48 Chapter 48 The Lizard Part 1/4

The city of New York truly was a city that never slept. Day and night the sounds of honking and yelling were common and just a part of everyday life. Yet these sorts of things added to its unique charm.

Today should have been the same as any other as well but unfortunately, the times were beginning to change.

Boom Boom!

The sound of explosions echoed in the streets which immediately drew attention from the nearby pedestrians. Who felt that it was a bright idea to get close to the danger rather than run from it something they'd regret doing.

One pedestrian in particular recognized another man close by who worked on the food stall.

"Hey Mike, any idea on what that was just now? I've been trying to get a better view but I can see through the smoke."

Mike didn't look too sure either upon being asked

"Nah, there might be a gas leak. Heaven knows this city is falling apart but where does our tax money go? Definitely not in the maintenance"

The two continued to banter back and forth until screaming caused the crowd to freeze as they focused on the smoke.

"Oh god, what is that thing!" The silhouette in the smoke appeared massive and no one was sticking around to find out what the rest of it looked like.

Without hesitation everyone began dispersing, running in any direction they could but nowhere seemed safe. One moment people would be going in one direction only to suddenly be smashed by a flying car.

The chaos continued until the beast ran out of the smoke showing its full appearance. Fifteen feet tall, covered in scales, with massive jaws, it was the Lizard!

Sticking out its tongue Connors thought back on the news channel he had just watched which featured Kol Dagon. Apparently, the boy was at city hall.

With a location confirmed Connors acted with haste not wanting to miss this chance. Who knows he might even get lucky as well having Spider-Man arrive making this a two-for-one.

Not caring for the bugs beneath him he charged through the streets right for city hall.





Things were not looking good. All around me were unarmed reporters who had no idea that destruction was literally making its way to us.

Without hesitation, I began analyzing my surroundings before noticing a cap car parked on the side.

"Scouts procure some guns from that squad car!"

Following my commands the two jumped over the crowd as they busted open the vehicle pulling out a Glock and shotgun.

Damn, those rounds are too small and he heals too fast. At this point, I already knew what was heading our way. There was only one villain this big around right now anyway.

Pulling out my phone I quickly sent messages to both Peter and the Commissioner. Informing them of the situation. I was sure that they must already be aware but it was better to be sure. I was going to need help and I needed it fast.

The crowd around suddenly began harassing me for having my machines break into a vehicle.

"Everyone listen up! The huge Lizard from earlier in the week is heading this way right now. If you want to live, then you need to start running." Sadly these people didn't believe me but that's their problem I had already done my part.

Running down the steps I made my way to the scouts who were already decked out in some gear.

"Scout two you have a pistol so you're lighter. I want you to be drawing the lizard's attention when it arrives. It doesn't matter if you can't hit it, just make sure you don't get hit. Three you have the shotgun so aim at his eyes."


At this point, the smoke and screams had already begun to reach us and the reporters began to feel angsty wondering if I had spoken the truth. Too bad for them the window of escape had just become a lot narrower.


With an explosion, Connors appeared having jumped down from a building. The scouts in response immediately began shooting his eyes before he could even stabilize himself after landing.

"Oh my god!"

As the reporters ran away more gunfire began to erupt as guards exited city hall.

"Annoying!" The lizard shouted as it blocked its eyes

With a swing, he smashed his tail into two cars as they launched toward the building. Forcing all the guards to take cover.

Now that there were fewer bullets coming at him Connors quickly began looking through the crowd until he met his eyes with mine. He gave a slight grin before he dashed my way.

"Tch" With a click of my tongue I knew I was in for an annoying evening.

Instead of running away, I charged right back at him much to his surprise if his expression was anything to go by. Taking advantage of that moment I dove between his legs while dodging his hand which tried to grab me.

This left his eyes open once again as Scout 2 began unloading.


With him being distracted I quickly switched places with Scout 3. While I took some cover and began thinking about what I could do.

The Lizard was not only bigger but he was also stronger, tougher, and had a better healing factor. The only way to beat him was by wearing out his serum but that was a problem in itself.

Checking my pockets I pulled out the web shooters Peter had given to me.

"Perfect." Strapping them on I checked around the street as I made note of every camera before launching webs at each one removing them from the equation.

Then I pulled off my coat before ripping pieces of it to form a makeshift mask. There were still people in the area and I didn't want my full prowess exposed.

