Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel

Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history has no interest in offending any party. Having the sole objective of only entertaining the readers. Enjoy~


"Thinking you're no–good and worthless is the worst thing you can do"

– Nobita


Little A.N.: Hello, sorry for the delay.

Let's talk about two things briefly.

First, Is not like I trolled you guys don't giving the X-men part last time. HEHE Is that I decided not cut it in half and just teased it slightly.

I believe is better this way, so I add some extra things in the Middle of the last chapter to make the chapter end in a interesting cliffhanger.

Second, the extra with Wanda is me teasing and testing the waters of the harem progression of this story.

Is non-canon because is passive to alterations.

Many people think in harem and imagine that the MC will put all girls together in a castle or something and let them there.

But no, the guy has literally no limit to what he can do. Sincerely, I can't imagine any man that can travel throught the omniverse, any store with multiversal travel where the guy don't make a harem.

I mean, tehre's stories that don't even has romance. But this is another case.

There's also the common sense of the world where he visits. If he go to DXD, he can literally in one travel and one swop catch them all like pokemon. The morals of the world allows it.

Is this gonna be shown in this story? No.

Even if I said that the MC will eventually have unlimited girls, that doesn't mean you guys will see it.

So don't worry about limits.

Put himself in his shoes

MC- "I'm sorry (Insert your waifu name here)but I can't accept your feelings for me even if you're completely fine in sharing me with other women, and I'm the one that brought your here, and you love me unconditionally. Sorry, But I set the limit to 17 girls."

"What? You don't see yourself with any other guy and will remain alone Forever if I don't accept you? Well, not my problem."

See? Sucks, huh?

Limits are weird to the guy that has the omniverse at his fingertips.

By the way, I was thinking in practicing writing smut, writing side stories about Hector in the future in vacation worlds.

What do you guys think about that? Little snippets...

Now, to the story.



Recap: After making some plans to the future and manage his summons, Eidolon finally visits the X-men mansion.


Eidolon P.O.V.

After leaving Callisto, I and my two side kicks arrive in the airspace of Xavier's mansion.

Making a platform in the air, I observe things a little before announcing my arrival. Mikhail continues by my side a little nervous. Cassandra decides to go into my mantle. Is it her favorite place now? Or she is just shy?

I look at the mansion... A large expanse of land. Xavier's parents were loaded. I use my visual powers to check everything...

Everyone is here. Good timing. Hm? Why the girls are in yoga pants?

Is this my Yuuki Rito's luck acting so that the moment that I visited I will be graced with such a sight? Thanks, I guess...

But I have to say, "Comic Book Pretty" really makes wonders in this world.

Oh... A bunch of cameras... Hmm. I see

Thanks to my special/super senses I can see the camera activities.

Similar to Superman, I can see through the electromagnetic spectrum. I can see radio/television waves and broadcasted/transmitted frequencies. In this way that he avoids satellites by the way.

My vision is not a good of the "DC Main Character", but is still pretty good.

'Cortana...' I say in my mind.

'The cameras are broadcasting to three different places, Master. Should I investigate deeper?' My A.I. companion asks

'No... Let's not underestimate the technology of these people. Even if they can't counter you, they can still notice you.' I answer.

My metaknowledge is a good advantage.

Let's say, for example, I can bet 100 gacha points that one of the people spying on the X-men mansion is Mr. Sinister.

To the people who know, he is an annoying villain. Tremendously capable and cautious. A guy that is hard to kill because he has no qualms in cloning himself and controlling his clones remotely, or even transferring his mind to another body if he dies.

Something that I would do too.

Is annoying to see the similarities between myself and the villains sometimes.

So, back to the focus, the number of people that know about him in this day and age could probably be counted on one hand.

I only know about him because of my meta-knowledge. If he suspects that I know that he exists, he will probably hole himself up, making it hard for me to catch him.

Actions have risks. He will not act if he thinks he will be discovered/caught. The same principle works with me, I will not act against these guys if I'm not sure that I end them completely.

If I fail, will become harder to deal with them. This is not a game where I can load my last save and try again.

Sinister, Sublime, Trask, Pierce(the two of them: Donald and Alexander). When I act against them, I don't want them to come back like this is a comic or a movie.

I watch the X-mansion with my many visual powers again to make sure. Yep, there only cameras. No bombs or traps...

I analyze the layout, residents and other things. 'Cortana... Record everything.' I instruct

'Already doing it, Master.' Is her reply.

Looking from above I confirm that the X-men are really in the initials stage of formation. There are only five adults in the whole facility.

Colossus is only 19 years old, Storm is in her middle twenties, Beast and Xavier are in their thirties and forties respectively. And Wolverine... Is really old.

After this, everyone is a minor. But in three to four years the "first generation" X-Men will all become adults.

This is another analyze of mine, observing the age of the people here, the progression of things... I think in four years this world will be like in the comics where supers are common as cabbage.

I need to prepare. Too many people is always trouble.

By the way, my investigations into Charles Xavier showed that he also has been in contact with other adult metas, like Forge and Darwin. So is safe to say that Xavier people are much more than the ones here.

I even searched for Sage. But I couldn't find her, because I never knew her real name and she has no distinct features. Her powers are nice but are not something I would die for now.

I decide to go finally go down and knock on the door.

But there are some kids playing nearby, I planned to just wave at them and continue to the mansion, but they have different plans.

They stopped me and Mikhail and with amazement on their face started asking all sorts of questions. Well, one of them at least, the extrovert one, the rest are too shy to say something and just keep staring at me.

"Are you Eidolon?" The kid asks the obvious, this one has brown tree-like skin.

I jokingly look at my hands "I think I am." They giggle, and then the barrage of questions starts for real.

I answer the best I could. Mikhail at my side looks constipated, still nervous about meeting his siblings.

Imitating Metroman I decide to juggle the kids, obviously taking care to not hurt them. But they are having fun so is not a problem.

Megamind is a potential world to visit, but the powers there are inherited from their alien races and the technology is not a priority.

Obviously, I'm still curious about the true power level of Metroman. The guy literally lived a whole day in less than a second, this makes him have relativistic level speed and reaction time.

And that is fucking bullshit. This is Silver Age level Superman bullshit. When the man of steel used to fly around the world to revert time, sneeze entire solar system out of existence, and created "super" powers every other day.

Is like Saitama... "Being Strong as much the plot needs".

One day when I have biokinesis I would go there to try to take their physiology to myself and see if Metroman is a joke character or not.

I also am not in hurry to go to the mansion, because someone will come at me first. Some seconds ago I felt a wave of mental power wash over the place we are.

Jean... I could have evaded it, but she probably recognized my "mental wavelength" and is convenient that she takes me to the mansion.

I can feel the four girls approaching. I don't remember them being close friends canonically. Kitty and Rogue, okay. But Jean was always with Scott, right? And Jubilee with Logan, like his sidekick.

Seeing Jean appear from behind a living wall, I continue to juggle the laughing children while greeting her.

"Long time no see..." The others appear too, following Jean.

Hm? Is Jean a little different? The other are very surprised in seeing me, but Rogue... Wait...

How? How?? Her heartbeat is increasing, her cheeks are gaining color... Sometimes I think my super-senses are almost an invasion of privacy.

But serious... I have a 2-minute contact with her. Is she that much lacking in love? Or this is some sort of hero worship?

I'm starting to think that Mr. Sinister is manipulating her too, like Scott, to her to like me and we make a baby.

A meta that can absorb powers and physiologies is a scary prospect. Like me, but with Osmosian powers from Ben 10 too. Hm~ I want an Osmosian card...

"Eidolon!" Jean exclaims, making me focus on her again. There's really something different about her... My paranoid mind goes to dark places and imagines that Xavier did something...

But maybe not. She looks... better, I think.

I put the children down while they protest and make sad noises.

She advances with a smile and goes for a hug, our evening together made us somewhat friends, but she is acting very friendly and outgoing.

But she doesn't look in love with me or anything.

I only inclined myself a little, while keeping my hands at my side.

"So you finally visited?" She asks after kissing my cheek.

"Well, I would visit earlier... But I have a bit of an unforeseen circumstance to deal... An alien invasion. Do you believe it?" I say acting like is no big deal

She giggles "I think you are the only guy that can use this as an excuse and be true."

