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Mortal Soul


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Inna is a woman who had a mission. To kill the gods, that was her mission. She had spent the last millenia trying to accomplish this task. Inna is no typical moral, no. She's directly connected to the void. A void-child, if you will. Not many know what that means, but those who do, well, they're scared. Ever wonder what happens when one does accomplish their goal? Because Inna did. She killed almost all of the gods that had somehow pissed her off. She had expected the multiverse to implode, or maybe for everything to stop. Clearly, it didn't. What happens when an adventure ends, and the evil gods are dead? Well, Inna sure as hell doesn't know. Update: 1/7/2023-Writing schedule is chaotic, because work sucks. I also don't know in which direction this novel will entirely go, so it may come across more like a slice of life, though there may be a bit more action scenes than one normally has in those types of stories. PSA: there are large LGBTQ themes in this book, and will run throughout the whole book. If that angers you, then read something else. *Cover is not mine, say something if you want it removed.*


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