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For one individual, the boundary between science fiction and reality blurs when they are unexpectedly transmigrated into the Marvel universe, a place where the technological wonders of their dreams are tangible. Equipped with a system that promises growth and evolution, they begin as an underdog in a world of heroes and villains. Drawing inspiration from the movies, comics, and even cartoons, this alternate universe (AU) tale weaves a narrative that, while familiar, brings its own unique twists and turns. As our protagonist navigates this new life, they will encounter romance, face challenges, and harness the power of advanced technology to rise to the heights of power within the Marvel Patreon Unknown_To_All The upload schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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Chapter 44 Nick Fury

The survival and escape of Tony Stark had immediately caused headlines. No one had actually expected for the billionaire playboy to survive as there had been no information on his whereabouts for months. It was only logical for most to assume that he died.

In response to this, reporters from all over rushed to California for the latest news. Which was only stressed further when Tony had called for a press conference. Announcing his company's departure from weapon manufacturing, shocking the nation in the process.

Everyone had assumed that the news of a police Robot would be the biggest thing to happen this year but it seemed like this was not exactly the case. Who would have expected Tony Stark, a weapons dealer, to not deal in weapons?

Such a decision sparked gossip and controversy with most pointing out that this behavior was most likely PTSD.

Tony wasn't the only one to come under fire but his company did as well. With their stocks dropping to all-time lows by 52% as shareholders scrambled to sell what they could. All In an effort to jump out of what they thought was a sinking ship.

While all this happened in California. Kol was stuck in a situation he had expected on the other side of the country in New York.

[First Person]

Standing at the entrance of my warehouse I locked eyes with a mysterious man wearing an eye patch sitting in my chair.

"Kol Dagon, Teenage genius millionaire inventor. You've made some interesting moves lately…" Fury said while I turned on the lights revealing the man sitting in the shadows.

"You said that like it explains why there's a total stranger in the dark on my property. While sitting in my second favorite chair. How did you even get past my Scouts Bots?" I asked while noticing that they were still guarding outside as usual. Yet he was in here nonchalant.

Fury appeared amused by my reaction as he gave a slight grin.

"That's what I was getting too. I am Nick Fury with the Strategic, Homeland, Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. We're the ones meant to handle situations before the world gets shaken up but let's just say your friends outside have caused that to fail spectacularly." Fury said while gesturing toward the scouts guarding the perimeter.

Looks like I was right in expecting them to show up pretty soon and man does that name suck. I can't wait for them to just start calling themselves SHIELD.

"Never heard of you guys"

"And we'd like to keep it that way. You see, your invention has made the world nervous. While its purpose is good it's still dangerous."

Which was a good point but my robots will eventually be the least of his worries.

"So you're here to take me out? Like that guy who made a car run on water instead of oil" I asked in a joking manner while remembering a popular conspiracy theory back in my world. That sounds probable now that I think about it.

Fury didn't seem to enjoy my humor as he remained serious.

"Look, you're worried about the technology I created. I get that, but tell me why you're really here, and don't say it's because of the scouts. They are just a small reason for you being here." I told him while taking a seat for myself.

"If you were really upset about the tech then the government would have been all over this ending in various different scenarios. From having my technology confiscated all the way to assasination but this didn't happen. Instead, we find ourselves in this room sitting at a table together. So tell me why you're really here and more importantly what do you want?"

Fury didn't say anything for a moment as he tapped his fingers on the desk. His gaze was locked onto mine while he tried to read me but found it difficult. NZT had practically made me a perfect actor so that was a dead end for him no matter how experienced.

"You're too intelligent for your own good but luckily for you I am here for something else and that something is you." Fury commented while leaning forward with his arms on his knees. "Your machines and apps are really impressive but don't you think you could be making more of a difference in the world? Come work for me and you'll be provided with the best personnel, tools, and machinery that money can buy."

The weight of his offer hung heavy in the room but my answer was clear.

"Sorry, I quite like my freedoms and besides I doubt I'll be paid more than I can make on my own."

He didn't seem offended by my words and actually looked like he expected my refusal.

"Then instead of working for me, how about with me? You wanted to make a contract with the city of New York right? So how about making a contract with us?"

Now this was a much better offer. Shield while infested with snakes did have some good people in it alongside plenty of resources. A contract with them would speed up plenty of my plans.

However, the problem all goes back to Hydra. These dudes were deeply rooted and even I with my NZT didn't know every single member. I only knew the ones I had seen in the movie which were just a few.

Usually, snakes like them would be enough for me to say no and refuse the offer but my mind worked fast as I tried to find a way to solve this. Until I suddenly had a bright idea.

If I worked with Shield this would inadvertently lessen Hydra's threat. In their point of view, it would be like I was working for them so they wouldn't really do anything to me for the foreseeable future.

Then there was also the opportunity for me to secretly kill them all.

You see Fallout had some very interesting tech some of which were the implants that had appeared in the enhancement section. Something I'm sure Shield and Hydra would both be greatly interested in.