"Not true. This is becoming very common... These outlandish excuses, I mean. Another day I stumble into a wife trying to explain to his husband that she cheated because she was under mind control." I say. And it's true. There's also that guy that stole a vehicle from the company where he works and said that was destroyed in a battle of Spider-man vs Rhino.

Her eyes widen and the laughs while convering her mouth. She is pretty when she laughs carefree like that... Oops~ Down, Hector. Bad Hector. Don't even start it.

In my defense, she is very close and using yoga pants. Can you blame me?

I turn to the other three girls, they're approaching too. But acting more reserved when compared with Jean.

"Nice to see you two again." I nod to Kitty and Rogue "Tentakitty and Rough Rogue, right?" I tease a little remembering their roasting each other during our "fight".

Kitty that was going to say something almost chokes and Rogue's face goes to compete with Jean's hair to see what is redder.

"Seriously? Is this what you remember??" Kitty exclaims exasperated.

"Well, it made an impression..." I say and watch Rogue cover her face while muttering to Kitty to kill her fast.

"Rogue... Girls pact. Never talk embarrassing stuff in front of others. Deal?" Kitty extends her hand to Rogue

"Deal." Rogue replies and the two do a strange secret handshake.

I turn thefourthh member of this group. Jubilee... Famous in the X-men 90s cartoon. She has Asian features... Hm? I'm meeting a lot of asian girls recently.

"We haven't been introduced." I say to her.

"You act like you don't know her. Or everyone else in the mansion..." Jean says at my side while rolling her eyes.

"Excuse me...?" I act offended "You say like I'm some sort of paranoid guy that investigates everyone's background. Is this what you think that of me?"

"Yes." She says making her voice deeper and a deadpan face. She... She is imitating me.

I can't resist letting out a chuckle "Okay. You're right. Did your telepathic powers evolve enough that you can finally surpass my defenses and enter my mind, Ms. Grey?" I ask jokingly

She stops her giggling to make the deadpan face again "Maybe" She answers exaggeratedly deep again. Her mouth twitched a little, holding a laugh.

"Woman... These 'Yes' and 'Maybe' are trademarked. You can't use it against me." The cheeky of this woman, using my vague answers like that.

We two laugh a little, but feeling a negative emotional feedback in Rogue's direction I decided to change the focus of the conversation.

"Jubilation Lee... A pleasure." I extend my hand at her. The tacit confession that I indeed know about her makes Jean rolls her eyesagainn, exasperated.

"Yikes! Call me Jubilee." The Asian meta says while shaking my hand "So, international Superhero, what brings you into our humble school?" She asks the main question


Later, the six of us(seven if counting Cassandra in my mantle) walk to the mansion entrance.

I said to them that I have business with Xavier and come to check on Jean too like I promised last time.

I don't reveal too much, because is a personal thing for Jean. I don't know how much she told the people here. But my words made the mood a little awkward.

I will not act like I don't know the why. Rogue must have a thing for me, and it looks like I and Jean are... very close and compatible. From an outside point of view.

Jean said that she sent a telepathic message to the professor and we start walking slowly while talking.

The girls, Kitty and Jubilee mostly, asking a bunching of questions.

"That Purple Oni Samurai that appeared recently... Is she one of yours?" Kitty asks about Saeko

"Yes..." I answer. From my peripheral vision I see Jean holding a laugh again.

Okay. Maybe I have a problem in answering too little.

"Do you have people in, like, all around the world?" Kitty continues.

"Yes." This time Jean laughs at loud.

Okay. Is not my fault, but vague answers are the best. Things will change in the future. I will have even more people and I can't say that most of them now are spies.

I decided to continue my explanation "Even if I act more in America and Europe, yes, I have people around the world."

"Why didn't they help in the Invasion?" Jubilee asks.

Why didn't you help? I would be a asshole to say it.

A good question of her part nonetheless. Because they didn't exist back then.

But I can't answer this. See why vague answers are good?

"Not all of them want. Or are combatants." I say shrugging my shoulders "I said in the interview. Our help is not always appreciated. I can't force them to expose themselves." I say.

Seeing their pensive expressions I continue "And is not needed, really. The Invasion was a piece of cake. Is better to let them stay anonymous for now. Who knows what type of enemies will appear in the future, right? Better to have Trump cards."

"Is the Invasion a piece of cake??" Jubilee asks a little incredulously

Yep, I successfully changed the focus.

"Yes..." Look at me going again "The Chitauri army is very, very weak when compared with others out there. The words 'weakest army in the galaxy' is not an exaggeration. They're really pathetic." I say to their surprised faces.

"Obviously, when compared with the armies that fights these interplanetary battles" I add "If Thor was not mind controlled we would have ended that battle in 12 seconds." I say

Jean looks at me a little " Because of this you don't like these types of powers, huh?"

"Well, is the type of power that I less like. It makes things annoyingly complicated." I say with a shrug

We finally reached the mansion. And I'm not surprised in seeing the line up waiting for us.

"So... Should I be thankful for the welcoming party or be prepared tfora fight?" I whisper jokingly to them, making the girls laugh "Spoiler alert: I will win." I complete

I look at the people waiting.

If I need to organize them, I would separate them into three groups. The adults, the main group of X-men students and the secondary group of X-men students.

The adults are the five that I said earlier.

The main X-men group are the ones above 15 years old, but not adults yet.

Jean, Kitty, Rogue and Jubilee are part of this group.

Them, there's Scott, Spyke, Kurt. The ones I met last time. But there's also Robert Drake(Iceman), Warren(Angel), Ellie and Yukio. Together with the adults, they're the first Generation X-men.

Then there's the secondary X-men Team. Younger people with ages between twelve and fourteen.

I recognize most of them from movies and cartoons, some are obscure characters from the comics.

Sean Cassidy, the Banshee, is a blonde skinny teenager with middle length hair. His power is to create sonic waves with his voice. He can use it as propulsion to fly using that suit with wings.

Samuel Guthrie, the Cannonball, is another blonde guy, but with shorter hair. His power is Thermo-Chemical Energy Field Propulsion, sounds cool... But is literally a hot powerful fart. His lower body became a turbine.

Interesting to note is that the Guthrie Family is full of metas. The children are all here.

Melody and Joshua Guthrie are part of this secondary X-men group. The two had brown hair. The boy is called Icarus and obviously, he has bird-like wings like Warren. The girl can fly without help, but only this.

The other sister is much more interesting... Paige Guthrie, Husk, has a power similar to of Darwin. She can adapt to extreme situations. She literally sheds her skin, changing her body to the best response to the situation.

The others: Elizabeth, Joelle, Lewis, Cissie and Jebediah are younger. Kids... And they are only residents of the mansion.

Tabitha Smith, Boom Boom, is a blonde girl with a punk style. I remember her in X-men:Evolution. She can create energy bombs and I think she defected to the brotherhood at some point.

Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane, is a lycanthrope. Very petite with short brown hair. I remember that she dies in the comics victim of a lynching. Well, is not happening in my universe

There's the "Logia users" Sooraya Qadir and Cessily Kincaid. The first is a arab girl wearing a black jilbab and the other is a redhead that can turn into metal. Crocodile and T-1000. Nice powers...

And I was surprised to know that Scott's brother is here. Alexander Summers, Havok, is the middle of the Summers child. Power: Concussive energy projection, but from him, the thing is shot from his chest.

I thought that he was a villain inittially. Good for you guys that is not the case here.

But my worry is with the youngest of the Summers.

And then there are two Brazilians here. Representativity! Woohoo. Anyway...

Why did the two have powers with fire? Well... Brazil. Is hot and has florests.

But seriously, jokes aside, that is the image of Brazil to the world. In DC there's aBrazilliann meta too. And try to guess her power... One try.

Yes, Fire. Green fire to be exact. She is hot at least. No pun intended.

Like Scandal Savage, the daughter of Vandal Save that is Brazillian too. Ah! And we can't forget about the new Wonderwoman... Hehe.

From Amazon. Haah~ I will not even say anything.

Well, back to this universe. Amara Aquilla, Magma, and Roberto da Costa, Sunspot, have similar powers.

Amara is the love child of Akainu and Whitebeard, yikes with this mental image, but her powers are turning herself in Magma and do earthquakes controlling the tectonic plates. In the X-men: Evolution she has dark skin and dark hair. Here, she follows the comics in being a boring blonde.

