7 CH-7: The forgotten girl

{ " " = talking }

{ ' ' = thinking}

{ ( ) = Author Explaining }

{ [ ] = System }

{ // // = Telepathically talking }

{| | = POV}

{ * * = time later}


Location: Raven's house Time: 5:521 pm 8/14/1998

|POV Raven|

Kaity: "Yes?"

[Gamer's mind forcefully Activated]

Kaity: "Yes?"

[Gamer's mind Activated]

'I fucking hate my life, …'

|POV Jessica black|

Location: In a supermarket 2 blocks away from Raven's house Time: 5:32 pm 8/14/1998

I love my baby, although she doesn't show much emotion I know that she cares for me, my baby is special, like when she was just 6 months old she said her first word, when she was just 7 moths old she started reading books, when she was at the age of 4 she already knew everything you can learn in high school she was just pretending that they are hard for her, and that's why she was taking so long to learn them so that I don't worry, in general she was a mature and quiet baby, when she was about to be born I was nervous, like really nervous because most of my work friends were telling me about how their baby's cry all the time and won't let them sleep properly, but I was really surprised when my baby didn't cry a lot, in fact the only time she cried was when she was hungry or had used her diaper.

I'm really proud of my baby, that's why I'm here right now, to buy her, her favorite dark chocolate so I can add them to her birthday cake, I don't know why but my baby likes dark chocolate not the regular kind, she really doesn't have any preference other than dark chocolate and dark clothes, everything else she accepts and doesn't nag about, even I don't like Brockley's but she eats them without any form of displeasure, except the displeasure she shows when I sneak in to her bed at nights.

|3rd Person POV|

While Jessica was shopping, one could hear the door of the store make a ring sound "Ring-Ring", a man named lucky Dan with a black ski mask entered the store, pulled out his gun and aimed at the cashier, you might be wondering why he was called lucky dan, then it probably was because although he pulled stupid stunts and executed them without an actual plan and actually got away with them, one time he did another stupid thing like always but this time he did it to one of the famous crime bosses, how did he survived it you ask? Well the answer to that is easy, it was because when that crime boss got his hands on him instead of just killing him he ordered his man to bring him to his home and that's when it happened, the police finally decided to raid his house that night and arrest him, the crime boss got executed, lucky dan went to prison for a few months and then he got out and that's when he got the title lucky dan, because he was lucky, when a crime boss heard of his story he thought maybe If I recruit him some of his luck will rub on me, and he would be correct, because of his luck lucky dan climbed the ranks but he did a stupid thing and blowed up all his money on gambling, so he went on a stealing spree and that's why he's here today, but a little girl was sitting next to the cash register in front of the cashier, the little girl froze when she saw the man's gun and started whimpering like she wanted to cry but her instincts were trying to suppress her crying, and then the cashier saw the man, but oh boy did he react really bad to the situation, instead of putting his hands up or emptying the cash register he got a panic attack and started to throw up on the man, the robber didn't take it well either and went behind the isle that didn't have any camera, the robber has clearly been here before.

When the man went behind the isle, he then took off his mask

And started throwing up too, after he was finished, he realized the fatal mistake he did, and that fatal mistake was that Jessica was currently in that isle and saw his face and that means she could id him, the man couldn't go to the prison again, so he putted his wits to, I want to say good use but let's be honest after he decided he should kill the woman, he throwed his luck out the window and signed a death contract with lady death.

Anyway, Lucky dan shot Jessica, put his mask on, went back to the cashier, opened the cash register, took all the money and ran like all hell was loose, while all Jessica could think about on the cold ground, surrounded in a pool of her own blood was 'No, I promised my baby I buy her a chocolate for her birthday, why, why …' after about 15 seconds when she drew her last breath she thought 'I can't sleep in my baby's bed anymore, I'm goanna miss her'.

And that was how Jessica black died on august 14th / 1998.

|Kaity POV|

When I opened the door in that single moment the atmosphere felt colder, but never the less I smiled and said "Yes?".

Unknown: "Hello is this the black residence?"

Kaity: "Yes, officer what can I do for you" when I looked at Raven, on her face I saw nothing, no emotion like always but her eyes, her eyes where cold and sharp, like she knows this man and it isn't any good news.

Gorge Stacy: "Hello I am captain Gorge Stacy, from NYPD, can I come inside?" he said that and showed me his badge.

Well he is a police officer so it should be okay to let him in, "yes , you can come inside."

