their luck but they know that they can only admire her from afar.

"Haha! If they come for you, just come to me! I will see who dares to bully my Assistant." Tsunade said in a joking tone, but she also knew that she was serious about her words. His ability was a godsend for Tsunade, and she planned on making complete use of it while giving in return.

A sigh escaped Kidou's lips and he increased his pace a little to not be dragged, but instead walk beside her while she held his hand, and sensing his movements, Tsunade just smiled.

'I didn't think Kidou was like this, if I knew, then I would have gotten to know about him. Maybe then, instead of Pervert, he would have been our teammate? Nah! Sensei wouldn't have chosen two Orochimaru in the team.'

'I am sure Orochimaru would enjoy his company, but I won't be giving Kidou to him. Hmm!'

Tsunade thought as she walked to the tavern where she usually drank and Kidou walked beside her. Just as he had thought, rumours about Tsunade dragging a man spread in the Hospital and they all wondered who he was.

Inside the Tavern, Tsunade ordered drinks but Kidou just took one because he wanted to analyze how it is made.

'With the amount she drinks, if I opened a tavern like this, she would be the one to buy everything.'

Kidou joked inwardly as he thought of her as Sugar Mama and a chuckle escaped his lips.

"Hmm? Why are you chuckling?" Tsunade asked as she had seen the thoughtful look on his face and Kidou shook his head and said, "It's nothing."

"By the way, why do you want to become a Medical Ninja?" Tsunade asked in between and Kidou stopped for a moment and said, "Well, I am afraid."

"Hmm? Afraid?"

"Yeah, Afraid of dying," Kidou said as he took the bottle and gulped everything.

"So, if I can't save anyone by fighting, I want to try to save others by becoming a Medical Ninja."

Tsunade looked at him for a moment and then she nodded.

"Hmm! It isn't a bad reason as everyone is afraid of dying, but Medical Ninjutsu requires a lot of practice and work, are you sure you will be able to learn and save others in time of need?"

"Haha! I wonder, but I do plan on doing my best, if I can save them, it's good, but if I can't..." Kidou didn't speak as he didn't know what he would do if he couldn't save anyone in the process.

Looking at him, Tsunade also thought of what she would do if she couldn't save the ones she wanted to save no matter what, and both of them sighed at the same time.

"It was supposed to be a celebration and we are talking about these matters," Tsunade said with a laugh and Kidou chuckled.

"Well, it happens when two doctors sit around with alcohol," Kidou said with a nostalgic look on his face and then shaking his head, he said, "Well, I think I am done for now, Anymore and I will be drunk."

"Eh? That's it?"

"Yeah," Kidou said as he put the bottle aside and looked at Tsunade who was still drinking. Looking at her bright face, he remembered what he had seen and read in the past and complex emotions appeared on his face as he couldn't relate the two.

'If these worlds were before and Kishimoto dreamed of them, it's good but if they were made by his imagination, and then changed to reality....Hah!'

Kidou sighed not noticing Tsunade staring at him and she had seen the complex emotion in his eyes and she noticed two of them, pity and sympathy.

'Hmm?' Tsunade thought but just as she was about to ask about them, they heard a voice and two men entered the place and sat beside them.

"Tsunade, Why didn't you invite us for drinks?" Jiraiya said as he sat beside her and her mood soured as she heard this.


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