An interesting fact is that she is from New Rome, a hidden city in Amazon that is controlled by Selene Galio. Maybe she is a spy.

Roberto da Costa is a black Human Torch that can't fly, for now. But he can absorb heat and fire, so I think he probably would win against Human torch in a fight.

The last two of this secondary group are interesting too... Hm?

While we are finally some steps away from the X-Men something happens.

I look to the sky. It's darkening and... I see.

"Interesting..." I say while looking at the native american girl of the secondary group.


Kitty Pryde P.O.V.

Whoa. Eidolon is really here. Is he taller than last time, or is just my impression?

Last time he was completely covered by his mantle, hood and everything. So we have seen very little of the man himself.

Not even Jean has seen his face before the Invasion, but she seems to trust him for some reason. I mean, if he wanted he could've hurt us.

And if we had doubts that he is not a bad guy, the Invasion and his actions later pretty much confirmed that he is not a villain.

Now, I'm a little worried about Rogue. Her mind tends to go in the darkest direction possible. Seeing Eidolon and Jean interact, as Jubilee said, giving couplely vibes, for some weird reason, because they interacted for one evening.

Seriously, what they talked about? Now I'm curious.

I'm feeling the chemistry from here. Poor Scott...

Poor Rogue. I hope she calms down and doesn't create resentment from anything. They're simply good friends.

If she thinks about it carefully, they just hit off. And is not hard to hit off with Eidolon, I'm noticing.

Even if sometimes he gives vague answers, he is nice.

I asked a lot of questions to change the subject and make Rogue focus in other things. I'm surprised that there's another huge group, beyond us and the brotherhood.

Even more surprised is that the Professor and Magneto never noticed them.

This guy is really discreet.

When we are approaching the rest of the people iatthe entrance of the mansion, something weird happened.

Is like the world is ending. Started with weak and weird winds that grew strong. The sky darkening. A distant sound.

Are we being attacked?

Well, what bad timing from the enemy.

"Interesting..." I hear Eidolon's voice at my side. He is looking at the sky.

Everyone looks up too. There are figures in the sky, is not possible to distinguish them. But they're giants made of shadows. The eyes that shone in different colors are the main distinguish feature.

But looking with attention is possible to notice other differences.

One of them has glowing purple eyes, one is just a mass of darkness, there some that are red, another one white, one looks like a woman with a crown that shines in different colors, a bird made of fire and many other strange figures.

Most of them are humanoid, or close to this.

Everyone is already on high alert and preparing themselves to a battle.

"Hmpf." I hear Eidolon snort and an invisible wave is emitted from his body. Is this some sort of mental power?

With him at the center, the darkness is dispersed and the sky starts clearing.

"A very interesting power, Ms. Moonstar." Eidolon says looking at Danielle that is between Sooraya and Cessily. She is holding her head, looking uncomfortable.

Oh... Aaaah. Is it her power that did that? Danielle, also known as Mirage, can create very realistic illusions of people fears. The illusion can even interact with the real world to some extent.

So everything was... I look at Eidolon. That ending of the world scenario was his fears?

He is not looking at Daniele at the moment. His eyes are fixed on the retreating darkness. Right there, something refuses to go away.

A figure, very small when compared with those giants from before. But... But that thing makes me feel really uncomfortable for some reason. I feel like my body and powers are getting out of control. I'm even trembling uncontrollably.

I shakily look around and notice everyone in the same situation.

The figure looks like is made of darkness and is flickering in and out of existence. A male figure with normal height, red shining eyes and a white smiling mouth,its looks like his hair are tendrils that are moving erratically in all directions by the wind.

What is that thing?

Eidolon points to the figure and disperses it like all the others, and the world finally goes back to normal.

I, and many others, release a breath that I don't know I was holding.

Eidolon's head turns to the group again.

Well, this is awkward.

I can feel the heavy mood...

"Are you two okay?" Eidolon asks concerned

Two? I look at the group and notice, that beyond Danielle clutching her head, David is bleeding from his nose, eyes and ears. Was he attacked? I haven't seen it...

Wait... Maybe...

David Alleyne, also known as Prodigy, has an interesting power. He can copy people's expertise. Only work with people nearby of him, but he has copied Logan's battle experience, my computer skills, Dr. McCoy's knowledge of science.

Well, these things wear off if the person that he copying goes away from him. So he is not taht overpowered.

So... Did he... Try to copy Eidolon's skills?

"Did you copy Eidolon's skills, David?" Jean asks before me with a frown in her face.

The 12-year-old boy looks ashamed and nods.

"There's no harm." Eidolon raises his hand to Jean and then advances a little to stroke David's hair, his hand shines a little, I think he is healing David. "I'm flattered that you want to be like me, really." Eidolon say and is possible to hear the smile in his voice

"Wait... So he get hurt because he copied you? Like... An overload or something? How? This never happened before, right?" I can't help but ask and I look around for confirmation

Eidolon looks at me "Let's say that I'm a little overqualified..." Then he looks at David again "This is a nice power that you get there, and you're still young. In the future, you will probably be able to keep the things you absorb from others. Maybe even what you absorbed from me today was saved as untapped potential. Use it for good, okay? To defend people." Eidolon says huffing David's hair again.

The kid nods vigorously with shining eyes and a smile.

Ugh. Eidolon is really cool.

"A word of advice though..." Eidolon continues "Too much of anything can be bad... Train your body and mind so that you can use your power well and that you didn't suffer. And not use your power so lightly. I know a guy, he is called Taskmaster, he is not even a meta but he can mimic anything that someone does only seeing once..."

"... a genius in his own way. But his talent has a price, as the more he duplicates the skills of other people like martial arts and gymnastics he loses something else because his mind can't store everything. I call this 'lack of memory', like a computer. So his body, out of his control, started erasing things... Like memories from childhood, the face of loved ones and other important things."

Damn, that sounds horrible.

"No power is worth this price. You're meta, unlike him, andmaybeb you won't have this problem, but be careful, okay?" Eidolon asks and David nods seriously

This remember me of when Eidolon in his interview said that every power has a price. Did the universe already claim my price? Or I will suffer in the future?

"Taskmaster... I met this guy once. So this was his thing, huh? Makes sense now..." Logan's gruff voice is heard and I turn to him to see him scratching his beard.

Seriously, Logan has too many stories to count. And is always something about him killing something or something trying to kill him.

"Wait... Are we forgetting about that whole day turning night scenario?? What was those things??" Paige asks exasperated.

I look at Eidolon.

"Is just my fears manifested by Ms. Moonstar's power..." Eidolon confirms what most of us think. He looks nonchalantly.

"Your... fears?" Jean looks at him preoccupied

He looks at her and shakes his head "Just some universe-ending threats... Is more of a worry, really... Would be hard to keep people safe even if I win. And would be hard to win..." He comments

"Threats?" Ororo asks

"Cosmic horrors, demons, dimensional entities... These things." He says and I am surprised at how nonchalantly he talk about these things. C'mon man... But he acting nonchalant, calms me. I have to admit.

"And that last one? The small one?" I ask. That one looked different. It was not like the others... Giants visions in the sky.

"..." Eidolon doesn't answer immediately. Is this personal? Now I'm feeling bad for asking "It's me." He finally says


Almost everyone turns to look at him surprised.

"You?" Jean is the one that digs deeps into it

Eidolon shrugs again "Just my worry about going crazy, being controlled or going to the dark side..." he admits and says the last part joking, some of us can't help but laugh. This guy really can control the mood "Thankfully Ms. Moonstar power was not at the Omega-level, so all the images have not even a fraction of the real thing's true power."

Jean still looks at him worried, but at this moment the Professor advances

"I think I owe you an apology, Eidolon. This is not the first impression that I hope to make..." He said

Eidolon raises his hand to stop the Professor. "It's okay. Really is. Incidents like these can be really common in the Meta Community, I can't think less of you all because of an uncontrollable circumstance. And how is Ms. Moonstar?" He said magnanimously before turning to Danielle that is still on the ground taking deep breaths

"She has nor evident problems... But show signs of exhaustion and heavy fatigue." Dr. McCoy says from Danielle's side.

I can see Danielle mouthing something, but she is saying it too low for me to hear.

