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The reincarnated ripperdoc Dante gets killed by some Arasaka agents..but instead of dying is transported to Marvel.. After realizing that he is in Marvel he seeks to get stronger and make a profit whilst doing so.. to eventually end up free from the system that was apparent in the cyberpunk universe. (Cyberpunk ripperdoc – The timeline is somewhat different for some movies that are from X-men and Fantastic Four to get them closer to Marvel) [important note ; this story is currently not actifly being worked on, but will get released at least up till chapter 18.]

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19 Chs

7 - famous people

"Well, if you are sure.. now why don't I help you with your spine?" Dante had seen his medical report and knew why the professor was in a wheelchair.

"What?" Charles looked utterly confused.. he had been trying to comb out the things he had heard when he heard something more unexpected..

"You came here for a reason right.. but gaining your legs back could be something that you weren't expecting…" Charles began to get suspicious.. his earlier predictions seemed to be true.. but even whilst right before him he couldn't detect anything..

"I just came here to search for the boy.." Dante realised that that might just have been all but he could always dig for something more… more business that is..

"Well sure.. but you confirmed he wasn't in the building right.. so why enter.. and why enter alone?" A surprised look appeared on Charles face clearly not expecting him to know about storm who was still outside..

"Well…" Charles tried to explain but Dante cut him off..

"It must be for personal business.. trust me, I got it quite a few times.." Dante mostly revered to when people came for extra to surprise their partners.. and standing would be a surprise to say the least..

"We can discuss it some other time.. I am in no hurry to get my legs back.."

"Sure.. we can meet anytime.. just call me to schedule a appointment.."

"..now back to the boy.. could you at least say where he has gone?" Getting back to the matter he first arrived for Charles changed to topic..

"ohh.. I think he went home.. saying something along the lines of wanting to get something there before deciding on where to go.." Charles nodded I appreciations, preparing to leave

With the information in hand and the news of being able to be cured, Professor X left meeting up with storm to go and find the young mutant...

Waving them goodbye Dante returned to his research on the Vibranium and Wakanda..


"Who was he professor?" Storm was intrigued by the strange man.. and the professors strange expression after meeting him..

"I am not so sure myself.. all I can say is that his pure presence is.. complex…" Charles was vague.. only fuelling the curiosity that storm had developed..


Back with Dante.. he had managed to complete his research, finding names and aliases from people that were in America at the time in the past.. as currently no directly affiliated branch was used…

Dante could try to go to the embassy they had, but that was a front.. so he would just alert them of his knowledge making him a target to protect their secrets...

The only strong link he had was the person that had just gone away.. Storm.. he still had access to some of the data stored online but nothing much was shared, as most were on internal systems completely cut of from the outside..

From other data compiled by himself he could summarise that the princess of the nation had position of a brilliant mind.. but at the same time curiosity of the outside world… she was turning sixteen this year and had plans on studying abroad.. but her family seemed to be somewhat against it..

Even if he didn't have Vibranium now.. gaining it through the black market could be possible.. but it would take long and cost a insurmountable sum.. What Dante could do was reverse engineer the technology and make it out of different material… even if he didn't have the magical rock, he did have years of experience and knowledge of biotechnology and cybernetics…

Gaining some Vibranium once he had a connection would be his best bet.. until then he would just gain the knowledge..

Dante researched for weeks, reverse engineering almost all of what Wakanda had to over... the gangs in the area didn't bother him as they didn't have the manpower to expand.. during these weeks he still kept up his usual job.. getting to know some of the locals on a more personal level.. It felt quite strange to Dante that his patients shared personal information.. but he guessed that that was just a difference between his old and new world..

With the introduction of the X-men and Wakanda, and more importantly SHIELD.. Dante had found the solution to his curiosity… marvel… he now thought that it was quite obvious but he just didn't think of it… digging through his memory he remembered that Marvel had multiple universes… all connected in some way to each other.. but he didn't know much further from that… it had been seventy plus years zins he last heard of marvel.. and he certainly had better things to do than reminisce about some movies that he had watched..

In the end.. knowing where he was didn't help a lot.. it just gave him a scale of what had to come… but even if he didn't know.. just the sources on SHIELD databases confirmed the existence of aliens and other threats to the planet..

While researching these threats he found something strange… the eternals… if he remembered correctly they were a group that… that helped humanity grow.. or something.. Dante didn't quite remember what their end goal was.. likely something about saving humanity…

It didn't really concern him.. what did concern him was that they were robots.. machines crafted by something akin to a god.. tasked with the protection of the birth of a new god… inside the planet..

