Memoir of The Forgotten Hero Book

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Memoir of The Forgotten Hero


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(Mature Language/Mature Comedy] The dust of time buries all the heroes who gained magnificent triumphs over the invading enemies.  A titanic world ruled by finite hands, hidden with a veil of war and greed. Vast kingdoms and cities, enjoying the treasure of life's pleasure. Yet, the martyrs who achieved that peace were never mentioned. Within one kingdom in this titanic world, a black haired man was enjoying his wine. With his unfunny jokes, he was the center of attraction, this man was living there for years. Yet, no one knew about his past. That man was once called "Blood Drunk Halberd", an entity on which the world relied once. After the destruction of his kingdom by some unknown powerful beings, the hero of time disbanded his party and lived a carefree life. Time showed its cruelty and the once renowned hero became the clown of city. Until one day, a man stood before him, injured him beyond healing. "I can't believe you are the same Tufail Tigor that I once looked up to, it seems the legend of Blood Drunk Halberd was nothing but a farce." He heard the words loud and clear and closed his eyes without any care. "Ahh, I almost forgot why I came to you... that thing... it's still alive!" The tight shut eyes suddenly opened as Tufail shouted. "What?!" . . This story is about retired legendary hero, forgotten by the new generation, and how he'll pick up his sealed Halberd again to settle an unfinished business. Why did he retire? Will he succeed? Will he be able to compete with the young generation of power houses? Well... isn't that obvious? read to know more. There will be sci-fi, comedy, mystery, emotions and adventural action in this novel. Join our dicord server. https://discord.gg/8zpBxnU63u