What doesn't look like a problem to Eidolon, because he answers her "It's okay, you don't do it on purpose. And is not like these fears are some deep personal trauma, only a preoccupation that sometimes keeps me awake at night." He then chuckles before continuing "And I dealt with them easily, maybe I should thank you for the free therapy." Despite the situation Danielle smile

Tch. This guy is too smooth. The Gap Moe is strong in this one... Looking all dark and being a nice guy.

He extends his hand to the Professor "We finally met, Professor. I read your articles 'Children: Nature vs Nurture' and 'Influence of the X-gene in the development of pre-adolescents, I personally call it meta gene though." Eidolon says chuckling "You too, Dr. McCoy, your study about that new rocket fuel would accelerate spatial exploration in a hundred years. Too bad you have to cut contact with the world." Eidolon says regretfully


The Professor and DR. McCoy look pleased with Eidolon and the Professor says "Let me present everyone, Eidolon. They're most excited to meet you."

He greets everyone normally. But at Scott's time he says something different.

"it appears that we started on the wrong foot last time. I had my reasons, I can understand yours too... As time proved, I had no bad intentions, so I hope you all" he says gesturing to the people of the fight last time, including me and the girls "...can forgive me and we can let bygones be bygones." He extends his hand to Scott

Oh... He is being the big man here, Scott. What're you gonna do?

Scott nods a little stiffly but takes the offered hand. With an "Okay" he nods and shakes Eidolon's hand.

"Well, you didn't need to hit us so hard..." I joke while elbowing the black-clad hero.

He looks at me with the eyes smiling "Well, I have my reasons to keep secrets at that time. And I can't go easy on you guys, maybe I would lose." He says.

Pfft. Okay, you say this lie and I pretend that I believe. Even Jean rolled her eyes at this.

"Good that any lingering grievance has been solved." The Professor says with a smile "But I ask myself if you have any deep reason to visit, Eidolon. If you want to see around, you're more than welcome."

"Well, there are some reasons for me to come, yes. I promised Jean to visit, but this can wait. I want to talk with you Professor, and ask for some things. But first..." Eidolon turns around "You guys must know Mikhail, Piotr's brother." He says gesturing to the silent man.

Yep, we know him. We had a little of... problem with him in the past. He is taller than Piotr with a low ponytail.

"He wants to talk with his siblings." Eidolon continues. The mood becomes a little awkward. The two brothers stare at each other without any of them saying anything.

Eidolon decides to end this situation "Before you two talk, I need to say something. He told me about the last encounter between you two... Let's say that he is not that man anymore, there are circumstances for that. I will not enter in details because is not my place to say. But let him explain himself, I can vouch for him." Eidolon says firmly

Well, if the man is saying...

At this moment, a little blonde girl come runnig to us. Most of the kids, below 10 years old is watching us from afar, curious about Eidolon.

But like feeling that is about her brothers, Illyana Rasputin comes and hugs Piotr's leg while cautiously looking at her eldest brother.

Uh... This is somewhat of a mistake on our part. Illyana is just a small girl of 5 years old. She doesn't have power, but Piotr was her last living relative(They thought that Mikhail was dead), so she lives here.

She shouldn't look at Mikhail like that, but after the fight with Mikhail in the past, some of us let it slip and she heard it... So in her mind, her eldest brother is a "bad guy that hurt her other brother".

And she also hasn't many memories of her eldest brother, she was a little more than a baby when Mikhail was an astronaut and presumably died.

"Hello there, you must be Illyana." Eidolon says with his eyes smiling "Your brother told me about you. He didn't lie when he said that you're cute." He says.

Illyana smiles slightly but still didn't let go of Piotr's pants.

"Is my brother your friend?" She asks while looking between Eidolon and Mikhail.

"You could say so. He helps me greatly." Eidolon says "In some cultures is natural to give gifts to younger relatives of friends when you meet them, you know? There's something that you like? I can get it for you."

Oh! So much power! Ask for world domination Illyana!

"Plushies..." Ylliana answers uncertainly.

"I see..." Eidolon's hands move under his mantle a little before emerging from the two front slits.

He is holding three plushies. They are like a foot each and look like chibi versions of Eidolon, Mikhail and Piotr.

Cute~ I want the Eidolon and Piotr one.

"Here" He gives to her.

She smiles broadly while accepting the gifts, she then turns to Piotr and shows him "Look, it's you!"

The big man smiles and nods "Yes. What we say...?" He nudges

She turns to Eidolon again "Thank you!" He simply pats her head.

Ugh, this guy can also give fatherly vibes too? I can almost hear Rogue ovulating beside me.

I decide to be shameless "Hey, do you have more of these? I haven't seen them for sale." I say to him, acting overly friendly.

He chuckles "Let's say that they're unique because I made them myself. want an Eidolon too?" He teases while taking another chibi Eidolon from below his mantle. Cute... With mantle and everything.

"Yes." I don't even hesitate and snatch from his hand. This is a collector item. Will sell for a lot in the future. Hehe. "Thank you." I at least have good manners

"Wait..." I hear Jean's voice. Did she want one too? "You say that you made it, but Illyana only asked it now... And you gave her of her brothers too... How?"

Good question.

"Do you have a lot of plushies of all the heroes?" Jubilee asks

He chuckles again and shakes his head. "No, I made it now. Is a power of mine..." He says vaguely.

"Do you have the power to make plushies?" Jubilee asks incredulously. This is a very specific power...

He only laughs and takes another plushie from under his mantle and gives it to Jubilee. But this time is a chibi Jubilee! With a yellow coat and pink glasses and everything!

"Wow!" She exclaims "Thanks. And this is a weird power to have by the way." She adds, making him shrug his shoulders.

"Not my weirdest power, you know? I have one that is literally healing people by kissing them..." He says.

! Well, well... should I punch Rogue in the mouth now or what?

"Eidolon, my neck is all stiff because of how I slept~" Paige says shamelessly. Her brother can only sigh exasperatedly while closing his eyes.

"Is that so?" Eidolon asks while advancing. Wait, wait! Is he really gonna do it?

When he finally reaches Paige, she gulps loudly in anticipation but Eidolon simply raises his hand to touch her shoulder.

A second later he retrieve it "Done. Should be better now." He said and goes back to his previous place "I have a lot of superfluos power..." He says

Pfft. I should've known... Look at Paige's face. Hehe. You're too forward woman, and now I'm sure... Eidolon is a troll.

He likes to mess with people a little.

I watch Eidolon offers Jean and Rogue plushies too. Two for each. One of him and one of them.

He also gives his chibi version to Jubilee and my own plushie to me.

Heh. Cool.

Piotr and Mikhail goes to talk privately in the Garden. Ororo holds Illyana for now.

Eidolon talks a little with the Professor.

"...is not any big secret, there's no need to talk privately." I hear Eidolon say after I pay attention. I think they're discussing where they can have a talk.

"So follow me to my office, Eidolon. Hank, Logan... Come with us. Ororo can you watch the kids?" The Professor says and she nods.

Oh, they will be talk privately. Too bad. Well, we can wait for him.

Watching Ororo move away and then the rest of the adults, I turn to Rogue.

"Look, he has better self-control than you.." I say. She looks at me confused. "He hadn't looked at Ororo retreating booty." I smirk at her, making her blush.

Then we follow them, at least we can go to them till the Professor's office.


Eidolon P.O.V.

Is interesting Interact with these guys.

In my past life, these are the people that I looked up to as a kid. Wanting to be like them, have their powers, playing as being them. Heh.

Now, I'm the bigshot here. And most of them looks up to me.

Is a strange feeling.

As we passed through the entrance, I think about how these people looked like their comic versions. Like... Xavier doesn't look much like Patrick Stewart even if all bald heads look a little the same.

Logan looks like Hugh Jackman a little, but... He is small. Hehe. The six feet tall Hugh Jackman can make us forget that Logan is 5'3".

Ororo is a little similar to Halle Berry but even more beautiful and more... curvier.

Even being young she has almost a milf body... Is this a perk of her connection with Gaia? The milf of the milfs...

At the entrance hall of the mansion, Kitty pokes my shoulder. "Hm?"

"You can hang your mantle here?" She says pointing to the coat hanger.

"..." I look at her and she looks at me.


I shake my head slightly, I know her intentions, but goes to take off my mantle nonetheless...

But first, I use my right arm to open my mantle and Cassandra gets out of it.

"Meet Shadow... My sidekick, if you want to say that." I present her to them.

"..." Like always she says nothing and just stands there.

