19 Chapter 19: Who Said It's Just You Alone?

"So, you kidnapped me here just for this?"

Tony sat down on the ground, his face full of incredulity.

"The Superman who suddenly popped up in our world is not an idiot!"

Of course, Tony naturally did not dare to say such words to his face, otherwise, he estimated that the next moment he would be directly cut in half by a hot laser, one half left and one half right.

"You just need to tell me whether you will do it or not!"

As a matter of fact, Peter was naturally not an idiot.

If one went to him for help, whether or not he would help was one thing, and whether he would try his best after agreeing to help was another matter.

More importantly, if that was the case, he would owe him a favor.

And now, with just a change in roles, Tony had no choice but to do his best for him.

"Okay, do I have any other choice?"

Tony, wearing a thin pajama, hugged himself to keep his body warm, his tone full of helplessness.

"But other things can be put aside for now. If you don't give me some warm clothes soon, I might freeze to death."

"Ten minutes."

Leaving a sentence, Peter's figure instantly broke through the air.


Seeing Peter leave, Tony shivered his body while quickly getting up from the ground.

He looked at the hole above the ice cave, then quickly came to the outer rock wall, climbing up with hands and feet.

However, in less than a minute, Peter's figure flew back again, carrying a thick down jacket and a pile of firewood.


Putting down the firewood on the ground, Peter looked interestingly at Tony, who had just climbed less than two meters up the rock wall.

"This guy, didn't he say he would be back after ten minutes?"

At this moment, Tony, who could neither continue climbing up nor climb down, had an embarrassed look on his face.

Suddenly his foot slipped, and his whole body slid down the rock wall like a salted fish.

"Cough cough, it was too cold just now, so I got up to do some exercise!"

Sitting on the ground, Tony smiled awkwardly and said.

"If you can climb out tonight, I'll let you go."

It wasn't that Peter was looking down on Tony, without the aid of something else, he probably wouldn't be able to climb out of here for the rest of his life.

"Put it on."

While throwing the down jacket to Tony, Peter's eyes shot out a heat vision that instantly ignited the firewood on the ground.

As the firewood burned, the surrounding temperature gradually began to rise.


Without hesitation, Tony put on the down jacket and sat next to the fire. He exhaled the remaining cold air from his body.

"By the way, the battle suit you said you wanted me to make, what kind of battle suit is it?"

As the temperature rose, Tony finally began to think about what Peter wanted him to do. After all, only by doing this thing well could he truly save his own life.

"Have you heard of nanometals..."

"What? A nano metal battle suit that can cover the whole body in seconds? Are you sure you're not kidding?"

Hearing Peter's request, Tony was instantly shocked and stood up.

"You want me to make you a nano battle suit out of thin air here, in this crude environment, without any materials and experimental facilities, all by myself?"

"I think you might as well just kill me. This is basically an impossible thing to accomplish."

This requirement was no different from asking a weaponless primitive man to hand rub an AK47 in Tony's eyes. It was almost impossible to accomplish.

"Let's put the laboratory and experimental equipment aside for now. Who told you it was just you alone?"

After leaving this sentence, Peter's figure instantly disappeared on the spot.

A moment later, Peter's figure returned here again. 

Putting down the person he was holding, his figure soared into the sky again and disappeared instantly.

"Cough cough, I'm Tony Stark."

Looking at the person who suddenly appeared, Tony was stunned for a moment before slowly greeting.

"Ugh... Wow!"

However, what responded to him was a violent vomiting sound.

"Ahem, you'll get used to this."

In the capacity of one who had gone through this, Tony comforted the poor fellow who almost vomited everything out of his stomach, while he almost couldn't help but exclaim in his heart: "That's right, this is what it feels like."

"Cough cough, hello Mr. Tony Stark, I have heard your name for a long time."

"Back then, I went to your company to seek funding for my experimental project, but unfortunately it was rejected on the grounds that the project did not fit the development direction of your company. It is a pity that I did not even get to see your face."

Finally suppressing the urge to continue vomiting, the man slowly straightened up and reached out to Tony.

"But still, nice to meet you. I'm Reed Richards."

Before the two could shake hands.

A figure appeared next to them again, attracting their attention.


"Haha..." ×2

Seeing an old man with somewhat gray hair, the familiar sound of vomiting as soon as he landed, made the two, who were still a little surprised, laugh together.


In less than half an hour's time, Peter had traveled back and forth several times with his Superman physique.

He brought back some famous Marvel scientists from around the world who he was familiar with, and their research fields covered almost all the hot fields in the scientific community.

For the current Peter, bringing most scientists back was very easy.

And almost no trace was left behind.

It was only when bringing back the last scientist that Peter had to work a little harder, just a little.

Africa, Wakanda.

A country that was extremely backward on the surface, living by farming and raising livestock.

However, hidden under the illusion was a technologically advanced city like the future.

And under this land was hidden the most abundant and precious mineral resource in the entire Marvel universe - Vibranium.

But today Peter did not come for Vibranium.

But for a scientist in Wakanda who was as smart as Tony.

In the royal palace of Wakanda, T'Chaka, the king, was discussing Wakanda's development direction with his subordinates.

"Bad news, Your Majesty, someone is breaking into Wakanda..."

A sudden exclamation sounded in the originally quiet and solemn palace.

"What's going on..."


Just as King T'Chaka was surprised.

A huge roar came from outside.

"Bad news, the protective shield module in the southwest sky has failed."

In just an instant, the protective shield that could withstand missile strikes instantly failed.

"What exactly is going on."

King T'Chaka's expression was full of shock.

"Reporting to the king, it seems to be... Superman. Bad news, he's heading for the Princess's Palace."

"Damn it, quickly send someone to protect the Princess."

At this moment, T'Chaka had no time to think about why Superman had broken into their Wakanda. His worry about his daughter made him very anxious.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, the princess has been taken hostage."


(End of Chapter)

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