Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Second Shinobi War is just few years away and Kidou got transmigrated in Ninja World with few talents. How will he work out to keep himself safe in the world? Being a Chunin in Twenties, how will Kidou fair with his low IQ? MC isn't genius so he will make stupid mistakes. If you want a MC who is cautious, genius, always makes amazing decision, then this isn't you you. Also, Hmm? I forgot what I was about to write, so anyways. Just read the book and tell me how you feel about this. . . Like always, support me on Patreon and you will get extra chapters in returns, https://www.p@treon.com/Logical_Dot Of course, replace the @ with a.

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Walking in, Kidou looked at the blond-haired woman sitting with papers in her hand and he saw her expression changing as she saw him.

Tsunade looked at the man who entered the room and she recognised him as one of her classmates and wondered why he was there.

"Erm! Is this room where I have to be if I want to join as an Assistant and learn Medical Ninjutsu?" Kidou said without greeting Tsunade or acting, and he acted as if he didn't know her.

This made her expression change, and hearing his words, she looked at him and said, "Yeah, this is the room."

"Then, where are others?" Kidou asked and he understood that nobody except for him was here today and he could use this time to just show his knowledge to Tsunade and become her 'Assistant'.

"Others? No one is here except you. I wasn't expecting someone to come, but who would have thought I would meet an Old classmate today? Kidou, why are you acting like this?"

"Well, it's because I am not here as your classmate but as a person who wants to join and learn Medical Ninjutsu. At the same time, you are also not my classmate, but the judge and interviewer here."

Tsunade looked at Kidou for a moment as she heard this and then she nodded.

"Very Well, if you want to learn Medical Ninjutsu, I will interview you and judge you," Tsunade said and a serious expression appeared on her face. Seeing this, he nodded and took out the notebooks he wrote and gave them to Tsunade.

"What are they?"

"My resume and a few things that will showcase my other ability," Kidou said and Tsunade opened the notebook and saw his details, what he is good at and what he is bad at.

A strange expression appeared on her face as she saw this and looking at the serious expression on his face she suppressed the smile on her face and kept a serious expression.

When she was done with his resume, she kept it at her side and picked a notebook and read the title.

Healing Techniques for Beginners. Reading the title, her expression changed and she started to read what was inside.

Thirty minutes later, she was done reading and instead of talking about him, she picked another notebook and started to read.

Just like before, she was engrossed in reading the book and when it ended, she picked another one.

Hours later, she finally finished the seven books he had brought and her expression changed as she came back to her senses and looked at Kidou who had been in the place.

"Ah! I am sorry, I was so engrossed in the books that I forgot about this,"

"It's okay, I am happy that my books were good enough for you to become engrossed and read them for hours," Kidou said with a smile on his face but seeing his eyes twitching, she knew that he was just saying this for the sake of saying.

"Kidou, What do you think of becoming my Assistant? Even if you don't have talent in practical, your theoretical and analytical ability in this matter surpasses me and I would like to discuss medical-related things with you."

"Hmm? You assistant?" Kidou said with a thoughtful expression on his face and then he said, "If that's what you want,"

"No, I am not ordering you or anything. I can see that you are good at Medical Theories and if your chakra control is as good as you said, then you are qualified to become a Medical Ninja,"

"Being my assistant, we will have more time to spend and I can discuss anything with you in these matters, and it will be easy for me to teach you. Also, you won't have to do mandatory missions as Chunin in the village."

"The reason for this is because I have been working on a method that could help in decreasing casualties among Ninja but unlike you, I don't have much talent in writing and efficiently explaining everything."

"I was originally planning to look for someone, but now that you are here, I will tell you about my plan and what I want to do." Tsunade with a serious expression and Kidou looked at her for a moment and then nodded.

He knew what Tsunade was talking about but he didn't understand why he kept on analyzing Tsunade and her movements, especially the two big mountains on her chest. Even though they weren't legendary 106 at the moment, they were still bigger than many.

"What do you think about my proposal?" Tsunade asked with an excited expression on her face as she talked about her proposal of adding Medical Nin to Four-Man Squad and looking at her excited expression, Kidou analyzed everything and said, "Your proposal is good, too good if I must say, but.."


"There are quite a few problems that you will have to face with resources and Mentality being two," Kidou said and Tsunade looked at him for a moment as she understood his words. She took a notebook and pen and looking at him, she said, "You can speak, I will write and listen to it."

"Hmm, As I said, resources and Mentality are two big problems in the matter. Resources to train Medical Ninja, and mentality of Ninja about Ninjutsu and being Tools."

"Besides them, you also have to worry about the training time as Medical Ninjutsu needs talent in chakra control and a steady mentality."

"Also, it takes time to learn Medical Ninja, and if they only focus on it, they might become a burden to their teammates in many situations, which will be quite harmful to others."

"In the end, Ninjas prefer to learn Ninjutsu as it is 'seen' by others, and destruction can help them in getting 'fame' and what they need."

"All these are the negative things that others will point at you if you will propose this plan to others. If you can solve them, then I don't believe that you will have any problem in implementing this."

Kidou said with a thoughtful look on his face and he saw Tsunade looking at him with an excited expression on her face.

"Hehe! It's not me, it will be us! Now that you have said this, I am 100% sure of my decision and from now on, You are going to be my assistant and help me in solving problems for this place."


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