"Hi, I'm Kitty. Nice to meet you." Kitty, the most outgoing of these people extends her hand.

"..." Cassandra hesitates a little before shaking the extended hand, but says nothing.

"She doesn't say much. Don't think she is rude, please. She had... a troubled childhood." I explain.

They nod in understanding

"Many of us can relate." Jean says.

"Yep, we can accept some eccentricity." Jubilee says.

Yep, they're nice people.

I then remove my mantle and hang it. "Wait here, Shadow. Can I trouble you guys to take care of her?" I say to them

They didn't say anything for a while

"Oh!... Absolutely. Nice body by the way." Kitty winks at me and gives taps on my back.

This is what she is looking for.

Well, is natural to be looked at, I'm using a tight suit after all. And she is doing it mostly as a joke anyway.

"Your suit looks a little different from last time..." Jean comments.

"Ah, yes. My designer changed it a little." I comment while Looking at myself.

Basically, Edna just drew better white lines in my suit, but the difference is notable. My body looks even more aesthetic. "Less is more, Darling" She said at that time.

"You really have a designer to hero clothing?" Kitty asks

"Yes. You guys not?"

"Nope, Dr. McCoy did that, and we mostly chose the color and other things." Kitty answers

"I have noticed that the clothes of our plushiesares different..." Jubilee comments. Well, is because I made it with the suit of you guys that I think is cooler.

"I could take you guys to her one day. She would love to do something to you all." I say.

"That would be cool." Kitty exclaims.

And now I say my temporary goodbye and follow Xavier, Hank and Logan.

Leaving Cassandra behind, I hope she socializes a little with girls at her age.

Now, about the man in the wheels... I'm only half surprised that he didn't try to enter in my mind at the first greeting. The fanfics lied to me again... Or maybe he knows better than try.

I had an entire scenario where I would flip people's opinions of him after he mess up. Tch.

Well, keeping things civil is good too.

Entering in the man offices, we sit in around a little table in the middle of it.

Xavier positions his wheelchair between the two couchs where I sit alone and Hank sits opposed to me.

Logan simply goes to lean in a wall a little off my field of view.

A good position to attack me, but I don't care.

"So Eidolon, we can talk calmly now. Tea? Or another thing?" Xavier says

"No need. Thank you. I will be direct, Xavier. All of us are busy individuals, no doubt..." I start, making him nod. "Three things. There are three things that I want to ask you. You can refuse everything, I will not be offended."

"Very well... If is in my power..." He says smoothly.

"Well, to start... I would like to propose a technological exchange." I say

"Exchange?" This perk up Hank.

Sincerely, this first thing is only a distraction. I doub that they will accept.

"Yep. Nowadays, world-class genius have become common." I chuckle with Hank "But is hard to come byat good world-class genius. And we have similar objectives, even if we tread different paths." I say to nods

"So we would research together? Or do you want something specific?" Hank asks

"Well, this deal would consist in us sharing things that we discovered concerning the metas. As I said, we are busy people. Would be hard to meet often. And about something that I want... I want the schematics to the Cerebro." I say making the raise their eyebrows

"Like I say you all can refuse if is a sensitive thing. In truth, I have my own Cerebro in production. Stole the idea from you guys, but start doing it in my own, alone... So probably should be different in some things. Would be nice an Exchange to compare our creations." I say.

And I not even lying. I really started making a Cerebro. But I don't put it forward because I wanted to check the Cerebro from here first.

In the BNHA/MHA world, the prison Tartarus scanned and read the brain wavelengths of the most dangerous inmates to see if they use their power and neutralize them at first notice.

My Cerebro follow a similar principle, and I believe that the one of X-mansion too, is a global scanning of the brainwaves of the metas to see when the powers are being used and locate them.

"There are other things that I can share too, like medic bays or hard-light constructs research. Jean told me that you guys used it on the Danger Room, but appears to be a little behind mine." I say. Medical research is not even a problem if is to save lives.

And if Elixir joins the X-Men, will become obsolete anyway.

I stopped talking and wait. Xavier and Hank exchanged looks, and are probably talking telepathically. Xavier is good at hiding his traces of telepathic activity.

Sincerely, I don't care what they say. They probably will deny it with flowery words.

"Eidolon... I'm sorry that I can't give you an answer now. I and Hank will discuss it later." He said.

Called it. The Cerebro is like their greatest weapon.

And there's that thing about maintaining "saved" metas minds to resurrect them later, that I saw in the most recent X-men comics in my former life.

Is this what I truly want.

And I already scanned the Cerebro earlier while I'm flying above the mansion. Sorry, but not sorry.

You guys probably haven't made that "save" thing yet, but if I see you starting point I can get there eventually on my own.

"No problem. As I said, I will not be offended. Answer, do not answer, answer in some years... I really will not be offended." I say politically

"Good... And what about the other things?" Xavier says

"The second thing is divided into two parts... And is about the students here." I raise two fingers "You know, Xavier. I admire very much your work here. It takes money, dedication and time to set up something like the Xavier school. Time is the thing I lack now the most..." I say, speaking in a low voice the last phrase

"Thank you. Is good to know that you appreciate my efforts. It was really a challenge in the beginning, but everything is worth it now." He says.

Xavier is/was a billionaire. But he spent a good amount of his inheritance on setting up this school.

"I have something similar... Recently I helped the Mutant Town, taking care of the gangs, giving medical care to some metas there... Very recent project, but I'm working on it." I say.

"This is very good to hear. That place really needs help. We visited it in the past, but is a hard place to convince people that I want to help." He says.

And adults are hard for you to indoctrinate, I bet.

"Yes. I want to eventually make there a better place, but will take time. What I want to ask is... In the eventual situation that I find a recently awakened young meta, could I bring the kid here? I confess that I don't have the structure to take care of them... for now." I say.

Is bad to give more people to Xavier? Maybe... But I really don't think that he is an outright villain. Just a weirdo Dumbledore.

I really don't have a place to put a kid that awakens a power and has no parents. Mutant Town is not a good place for now. And better here than S.H.I.E.L.D.

And the fact that I can eventually bring a summon of mine here to be my spy is a bonus.

"Oh. Of course, you can. I would be more than happy to help anyone that you bring." He says smiling

"Thank you." I nod "The other thing is about your actual students... As their responsible, I would like to ask you first, the permission to do some exams with the students. Obviously, only the ones that want it, and nothing invasive." I say calmly.

"Exams?" Hank ask

"Well, is like that. You all must have watched my interview." They nod "I said there that I'm producing a serum to help all metas to better control their powers, to make their bodies more adaptable and other advantages. But to make the better of it, I want to study all types of metas, powers, physiologies... This school has a good amount of people with strong powers too. Metas physiologies canvaryy greatly from one to another... I need to study everything." I say

They stay in silence for some time and I decide to continue

"There's another immediate thing that I'm making..." I say taking a gun from behind me, simulating that I took it from my utility belt. Holding by the barrel to not scare them "Can I try it on you, Dr. McCoy. I can assure you that is harmless." I say to him.

I could've explained, but dramatic effects are good too.

After some time, he nods. Trusting me.

"The design is a gun on this, but I will be making it a wristband when I can make the energy shooter smaller. To direct send to the body constantly." I say before pointing the gun and shooting at Hank, that instinctively raise his Arms.

A ray of energy touches him without a problem and does nothing.

He acts like received a shock and his blue fur starts to recede. His appearance slowly went back to normal human.

This gun is one of the first things that I gained with the Gacha. Capable of rendering useless the metagene of someone for some time.

I studied it and already produced collars to keep metas under control, but I will not tell them that.

I'm surprised myself that people here hadn't produced something similar till now, I remember that they made it in the comics and movies.

Again, I'm too early in the storyline.

"Amazing..." Hank mutters while looking at his smaller, normal and boring hands.

He raises himself from his seat, holding the waistband of his pants, and goes take a smartphone to look at himself.

After some time of admiring his own appearance, he comes back.

"That's really incredible. How is that possible? How long does it last?" He starts bombarding me with questions.

"It just 'paralyzes' the metagene and I put in the lowest power, so will wear off in two minutes, I think." I say "Works perfectly with most metas, because bypass the defenses and attack directly the meta factor."