Gorge Stacy: "Thanks, and you are miss?"

Kaity: "I am Kaity maxwell the babysitter for miss black, and this is Rachel"

Raven: "Hi"

Kaity: "May I ask what can I do for you"

Gorge Stacy: "well miss I have some unfortunate news for you, Jessica black, the mother of young Rachel here, was murdered in a robbery accident but don't worry the robber is being chased as we speak"

Kaity: 'What, miss black is dead? Oh no that's really sad, but wait what is goanna happen to Raven then' "…"

Gorge Stacy: "I know it must be hard for both of you but I need you to come with me to the station …"

Raven: "Can we go there in an hour? I need some time alone"

Gorge Stacy: "… sure but be sure to be there in an hour, and miss I would appreciate it if you stay with young Rachel"

Kaity: "of course captain"

After that captain Stacy got up went to the door gave me a nod and left, I looked at raven worried, but what she said next shocked me.

|Raven POV|

When Kaity opened the door, I immediately knew who this man was, Captain Gorge Stacy, father of Gwen Stacy, Aka a love interest for spider-man / candidate for being spider-Gwen, and from there I connected the dots, but then the last sentence that god said to me before being reborn.

===================Flash back===================

The young man: "thank you very much if you ever need any

help or really anything that you want me to do for you there tell


Old man: "it's no problem and sure if I ever need anything I'll

tell you, by the way powerful people tend to suffer in that world

be careful"

=================Flash back End==================

That was why my Gamer's mind forcefully activated.

While Kaity was answering Captain Stacy's questions, I was talking with Eve.

'Eve, is it possible that because I got my powers limits lifted destiny considered me too powerful and because it saw I wasn't going to be a hero at all it decided I need a loss so It recreated the origin story of spider-man but a version for me?'

[… yes, I am sorry Raven]

'No, don't be sorry, the only people that should be sorry are the sisters of fate, that manage the destiny, am I correct?'

[… yes, what are your goanna do to them?]

'Nothing now, the only thing I am goanna do now is, disappearing, becoming a ghost from the past that hunts them'

[and how are you going to do that?]

'you will see'

[just when you find the time, let yourself grieve]

'Will do'

Gorge Stacy: "I know it must be hard for both of you but I need

you to come with me to the station …"

Raven: "Can we go there in an hour? I need some time alone"

Gorge Stacy: "… sure but be sure to be there in an hour, and

miss I would appreciate it if you stay with young Rachel"

Kaity: "of course captain"

After that captain Stacy left, I turned to Kaity and spoke.

Raven: "Kaity?"

Kaity: "Yes?"

Raven: "Do you trust me?"

Kaity: "in general yes, right now? Not sure"

Raven: "Kaity, … I have to do something and I need you to take me somewhere"

Kaity: "… where"

Raven: "177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York City" (Author: the New York sanctum)

Kaity: "why?"

Raven: "let's go I explain when we get there."

Kaity: "... okay but you have to tell me the truth"

*Location: 177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York City. Time: 6:23*

Kaity: "Now will you tell me why are we here?"

Raven: "Before I tell you, do you want the whole truth to be direct or do you want me to sugar coat it?"

Kaity: "… be direct"

Raven: "Okay, here I go by the way ask your questions when I finish, this place here is the sanctum of new York, you might ask what is the sanctum, well it is a place that people that have nothing else left to live for and have magical talent go to learn the way of mystic arts, now for why am I here, I am here because the death of my mom was my fault, it is my fault because I got too powerful too quickly without any cost and the sisters of fate saw that I am not goanna use my power for doing heroic deeds but instead for my own benefit so they decided "let's play with his mother's fate so she dies and she becomes a hero so that nobody else suffers the same destiny" but what those cunts didn't foresee was that I was too smart and knew about them, so now that they saw that it is not goanna work they are goanna kill everyone that becomes close with me, like when we were coming here I had to save your life for 8 times, so I decided to come here so I can learn a spell that makes everyone forget about something that the user will specify, what I'm going to use it for you ask? I am goanna use it so that everybody forgets me"

Kaity: "…"

Raven: "you think I'm crazy, aren't you?"

Kaity: "It's hard not to"

Raven: "here let me show you a magic trick, you liked milky chocolate, right?"

Kaity: "yes"

Saying that I created a chocolate with my creation magic.

Kaity: "how did you do that?"