With added breathing room I got out of my hiding spot and looked at the fight zone which was much more destroyed than earlier. It seemed that my 10 seconds of absence was enough to cause plenty of property damage.

The Scouts in particular stayed true to their orders as they kept their distance while loading Conners full of lead. It seems like it really was a good idea to load up Scout 01's experience into the rest. That one decision made this fight much easier for the two robots.

"There you are!" Connors shouted as he recognized me based on his smell.

Ignoring my scouts he quickly began ripping off poles and other items from the street as he hurled them at me.

However, I simply dodged them perfectly ruining his attempt.

Once all the debris was cleared I began walking to him as I made some light stretches which further irritated him before I suddenly began a full sprint.

Connors had barely any time to react when I suddenly ran up his torso unloading multiple kicks.

"Ughhh" Being pushed back he looked at me with surprise.

The last time he felt pain from a person was Spider-Man. Yet that should have been an anomaly Spider-Man had powers however now he has another human in front of him capable of accomplishing the same feat.

From this point, our fight raged on with my life constantly on the line. One mess-up was enough for him to kill me however this wasn't the case for Connors.

It didn't matter how much I injured him, it was like it happened yesterday. Not bothering him in the slightest.

[Slight POV Change]

Connors on the other hand was having a completely different experience. Here he had his target right in front of him yet he couldn't touch him!

Every swipe was redirected, every punch dodged, and not even his tail worked when he included it. What made it worse was the look of confidence his eyes chaired. Not an ounce of fear nor hesitation. Every move was calculated and precise as he read Connors like a book.

In annoyance, Connors tried to press further by adding his weight into the mix. Yet that ended up proving to be a bad decision.

[POV return]

Noticing the slight change in his muscles I knew what was coming and slid my body closer as I took full control of his strength. Before using it against him as I redirected his frame and flipped his hulking body in the process.


Layed-out Connors just stared into the sky in shock.

Shouldn't he be the next step in evolution? Yet why was he the one losing?

Why why why why why!!!

Then he thought back to his serum… it's because it hasn't been perfected yet. Once it's permanent then he will truly be the next step. Then he could share it with the world.

Getting up Connors ignored me and my scouts who were shooting him before running away.

I would have been happy to have him gone but my mind thought back to the movie. If that is anything to go by then spreading his serum is definitely going to be his next move.

Unlike the movie, we don't need to go searching for his lab because I already know his plans ahead of time.

With the Lizard gone, I went and checked on the scouts. Fortunately, they had only minor damage like scratches and dents but nothing that would affect their performance.

Now that I had that taken care of I looked around the area and noticed that all the bystanders had already left leaving me alone. Giving me the chance to leave my makeshift mask and coat in my car in favor of a baggy sweater.

While I was busy switching clothes my ears picked up on a familiar sound.

Thwip! Thwip!

Swinging in the distance I saw Peter wearing a new Spider suit reminiscent of the one used in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. Which was way better than that thing he wore to fight the Lizard last time.

"Seriously what was that trashy put-together thing he wore last time? Even Tom Holland's year one suit was better than whatever it was he put together." I said to myself as I imagined the horrible get-up that made him look like Spider-Hobo rather then Spider-Man


Landing in the middle of the street Peter looked cautious as he checked his surroundings only to be met with confusion as the Lizard was missing.

"Huh, Kol? Where's the Lizard at?" Peter asked while looking at the debris

"He was here a couple of minutes ago but you missed him. Where were you anyway school should be out right now?"

"Ugh I was distracted…" he said while rubbing his head "But hey I think I may know where the Lizard is hiding. You see the last time I fought him he ran away into the sewers which is most likely his hiding area right now. With that in mind, I've been checking the sewers for the past week and got it narrowed down to a small area. He gots to be there." Peter looked quite proud of this and was all ready to go swim in crap to get Connors.

"Hmm you're probably right that does sound like the most likely place for him to be" I said In agreement

"Right? I'm going to go check it out. I'll call if I find anything." Peter said before shooting out a web as he began swinging in the same direction as Connors.

Now I could have told Peter all about Connor's plan but I chose not to. For one I didn't really have a good explanation as to why I knew what I knew. I also didn't want to make things up and risk him cross-checking things later on.

Anyway, it's not like we're both needed at Oscorp to handle the Ganali Device.

With that in mind, I ran to my car and opened a secret compartment I made. Which revealed the stealth suit I used last time to break into Oscorp.

Who knows while I'm there I can check if they added anything new for me to check out.

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