" 'Most'?" The professor asks

"Sometimes only lows the power level of the meta and do not make some appearances change when is unrelated to the meta power." I shrug "As an example if I shoot your student Kurt, he would still be blue... Wolverine would still have his claws inside his body, but couldn't pull it off. Things like that." I answer

"This is revolutionary to help people with detrimental powers..." Hank starts and goes on in listing the advantages and uses of this technology.

I interrupt him "Yes, because of this I'm making a side project of studying all metas that I can. But sorry to burst your bubble, but I can't share this technology for now..." I say and I can see his excitement leaving his face "... you guys must understand the disaster that would be if this fall into the wrong hands." I say to them.

Their serious face shows that they understand.

"But..." Hank goes to argue.

"Sorry, Dr. McCoy. Non-negotiable. And you guys must know that you all are on constant watch, right?" I say.

Their refusal to cooperate early only makes things easier for me now. The order in me presenting my proposals is well thought.

Want something from me? Give something in Exchange...

And there's no good reason for them to stop me from contacting the students.

And maybe I can recruit them with time and copy their powers. So many Omega-levels here. How can I not want it?

My Power Manipulation almost makes me salivate just from standing in this school. Now I understand All For One...

"Yes... Mostly for S.H.I.E.L.D. right?" The Professor answers me.

"Is good that you're aware of this." I say.

"In the past, I made a deal with their former Director, Peggy Carter. Would be impossible to keep this place a secret only with me." He says

"I understand." Convenient to the two sides. I bet Fury must be watching this place like a buffet of new recruits too.

"About your proposal... I will talk with the older students, Eidolon." Xavier says and I nod. Not really worried about it.

Having contact with them would accelerate things, but is not overly necessary either.

"The last thing... I would like you to arrange a meeting with Magneto for me." I say surprising them

"Do you want to meet him?" Xavier asks to make sure.

Relax, I will not hurt your lover.

"I don't plan to have a fight with him. If this is what worries you. I really want to talk with him about some things and I have a proposition for him. I say "I know where he is. But knowing that misunderstandings can easily become fights, I prefer to ask you to convey my words to him." I say.

"Well, so I will contact him. If he comes or not would be his decision." Xavier says

I nod. "Can be here. The place of the encounter. A middle and neutral ground, if you allow it. You can participate in the talk too." I say, making him nod.

I then take a special smartphone of my utility belt, but really talking it from my Sky Poison Pearl. "You can contact me with this. Can call or send a message. This thing encrypted the message, untraceable and other precautions. But only calls me." I give it to Xavier. "You can call me if some trouble appears too." I say.

After this, we have some small talk about the world, and our work. Logan is the only one that keeps himself out of the talk.

I think he has his memories back, not all them, but enough. Next time I will talk with him.


We leave the office, still talking a little about the Professor's experiences in some countries and me talking about what I saw there too.

Differents treatments of metas and other things.

When we arrive at the common room of the mansion we see the girls fussing over Cassandra. With my super hearing I heard they asking ehr about me all the time. But Cassandra never said more than four words during the whole conversation.

But even so, Kitty and Jubilee made a great effort in including her in the talks.

"There you are. Girls, why don't you take Eidolon on a tour of the mansion? Showing him around." The professor says before saying his goodbyes, I think he is going to discuss our talk with the adults, including Storm now.

"We would love, Professor." Jean exclaims and the other girls follow suit.

Look at me, I'm popular.


"You know, we totes want to help you and the Avengers during the invasion. We are this close to jumping in X-jet and going to New York, but the Professor stopped us." Kitty says while showing the said X-jet in the hangar below the basketball court.

"I'm glad that he stopped you guys." I say "It was too dangerous."

"Hey, we're X-men. We trained, and we're pretty good too." Jubilee exclaims at my side.

"I apologize, this is not what I mean." I say bowing my head slightly to disarm them "Is that making a big debut like that would attract attention. Most of you guys don't ever wear a mask. Would not be hard to track you all here. And here... live kids." I say, making them understand.

It's even a joke in the Marvel fandom in my former life on how this school is attacked every sunday.

"Makes sense..." Jean says.

Almost every one of the first group of the X-men was accompanying us.

We walk a little while I answer some things my people and we arrive at another interesting place. The last of the tour.

"This is Danger Room. Where we train." Kitty presents to me the big space full of white tiles. We are observing it from the control room.

"This room can become any environment and we mostly fight ourselves or robots." Bobby Drake says

"Interesting... I see that mostly use holograms and the hard-light constructs become a footing. Not efficient... Say to Dr. McCoy to instead of trying to make the hard-light contructs better, try to make the place more susceptible to the existence of the constructs. A certain frequency of electromagnetic waves can help solidify the light better. But he needs to pay attention to the effects in the human body too..." I say while analyzing the place. A little behind me.

They are Looking at me strangely.


"Nothing... Is easy to forget that you're smart." Jean says smiling.

"Nerd..." Kitty mutters.

I shake my head. "Want a spar? I can teach you somethings..." I offer to get back to her.

"No,no,no,no,no. Rogue already showed us that will not be fun." Kitty exclaims shaking her hands.

I raise my eyebrow at that. "What are you talking about?" I ask

"You didn't know?" Kitty asks while raising an eyebrow too.

"Last time when you and Rogue... tumble." She says with a hint of sexual innuendo making Rogue blush "She absorbed your powers and mind, don't you know?"

She absorbed what?

"Impossible. I protected myself thoroughly. My defenses, mental and physical, are raised to the highest level at that moment. She should just absorb some of my stamina. And be energetic for a few days." I say seriously

"Well, not exactly. Rogue really used some of your powers and acted differently." Kitty says

This makes me look to the goth meta while narrowing my eyes. Did she have access to my memories? No, I would have felt. Her powers harmless washed over my mental barriers last time.

"It's only a little, Eidolon." Jean says, probably guessing what I'm thinking "She is only influenced a little by your Id. No memories." She says.

"Oh. So is a little similar to that boy, Prodigy, from early. Some sort of uncontrolled psychometry that absorbed the overall foundation of my mind." I analyze "And about my powers. How much did you absorb?" I ask

"Ah little over a hundred..." She says stammering a little.

"So little... Then it's okay."

"Little?" I hear Kitty muttering dumbfounded.

I ignore her and approach Rogue. "I think I owe you an apology too, Rogue." I say with a little bow of my head "I had my reasons to test your power at that time, and I was pretty sure that would not have consequences for your part. It seems I was wrong. I hope you haven't been in trouble" I say sincerely.

"No, no, no. Is not a problem, really. Is even a lil' cool..." She says in her characteristic accent while shaking her hands

"Why did you do that anyway?" Scott asks

"As a test... As you guys must have noticed, I'm very preoccupied with people controlling me, cloning me, or absorbing/stealing my powers. So I want to test to make countermeasures." I say to them

I continue "I also wanted to see how Rogue power works to help her and others." I say.

"Help?" Kurt, Nightcrawler asks.

With a mental command, I control the nanobots of my suits, making them recede off my arm.

From the wrist to the elbow, leaving a glove to protect my fingerprints.

"Go on. Touch it." I say to Rogue and she widens her eyes. When she goes to say no I stop her.

"Relax, I can resist if I want. Even if you pass my defenses you can't hurt me in a little time." I say and then smirk at her "And the worst that could happen is that you gain a temporary Eidolon power package." Some laughs "Obviously, if you don't want I can't force you."

"No. Ah will give it a try." She says and takes of her glove. Slowly she approaches her hand on my forearm.

And then she touches it, everyone waits with rapt attention.

"Nuthin'... Ah'm absorbin' nuthin'." Rogue mutters dazedly while growing bold and start stroking my arm.

Wait... Shouldn't this be the cliche moment where she would kiss me? The fanfics lied to me again!

Oh, wait. I'm using a mask on the lower half of my face. Tch. Who thought in this design?

"Calmly analyzing is possible to notice that Rogue skin, especially her pores have some sort of suction force of bio-aura... I think is possible for you to control it. Too bad you can't, because practicing is lethal to others. So you continue untrained." I say. And she continues to caress my forearm.

Woman... Calm down. Well, I can let her have it.

I decide to tease her a little. I mean, you can't blame me, right?

I take hold of her arm to look attentively at her skin "Yes, the pores. The hand has more absorption power and..." I turn to her, raise her chin, and look at her face from close.

She blushes... Hardly.

"Your lips are the area that can absorb stronger." I say calmly. And she blushes even more.