Raven: "creation magic"

Kaity: "does that mean you can create anything"

Raven: "anything that I know how it's made"

Kaity: "wow cool"

Raven: "now you believe me?"

Kaity: "yes, but wait won't I forget you then?"

Raven: "yes you will, and that's why it's time to say good bye"

Kaity: "can't you not do it?"

Raven: "no there is no other way"

Kaity: "I understand, I hope you have a good life"

Raven: "you too"

Saying that we hugged and I did something that triggers when she starts to forget about me.

After the hug she started leaving and I knocked on the sanctum's door.



Wong: "yes?"

Raven: "hello there I am here to see the Ancient one"

Wong: "… wait a minute"

*3 minutes later*

Wong: "come in"

Saying that Wong opened the door we went in and it looked exactly as it did in the movie, we went upstairs and in one of the rooms, that's when I saw her, the legendary Ancient one, the one with the best tea, she was just sitting there sipping on her famous tea.

Raven: "Hello"

Ancient one: "Well hello there, may I ask how you founded this place, young anomaly?"

Raven: "Well, just because you don't know me, that doesn't mean I'm an anomaly that isn't supposed to exist, Wong you can go now"

I say while I sit on the other chair.

Ancient one: "well then, what are you?"

Raven: "First, let's start with you pouring me a cup of that famous tea, then maybe I'll tell you"

Ancient one: "Oh, I didn't know my tea was famous"

She says while pouring me a cup.

Raven: "oh you have no idea, that tea is so famous millions will kill just for one cup"

I say that while I take the cup and have a sip.

Ancient one: "is that so?"

Raven: "hmm, no wonder this is so famous, this is addicting"

Ancient one: "well, thank you"

She says while I put the cup on the table.

Raven: "well as to why I am here it is because I came here so that I can learn a single spell from the library of Kamar-taj"

Ancient one: "what spell is that?"

Raven: "the spell that makes the people of the planet forget about a subject, like who I am"

Ancient one: "and why do you want that?"

Raven: "well the thing is, it is none of your business, the thing that is your business is what I can offer you"

Ancient one: "and what is it that you can offer me, is it a deal to pro--"

Raven: "no, I am not goanna protect the earth, but I am willing to give you advice"

Ancient one: "about?"

Raven: "what you should do, and the thoughts that are stupid but you think is a good idea"

Ancient one: "…"

Raven: "like for the fact that you teach strange with vague words"

Ancient one: "how do you know about strange?"

Raven: "let's just say I am a spectator and know about the things you don't"

Ancient one: "give me an example and I see if it's worth it"

Raven: "okay, for example, do you know why the mad titan or better known as thanos wants to wipe half the multiverse and only half?"

Ancient one: "…because he thinks the universe won't survive with the current population and thinks wiping half is enough"

Raven: "pft…"

Ancient one: "why are you laughing?"

Raven: "Because that's bullshit"

Ancient one: "what do you mean that's bullshit"

Raven: "okay I tell you why it's bullshit, but let's make it interesting and make sure I tell the truth and nothing but the truth"

Ancient one: "how?"

Raven: "we swear to the one above all that if what I tell you is the real reason thanos wants to wipe half and only half of the universe and if I tell anything but the true truth my tongue gets cut off, and you vow that if what I tell is the truth you make a deal with me, cool?"

Ancient one: "okay that is acceptable"

Raven: "okay you start"

Ancient one: "I declare my vow to the one above all that if you tell me the real reason thanos wants to wipe half the universe and only half, I will make a reasonable deal with you"

Raven: "I vow to the one above all that what I tell you is the real reason thanos wants to wipe half and only half of the universe and if I tell anything but the true truth my tongue gets cut off and our deal is canceled"

After I said that a magical light appeared behind both of us

Ancient one: "okay now tell me the real reason"

Raven: "thanos wants to wipe half the universe because he wants to marry lady death and it is her dowery and the reason of why he only wipes half the universe is because if he kills more the celestials will come and kill him, as for why he tells everyone he is doing it because the population of the universe is too much, it is because if he tells them the real reason, all the universe will start hunting him and he remains alone"

Ancient one: "…"

After nothing happened the Ancient one said.

Ancient one: "really?"

Raven: "the light didn't do anything so that means he confirms it"

Ancient one: "okay what do you want?"

Raven: "I want a place to stay and access to the library of Kamar-taj"

Ancient one: "okay and in exchange I ask for your advice, deal?"

Raven: "deal"


Word count: 2830

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