It wasn't as good as a super soldier serum but it was still an enhancement nonetheless. I could use the implants as one of my first business deals with them. While secretly altering them to not only find traitors but also blow them up with the flick of a switch.

This would obviously be a long process and I'm sure that these implants won't be placed in every single Hydra agent. However, this would all eventually be worth it by the time of the events in the Captain America movie. Allowing me to save the lives of numerous agents in the chaos by taking out the traitors.

Returning my focus to Fury I thought about taking a bit more advantage of the guy since I'd be helping him with a major problem in the future anyway.

"I'd like to accept that deal under three conditions" Fury raised an eyebrow at this but looked intrigued.

"One I want my Scouts to be approved within the month. Second I want your assistance when it comes to getting hi-tech machinery. Third, I want an unused missile silo.

"Hmm, I can make all three of those happen but mind if I ask why you want a silo?"

"Well, I need a new location for a bigger lab. This one served its purpose and is constantly swarmed by the press. An empty silo provides both privacy and security." Then there's also the fact that having a lab deep underground reminds me of the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil.

Fury gave a nod in response agreeing that it was a good location. It would only need some touch-ups before becoming a fully functioning laboratory.

After this Fury opened up a suitcase while taking out multiple legal documents that he had already prepared beforehand. Usually, I would have called for Marcel to look things over but this deal was too secretive to involve him. So I checked everything on my own.

With the documents signed by both parties, Fury placed everything back in his suitcase before looking at me ready to start his requests.

"The scouts you are going to provide for the police are impressive but they don't exactly fit my people's line of work." Nick said while expecting for me to have the sort of tech he'd need.

"I'll see what I can do. Give me a couple of weeks before I can write up some plans and we'll sign off on our first transaction then"

Hearing this Nick stood up and walked to the door with me following behind so the scouts didn't kill him.

"We'll be in touch"

[+10 Points Meeting Nick Fury]

[+100 Points Your company has now started dealing with Shield]




With Fury gone, I walked back into my warehouse a bit surprised that he was able to get through not only my scouts but even my traps.

Apparently, he was a better spy than I gave him credit for. I also had a feeling that my place was bugged again, requiring me to recheck everything, and to my amazement there was none. Even my spiders were safe, not even missing a limb.

"He must be trying to keep a good image but that doesn't mean I'll let my guard down." Saying that I checked the company's accounts and took note of our increase in funds.

The spotlight being placed on us also had its positives with this being one of them. With so much interest being aimed at us it is obvious that people would search us up.

In doing so they discovered my app Specter but what really got their attention was the game apps. Which inadvertently caused us to gain a boom financially.

We were actually nearing 200 million in funds and this would only continue to grow with our new partnerships. Which was plenty for what I was about to do next.

Heading online I began checking Starks Stock and gave a light smile at how much it had really dropped. The poor fools didn't even know they were dropping golden eggs.

Fortunately, I am a generous person with a good heart who is willing to pick up said eggs.

Without hesitation, I immediately began investing in Stark Stock. Which did earn me decent amounts but nowhere near what fanfics make it out to be.

I wasn't suddenly the major shareholder nor did I hold a significant stake. This was the real world and a billionaire's company wouldn't fall so low that I, a millionaire, would buy him out. However, this was fine with me as I would still make a pretty good amount of profit in the future.

With that done I began thinking about tech that would go well with Shield. The implants were an obvious choice as I already had big plans for them. The next ones however needed to go well with spies.

"System show me some spy tech"



Gadgets +100

Mission Impossible

Gadgets +100

Green Hornet

Gadgets +100

[4160 Points Available]

"Wow very descriptive"


Well, it doesn't matter I remember every gadget anyway and all three of those worlds really do have some good stuff.

Kingsman is the epitome of spy tech with every piece of clothing and item being a useful tool. They had an umbrella that was both a gun and a shield, poison pens, knife shoes, and even spy glasses.

The suits the Kingsman wear are also bulletproof making me wonder if this could be further enhanced with the Ballistic weave.

Looking at the next option I gave an acknowledging smile as I recalled the tech used in the movies. Some of the stuff was even better than that of the kingsman like the spy contact lenses, voice change, realistic mask, climbing gloves, and a foam that eats metal. Which might even be useful against Vibranium. Not that I'd use it on it since that metal is just too good to waste like that.

Then lastly there was the green hornet. Out of the three, it was the least impressive with its most notable equipment being the car. Which had multiple weapons equipped along with stealth capabilities.

With everything in mind, I was going to buy the gadgets from Kingsman and Mission Impossible Only but then I thought about my Dodge charger.

"It could use a little upgrade"

"System purchase the gadgets from all three of those worlds."

[Would you like to confirm your purchase?]


Clicking yes everything began flowing in as I immediately gained the information on multiple gadgets each one unique. Some of which even spurred creativity in me for later projects.

When everything was done I immediately wanted to go and begin making some of these but forced myself to hold back as I looked at an unfinished headset in the corner of the room.


I need to finish my VR tech first and use the World Seed to help make Cortana. A lot is going on and I really need an assistant.

With that in mind, I set my priorities straight as I went back to my work desk and began working on the neural link needed for the headset.