Argh, my heart. I'm faltering. Can I kidnap her and take her home?

Calmly I remove myself from her and act like I did nothing much.

"Is not hard to make a device to shut down the suction force. And Rogue can accustom herself to the situation and train. I was working on things like that. Don't worry, Rogue. Will not take long so that your power will stop causing problems." I say reassuringly "Consider this a compensation for the trouble."

"...'kay." She mutters weakly and still a little dazed.

Then the X-men start guiding me to the surface again.

"So... You're good at sucking, huh?" I hear Kitty tease her friend from behind the group.


Jean Grey P.O.V.

Our group reaches the normal mansion again, when we are close to the entrance I turn to them.

"Can you guys give me a little privacy so that I can talk with Eidolon?" I say. Most nod without a problem. But I noticed some making faces, like Scott and Rogue.

Uh, this is complicated.

"Shadow, stay here." Eidolon said at my side to his sidekick. The girl/teen nods obediently.

I understand her name now. She is Eidolon's shadow, always following him silently.

After we walk off the entrance, I guide him to a separated parto f the Garden.

On the way, we saw Mikhail and Piotr talking. It's looking like they're getting along now. Good.

"Knowing that this is a mansion full of people with powers, I guess that is hard to have privacy... So should I take us somewhere? I think our spot in Everest is still there." Eidolon jokes to me.

I laugh, thinking about the funny situation. Imagine someone climbing and finding a rock shaped like a couch in Everest.


In the Everest

A man with a beard and white streaks in his hair. Is taking a deep breath while looking at the scenery. The man is using a blue Gi.

"You did well Strange. You're almost ready." Suddenly an old Chinese person appears by his side. He is bald with a 3-inch goatee. Even looking old, his posture is straight like a lance and has eyes that Shine.

"Ready for what?" Stephen Strange asks

"You don't need to know now." The Ancient One responds vaguely.

"You're preparing me for something and you can't even say what. Wouldn't be better if you warn me beforehand?" Strange asks annoyed.

"A specific goal can narrow your vision, Strange. Let your mind be open to the infinite possibilities." The Ancient One says sagely.

Strange can only grumbles.

"Let's go back now. I will say to Wong that you can officially visit the part of the library that you have been invading." The Ancient one says while turning around and opening a portal without even making a gesture

Stephen goes to follow him but stops when sees something unusual.

"Is that a couch?" he aasks

His question makes the Ancient One laughs "Let's go, don't mess with the lovebird's date place." He says before passing through the portal.


Back to Jean

"No. Here is good. Relax, no one will eavesdrop." I say to Eidolon.

He looks at me with a weird face but does not comment.

While we sit on a bench I see him waving his hand a little. Maybe using some power so that people can't hear us.

I let out a sigh while we sit.

This is nice...

I finally figure out why I like to be around Eidolon. I mean, he is nice and considerate. Even if this would ot be the first impression that someone would have of him.

Even now, he simply waiting for me. Letting me to my own thoughts.

But the main reason I discovered after getting better with my powers.

My empathic powers to be exact.

Eidolon is calm... Empathic powers are not a super pleasant power. You don't simply read what the otehr person is feeling. You feel it too, even if slightly.

And when I get close to Eidolon, the major feeling that I get from him, or better is calmness, or better, his state of mind is always mostly calm.

Like a mountain or the ocean that can't be moved so easily.

Is nice.

Sometimes I catch other feelings like amusement or surprise. But he is always in good control of his emotions. And this is not something that I feel often.

The most negative feeling that I get from him till now is a mild annoyance when Prodigy copied him, or when he thought Rogue read his memories.

But it is so small, and he controlled it quickly when he accessed the situation.

And wasn't nice? Someone that calmly thinks and seeks information before saying or doing something in anger. Not letting their negative feelings take over...

"So... You look better." Eidolon says while looking at my face.

I smile at him "How can you tell? Are you analyzing my blood flow, pores and respiration?" I say with a smirk

And I almost laugh seeing his eyebrows rise. "Rogue?" He guesses right.

"Haha. Yes."

"I see. So you investigated my mannerisms from Rogue and using your powers, now you have a good idea of my... way of thinking." He says. Analyzing it perfectly.

Rogue passed three days acting like Eidolon and she said how she felt and some thoughts at that time. So I paid attention and now have a really good idea about this man beside me.

He nods, looking impressed "Not bad, detective." He says and I chuckle. "So... News?" He says and I laugh

"Eidolon making small talk?" I ask him

"What? A good way as any to start a conversation..." he shrugs

"I guess so... Well, I read and practice the texts that you gave me. Helped a lot, thank you." I say and he nods.

"The Eidolon-Rogue episode was interesting. She kicked our asses while being you." I say and he chuckles

"We almost has no troubles with the Brotherhood recently. Maybe its because of you." I continue.

"And I broke up with Duncan. " I say and watch his reaction

"Oh... Sorry, I guess." He says looking at me. Giving nothing of what he is thinking.

"Don't be. I'm feeling light now." I say

"I see... So Scott has a chance now?" He asks teasing

I can feel my lips twitch. I decided to imitate him again. Deadpan face and deep voice. "Maybe..."

"Pfft. Hahaha. You're getting better at it. Be careful to not become a habit, can be very addictive..." he says to me before taking a deep breath and going silent.

He keeps himself like that for a time.

"There's something troubling you, Eidolon?" I ask making him look at me.

He looks deeply into my eyes.



"Is that..." He starts, a little unsure "I have something to tell you. But is not good to tell you now. And I'm feeling bad for hiding it from you." He says

"Something? Is important?" I ask

"Yes. Very important." He says seriously and I can feel my heart beating faster.

"And why didn't you say now?" I nudge

"Is better for everyone that I wait. Even if is not fair to you..." He gives a sigh.

I look at him and takes his hand into mine. "I'll wait. It's okay. I trust you." I say

I can see him smiling under the mask while looking at me."Thank you. I will make up for you. And even let you attack me one time if you get angry in the future." He raises his index finger.

"Haha. Attack?"

"Yes. One move." He says seriously "No fire." He adds

This remember me. The Phoenix thing. One of the illusions that Danielle made was a bird of fire. Was that the Phoenix? Is Eidolon scared of it? Or scared of what that can do?

"About that Phoenix..." I start.

"Did you feel something about it?" He asks and I shake my head "So there's no need to think too much. Don't worry about my vision of the future. Can never happen after all..." he says


" 'One often meets his destiny in the road he takes to avoid it' " Eidolon quotes from somewhere "These visions of the future are tricky. Just keep it in mind." He says.

After this, we stay in comfortable silence for some time, but I decided to break it.

"So... How is the hero business?" I ask with a teasing smile.

He smiles too "Tiring. I see some bad things that are not pleasant, but someone needs to do it." He says

"I think is nice what you're doing. For everyone. Especially the metas." I say

"Huhu. Good that you think it." He says and pauses before speaking again "All of this is unexplored territory, you know? I think I know what I'm doing, but I really don't know where this path will take me... Us. Everything can go wrong at any moment. But this is needed to be done. We can't stay like that." He confesses.

"I don't think you're wrong, Eidolon. No matter what other people say. Remember that." I say squeezing his hand that I'm still holding.

We see many people making protests about him. Asking the government to arrest, kill or kick him off the planet. Dumb people really.

But sometimes a lie can become the truth if many people repeat it. Must be hard for Eidolon; Doing his best and seeing people hating him even so.

"Thank you. Means a lot coming from my first fan." He says

"First fan?" I ask with my lips twitching.

"Well, I gave you my autograph that time, Marvel Girl. I hope you kept it. Must be worth a lot now." He says with a smile.

"I must have thrown it away... I don't even remember where." I lie cheekily.

"How dare you-" He starts to act hurt but stops.

He looks in another direction.

"What is wrong?" I ask

"A visitor." He said and the fact that he raises his hand to shield the mansion in a forcefield shows that is not a simple visitor.

A second later something crashes against Eidolon shield like a cannonball. Not something, someone.

The shield distorts and cracks. Eidolon dissolves it and let the intruder fall into the ground harmless.

I know that guy. He is problematic.

But... I look at Eidolon at my side. What bad timing, Juggernaut.

"XAAAAViEEEER. COME TO MEEET YOUR DEATH!!!" The juggernaut, the Professor's brother, shouts to the sky.

