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For one individual, the boundary between science fiction and reality blurs when they are unexpectedly transmigrated into the Marvel universe, a place where the technological wonders of their dreams are tangible. Equipped with a system that promises growth and evolution, they begin as an underdog in a world of heroes and villains. Drawing inspiration from the movies, comics, and even cartoons, this alternate universe (AU) tale weaves a narrative that, while familiar, brings its own unique twists and turns. As our protagonist navigates this new life, they will encounter romance, face challenges, and harness the power of advanced technology to rise to the heights of power within the Marvel Patreon Unknown_To_All The upload schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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Chapter 38 The Grind

The next couple of days were a blur as almost all of my time was spent completing tasks. The very first thing I did was apply for early graduation much to my teacher's displeasure. They complained saying I only needed to wait a month for the exams but I still insisted.

Even a month was plenty of time for me to get things done. Especially when I no longer wished to be weak. So I made it my mission to improve in every facet of my life.

I visited dojos and learned Karate, Kungfu, Krav Maga, Boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and many more. If I wasn't watching them then I was practicing and mixing them choosing the moves I felt were the most useful. As I merged everything together seamlessly.

Throughout this process, I refused to let my body fall behind and worked myself to the bone. Constantly pushing my limits as I did weight and flexibility training. In doing so I made an astonishing discovery.

CH-24's effect on my body enhanced my training with quick recovery. I could break down my muscles as much as I wanted and my healing factor would repair the damage making them stronger. It was such a cheat that my strength made massive improvements.

My body no longer struggled to lift a thousand pounds but was now able to lift 4 thousand pounds with some effort. Every day was filled with training which quickly became apparent as my body changed due to the rigorous training. However, this soon proved to be a problem.

I wasn't skinny anymore and was slowly looking more and more like a true super soldier. Something that would definitely catch Shield's attention with it not being normal to change that fast. Due to this, I had no choice but to buy overly large and baggy clothes looking like a guy version of Billie Eilish.

My machines also began to arrive around this time giving me something else to work on. I wanted to start with SAO and AI technologies but I knew they would take time. So I stuck with the plan and worked on the Police projects.

The easiest to accomplish was the Ballistic weave gaining a working prototype within a day. The special material was so impressive that I modified all my clothing. Giving me added protection for my day-to-day life.

The Chappies on the other hand which is what I took to calling them fared as a greater challenge. I needed to actually mold the metals into shape and make each piece personally due to not having machines made specifically for these robots.

This would change in the future but for now, it was a problem I had to deal with. I complained while I worked on some circuitry before noticing something going on the TV.

[Good Morning New York today we have some surprising news.]

[Recently there have been a spike in arrests due to an Unknown masked vigilante swinging through the city. Not much is known as of yet but people have already taken to calling him the Spider-Man]

[If you have any information or pictures on this masked man please call us at (1 800-]

While the TV was still going on I quickly snapped a photo before sending it to Peter. Who surprisingly didn't reply as my message went straight to voicemail.

"Huh that's weird I wonder what he is busy with?"




Peter looked down at his phone as he swiped the call, putting his phone away. He felt bad but he was really onto something here at Oscorp.

[System ready for gene insertion]

With the system ready Peter walked over to Doctor Connors while holding a hologram in his hand.

"Check, see what I'm trying to do?"

"Preempt the Proteins?"

"Yeah for the immune response"

Connors and Peter were fluid as they worked together arranging and rearranging as they changed and adjusted the genes.

[Pending pending failed]

[Subject deceased]

[Pending failed subject deceased]

At this point, Connors grew frustrated and held his head as he walked away expecting more failure but Peter remained steadfast. Completely focused on the hologram hoping for success.

[Peptide Algorithm Successful]

The sound of success caught Connor's attention as he walked back to the hologram.

[Vitals normal]

[Limb regeneration successful]

"Extraordinary… Peter my boy thank you"

"We did it!"

In a moment of joy, the two shared a hug before looking back at the feed. They both recognized what this meant and it was only the beginning.

"After this, we can continue animal trials until we eventually perfect it for people. Then no one will ever have to live crippled again!"

Connor's passion was palpable with how enthusiastic he was about the whole thing. Peter as well but he noticed a call from Ben and knew his time was up.

He gave his goodbyes to the professor before running out of the lab. He had messed up once not being there for his family, almost getting his uncle killed. He won't make that mistake twice.

Left alone in his lab, Connors walked over and held the serum in his hands as he looked upon it with joy knowing he was almost there. His mood however soon took a downturn as a man wearing a business suit entered his lab.

"So it succeeded my congratulations Connors I want this at my desk by the end of the week"

"Norman I can't, it's not ready. We still have to do more animal trials to find the side effects and-"Connor's words soon cut off as Norman held his hand out.


"Now Connor's you will do as told. The board and General Ross have been pressuring me for something like this and yours is the closest to success. If it's not at my desk by Friday then I'll consider this your termination from the company ending your dream of ever having that arm back."

Connors nearly collapsed onto his chair hearing these words. Not only was that serum his lifelong dream but also the only way he'd ever have an arm again.

"Don't believe me, well you do know I'm somewhat of a scientist myself. So I can complete that serum with or without you."

Backed into a corner Connors grits his teeth and nods his head accepting Osborne's orders.

"Also that kid you were working with, that's Peter, right? He used to help Harry in school for a while. Let him know I got a job offer. I want him to tutor Harry again. He's been doing poorly In school and I don't think he's going to fare any better during his final exams."

Connors grew worried for a moment but felt relief knowing that's all he wanted from Peter and accepted that task as well.

"Don't make that face Connors, I'm not a monster. Besides I have more important matters to attend to, speaking of which Octavious should be working on his fusion reactor." With those words, Norman Osborn began walking out of the room ready to check on his next scientist.

Leaving behind a distraught Connors who sat still looking at the serum with helpless eyes.




[POV Switch]

Bam bam bam

"Huu, somehow this is actually fun to do" I said to myself as I hammered a heated piece of metal.

Placing it down I connected it with the rest of its parts making a full-body Chappie. The circuitry was already in place along with the ears that are actually antennas.

All in all, it was basically a complete project but I still needed to do the finishing touches like painting and working on the programming.

Then there was also the server I needed to make specifically for these robots. However, this was all light work for me at this point. At most, it'd take me the rest of the day and maybe an all nighter before completion.

Rummaging in my bag I pulled out the new phone I got to replace the one I destroyed. Scrolling through a couple of screens before I reached Gwen's contact information. With some quick typing, I sent her a message.

Kol: Hey Gwen I know this is a little random but do you think you can set up a meeting for me with your dad? I made some stuff that I think the police will be interested in.

I was about to put away my phone but unlike Peter, it seemed she was available quickly sending me back a message.

Gwen: Sure I'll ask him right now

Huh, so her dad's home must be rare considering he's a Police Captain.

Gwen: Talked to my dad and he said he didn't have a lot of time tomorrow but if you show up around 7 am he might be able to squeeze you in a couple of minutes.

"Seven huh guess I'm not sleeping tonight but at least I can finish Chappie by that time." With a deadline in mind, I sent her a thank you message before tossing the phone back into my bag.

"Now back to the grind I go" Hopping onto my computer, I began typing away as I started the finishing touches.

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