MHA: The Sentry

Author: Satus_Null
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What is MHA: The Sentry

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I've never been a guy of much luck. I was born into an ordinary family, lost my parents too early, and lived a life of solitude in a dirty apartment. And then, I died in a way that could only be described as... unusual. But here I am, reborn. Not into a life of luxury, but into an explosion of light and darkness. A second chance, courtesy of God, or some god, I don't know. And what do I do with this second chance? I choose a world full of superheroes and villains. My Hero Academy. Why? Well, why not? God offers me a gift: a power. And I, of course, choose the power of my favorite hero, Sentry from Marvel. Being a superhero in a world of superheroes? Sounds fun. But here I am, falling from the sky like a newborn. What the hell is this? I just hope this new life is more exciting than the last.

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Grammar seems alright for a translation fic, character is too op, you literally wrote yourself into a corner with that nonsense. He has literally all the power in the world, multiverse level, and yet he’s ALMOST following the canon path. He saves Kota’s parents, helps out midoriya by making him smarter, which is fine, but what is the point when you are essentially a god? From the beginning you could’ve already destroyed the villains yourself and changed everything the way you wanted. You talk about changing society’s way but do nothing about it, also your character for some reason likes to act indifferent and edgy to the other characters for no reason, and then you have him killing the villains that pop up at his house. Then you make a clone to portray the role of a villain with no explanation, there’s so many plot holes stacked up on top of each other, it blows my mind. There are villains that have apparently attacked mc several times and they all die, but you have him nerf himself in the fight with muscular for what???? TLDR: Annoyingly OP, still mostly follows canon when the character can literally one shot everything from the beginning. No context in regards to the story progression and ZERO character development, also babysits midoriya for some reason? Nothing makes sense when your character is a multiverse level threat, so anything you write is already obsolete.


First time seeing a story in which the protagonist chose a Marvel power instead of a power from any other Anime. For everyone who writes in fanfiction, we want to see powers but also mixtures of existing powers or new powers created by the authors. And honestly this chosen power was a great decision. Looking forward to the next chapters of the story.


dont drop bro. ! !


I like it! ......................................................................................................................................................................................................


Satus_Null Keep up the good work Can you please do this Mha fanfiction idea right now MHA Harem A Mha fan named Charlie is upset with how izuku midoriya behaved at the start of mha and he was also sympathizing and agreeing with all for one’s plan of tearing down the current hero society and making something better out of the ashes.So He thinks that if he was to be reincarnated it would be as izuku midoriya it would be a 7 months before canon. Unbeknownst to him that would be his last night in his previous world. Harem Inko Midoriya Mitsuki Bakugo Yu Takeyama Nemuri Kayama Tsuyu Asui Momo Yaoyorozu Mina Ashido Kinoko Komori Pony Tsunotori Fuyumi Todoroki Rei Todoroki Uwabami Himiko Toga Shino Sōsaki Ryūko Tsuchikawa


The story is good so far, I don’t really have anything to complain about. The mc doesn’t seem to be a huge hero fan so he won’t just change the future to make the world better. He will let the trouble come to him. So the story will most likely follow canon. He is accurate with the strength of sentry so if you think you are getting a watered down version then you are mistaken. The writing quality and the chapter length are both great and long which is nice. The only problem I have is after ch7 the author said he will be going on a hiatus. I don’t exactly know what that means. A month? A week? A couple of days? A year? Story is dropped? Idk, but I hope the material comes back soon.


Reveal spoiler


A novel with high potential, 2 chapters and you will see how good the execution of the authors towards the person with god power.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Sentry in MHA. That is something else. Good work. Hope that you will not drop this story.


It's Good............. .................... ..... .................................................................... .. ... ................... ... Give it a try


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