"You need to jinx it, huh?" He jokes at my side, making me roll my eyes "But I think that is my fault..." he murmurs before Moving fast enough to disappear and reappear in front of Juggernaut.

At this point, the rest of the X-men is already appering from the mansion ready to fight.

"Sorry, can you come back later? I already booked the whole day of the mansion." Eidolon quips while calmly standing facing the mountain of men clad in red that is the juggernaut.

"YOU THINKING THAT YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO??? I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!!" He exclaims before trying to hammer Eidolon down with his right hand.

To meet the attack, Eidolon raises his left hand and catches it. The encounter makes a shockwave that pushes me a little and makes cracks spread like a web in the ground.

"Oh... Stronger than Thor. But slow..." Eidolon says before disappearing from his spot. He appears already giving an uppercut in the Juggernaut chin.

The attack made another big shockwave.

I thought that the Juggernaut would fly in the sky.

But he only floats less than a meter from the ground, before heavily falling into the floor again.

The whole exchange makes Juggernaut appears that weights thousands of tons.

Juggernaut then tries to catch Eidolon. But he dodges, appearing a few steps to the side. And Juggernaut tries again, and again, and again.

And Eidolon simply sidesteps everything faster than the eye can see.

Eidolon then stops in the middle and lows his body a little. Raising his elbows behind his back and... *Boom*

He throws himself against the Juggernaut's chest like a panther and carries him away.

So fast that they disappear and I can only see a dot on the horizon.

The wind generated from the collision makes the trees bend 45º.

Wow. That's the thing about Eidolon.

Like me, and others in the mansion, he is an Omega-level. But is not like we are invincible. We are humans. If I'm caught off guard, I can be knocked out like any other person.

But Eidolon? He has this aura of invincibility around him.

He is simply too fast, too strong, with so many powers that is like he has no weakness and is perfect.

How can you defeat something like that?

I couldn't even follow him with my eyes! If he wants he can blitz through everyone in the mansion and defeat us before we even notice.

Is another thing about staying at his side.

I felt safe.


Eidolon P.O.V.

Flying through the air with my eyes glued to the Juggernaut that is flying uncontrollably ahead, I sigh to myself.

This is Marvel.

A planetary-level boss, can appear at any time. Literally dropping from the sky.

That's it. I'm using my Travel tickets to farm some powers in other worlds in the next Gacha.

It's too much of a coincidence that the Juggernaut attacked while I'm visiting the X-men. If I have to Guess, someone tipped him in the direction of the mansion to test me.

Maybe Sinister, maybe Magneto...

Pushing me forward faster I deliver another strong punch in the Juggernaut's chest, keeping him flying in the air. We already left the East Coast of America.

The Juggernaut. The guy who siphons power from Cyttorak, an universal-level threat. So the juggernaut can reach at universal-level in his strongest.

Thankfully, like everyone till now that I met, he is STILL inexperienced and weaker than his best at the comics.

Super Strong and super durable. It looks like he weighs millions of tons. Because he has the potential to have infinite force, right? F=ma.

But this does not scare me. A brute can't scare me unless it's Saitama. A slow brute like the Juggernaut then... He can't even fly.

And because of this the fight is already over.

I move again and punch him in the liver, making him go higher in the air.

And then a start my combo. Hitting him, adding more strength each time, I guide him higher and higher.

His a good sandbag. I always want to see how strong I am.

When we finally leave the atmosphere I stop and fly above him. He has some damage here and there, but nothing that will make him stop fighting. He is the Juggernaut after all.

I could simply kill him now, keep him in space eternally. But I have another idea.

Let's test my strength.

I pull my fist back and concentrate my strength on it.

One for All, Nen, Haki, and other powers. And I Punch. The only thing I don't add is too much speed. Only strength. With no tricks.

I can hear a muffled sound on the edge of the atmosphere while Juggernaut falls on Earth faster than a bullet.

I look at him... 'Master...' Cortana starts.

'I know...' I flex my legs and flew to catch up with him

At this speed, he will pass the crust of Earth, shift some tectonic plates, and bring continental-level disaster only for the aftermath of his hitting the ground.

I surpass his fallen speed and use many powers to slow his fall, punching where he will fall to move the air, making the air elastic...


He hits the ground making a huge cloud of sand.

We are in a desert in Namibia. Juggernaut at the center of a crater with miles of diameter.

I use other powers to stop the shockwave from propagating too much, I don't want sandstorms, tsunamis or any construction being uprooted.

I float to the fallen Juggernaut.

He is lying n the ground, bleeding all over his body and unconscious. But alive, and I think he is healing a little.

I haven't given a chance to the guy.

Stepping on his stomach I scan his body with my All Seeing Eyes of God.

"In the chest, huh..." I mutter find what I'm searching for.

At this moment I look to the sky and deactivate the satellite that spying on my fight. What I'm gonna do, I want to keep it a secret.

'Cortana, prepare a vídeo about this fight to post on the Anonymous website.'

'Are you sure, master?'

'Yes, maybe people will think bad of me because of the damage but is better that I show it. And is good to make Anonymous a neutral party. That shows the bad side of Eidolon.'

'Will be done.' She answers and I focus back on my defeated foe.

Calling one of my powers, a glove of spiritual energy covers my right hand. The glove is dark red and makes my fingers pointy. I make a grabbing motion and a katana appears in my hand.

Yone powers. "I don't even need the Sword of Actuation to it..." I murmur before pointing the tip of my katana at the Juggernaut's chest.

Using my other hand to aim, I pierce his chest and open a glaring red wound.

Making my katana dissipate, I take my glove-covered hand and pierce the wound.

Fumbling a little I found what I'm Looking for. I yank my arm back and watch Cain Marko deflate. Then I cure him.

In my hands the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. A red diamond big enough to cover my whole palm.

I look at it intensely, seeing if I can Discover its secrets...

Before I felt myself being pulled by something.

"Tch" is my last sound before I appear in a crimson red place.


Third Person P.O.V.

Hector's astral projection finds himself in the Crimson Cosmos, the personal dimension.

Cyttorak, the Destroyer, is a universal level being that is worshipped as a God and as a Demon by many. In the past, he was banished from Earth together with his peers and because of this, he uses his Gem to spread destruction in the form of his avatar, the Juggernaut.

Hector's astral projection, calmly floats in the Crimson Cosmos while taking in everything. There isn't much to see. Only floating rocks and a crimson sky.

Finally, he sees a huge figure sitting on a throne. His form is similar to the juggernaut in a full suit, with a round head.

The form extends his hand to point at Hector and says "Come."

Hector raises his hand in apology and says "No, sorry. Bye." And he yanks himself back from the Crimson Cosmos.



Back in Earth

Eidolon felt himself in his own body again and releases a sigh.

Passing a hand through his forehead he noticed that he is sweating.

"I have no chance against that thing..." he clicks his tongue while recovering his composure.

One of Yone's powers is something that Hector calls Soul Anchoring, the ability to pull his soul or astral projection back to his body from anywhere. Only someone much stronger would have a chance to keep Hector's soul from returning.

Thankfully, Cyttorak is not a demon with a huge dominion over souls and he was with his guard lowered, thinking that Hector is at his mercy.

So, he didn't try to hurt Hector's soul or anything.

Eidolon looks at the Gem again, and watches the things dissipate in Red Dust.

'So you're not even letting me keep a little spoil, huh? Wait till I'm strong enough and let's see I stealing your dominion, bitch.' He thinks

Being weaker than someone else is not pleasant.

And the fact that the Cyttorak can simply throw the Gem again on Earth to another avatar to pick annoys him.


Going back to the Xavier Mansion, Eidolon drops Cain Marko at the Professor's feet.

"Here. Sorry for the trouble." Eidolon says

"I think we that should apologize and thank you for your help Eidolon." Xavier says

"Nah, probably someone sent him here to test me. I don't believe in coincidences. If you enter in his mind, tell me later who. Shadow, let's go." Eidolon says and the Professor nods

Cassandra walks to him carrying his mantle.

Eidolon can smell different things from his mantle 'Did some of the girls use it while I was gone?' He asks himself

"Are you coming Mikhail?" Eidolon asks his Russian sidekick.

"Yes. Piotr said that I can visit later." He answers.

"So you guys are on good terms now? Good..." Eidolon says before opening a portal. "Bye, till next time."


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