"..Shit.." maybe he couldn't mess with them as to not kill the planet by killing them.. but if he could just analyse.. "What of the deviants…" whilst thinking about the eternals deviants shot in to mind.. they were similar.. but at the same time something completely else.. 'where they even robots?..' everything seems so strange..

Dante always thought that knowledge was key.. but he simply couldn't look something like this up… he could make analyses of the data that he had and try to make a theory about everything.. but he simply didn't know.. the only way to know was to go to one of these eternals..

With his rising curiosity and need for knowledge. Dante searched for one of these eternals.. any presence from them on the internet and he would find them.. he didn't know what they looked like.. but he did know that they didn't age and had knowledge and skills at the peak of humanity.. so.. in the end he could find.. some of them.. other had hidden themselves away from humanity.. but the most obvious one was a eternal in India.. a actor.. the amount of recording he was in and the skill at where he preformed all somewhat proofed suspicious..

Some of the others were also possible but had less of a presence online.. so Dante chose the safest option.. finding Kingo.. a suspected member of the eternals..

He would need to leave the US and abandon his clinic for a while but he trusted that his security system would do the job and protect him from any intruders..

Buying the tickets Dante was ready to set of.. he would be leaving on a Monday right after the weekend to give a final examination for anyone that needed it but after that he would be gone.. for at least a while… is Kingo turned out to not be a celestial than he would be back within a week.. if he was.. then he would need to research him there as bringing a body back wouldn't fly through customs…

Depending on their anatomy the research could last from a week to multiple months.. but he had to estimate the lateral as alien gods created them to be exactly like the humans..


Monday arrived.. the last week he had finalised almost everything.. the X-gene research was still progressing and it would likely be done when he came back.. or it would be a dead end.. either way the research would be done.. the technology from Wakanda was also finished.. but yet to be applied to anything.. as most of their technology was already filled with technology from cyberpunk or wasn't useful to him directly..

Going through customs was strange… Dante had done some research, and found that traveling was complicated.. planes were used in cyberpunk but only by the wealthy as no normal person could afford to travel.. but flying in marvel was commercialised.. more tourist is more money spend.. but the security measures were… tedious.. it wasn't to secure.. he was searched but they didn't find that he was carrying tons of steel in his body..

All turned out well.. he had the opportunity to witness business flights.. as he was shown that commercial flights were nightmares..

The experience was nice.. he had enough space to sit comfortably.. but still wondered if he could ever afford first class..


Arriving at his destination all the passengers exited the flight, including Dante..

They had arrived in Mumbai.. and he would need to travel to Bollywood in order to see.. Kingo.. the one he suspected of being a eternal..

Hailing a taxi he agreed on a price beforehand, as he hadn't come unprepared.. the scenery in Mumbai reminded him somewhat of his past… the streets were nice, but at the same time chaotic.. and more importantly the smell of car emissions permeated the air.. it wasn't as bad as it wasn't caused by years of pollution, but just a absurd amount of cars and bikes..

Just like planes.. cars weren't that often used by the poorer communities.. They still had them but they would either be in disrepair or costly to drive, so for most activities walking was preferred..

The car stopped, just as he was enjoying the scenery.. they had arrived at the destination.. the place where Kingo was last seen.. paying the driver, Keith got out and observed his surroundings…

It was near a movie set where they had just finished up the final part of that day… he could have gone to his home, but Kingo had a reputation of always staying a bit longer, to see the results of the day..

He seemingly trusted himself while acting, but wanted to make sure they got the right angle of him.. entering the area he observed that security was getting ready for the night shift as they gathered near the security checkpoint seemingly already getting some coffee..

Activating his stealth mode he slipped by them unannounced and went to the trailers behind them… the set was set up that the security gate guarded the movie set that was connected to the trailers for producers and actors..

The stealth mode he was referring to was the optical camo.. normally it would only last for fifteen seconds but with some upgrades he was able to get it up to thirty…

The current set seemed to be a fight seen as weapons were strewn around with some probs looking to be destroyed vehicles.. If Dante had any interest in the actual movie he would have discovered that the fight seen was a dramatic fight between the main villain and the heroic Kingo…

Getting behind some probs, the optical camo came of revealing Dante who snuck to the trailers behind the set.. he was about to analyse for any trace of Kingo, but stopped once he heard a voice..