Marvel: So I'm a Supreme Being, So What? [Under Edit]

A soul wakes up in a spider egg inside the great elroe labyrinth. The difference being that, this is not the world of the novel he had read in his previous life. The great elroe labyrinth is now a high level dungeon in the up-and-coming DMMO-RPG YGGDRASIL. Recognising this to instead be the world of overlord, he becomes a supreme being of Nazarick and prepares to transmigrate to the new world only to end up in the world of marvel during ancient times. Read as our protagonist, now known as Shiraori, intentionally or unintentionally sets up her own pantheon and shakes the world of marvel comics and movies. Warning: This is a gender bender, the protagonist is a male before coming to the world of overlord. Most likely there won’t be any real romance, but I will show some yandere obsession scenes. I have wanted to try writing this story for a long time. A portion of the story will focus on the nazarick npc's and shiraori coming to be known as gods and forming their own pantheon in ancient times along with wars with other pantheons. I have quiet a few ideas I want to try in this fanfic. Also Momonga will ‘NOT’ be going to the marvel world. The image is not mine. The creator of the image can ask me to remove it at any time Marvel x Overlord X Kumo desu ga nani ka? (So I’m a spider so what?)

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Mobius M. Mobius PoV:

'What have we gotten ourselves into?' This was a question Mobius had never even considered. As a member of the TVA, created by the time keepers, stopping nexus events was his life's raison d'etre. He might have had a longing for jet ski's as well but that fascination was not enough to distract him from his work. That was how it had always been for as long as he could remember. Today as well, should have been like any other day. Well 'day' is not a correct term to use as time runs differently in the TVA, but he digressed. What he meant to say was that he should have had a pleasant meal while preventing the sacred timeline from branching. Maybe stop a nexus event or two. But none of this was within his or rather any of the hunters and minutemen with him in this situation.

Mobius was having a conversation with Judge Renslayer which was interrupted by hunter B-15. Panic was evident on her face. That itself was a giveaway of a slightly odd situation. She spoke in a hurry,

"There is a fork in the timeline. It's starting to cause chaos on a massive scale. I have never seen a nexus event like this. Not even the time keepers have warned us about this situation. We have to stop this quickly before it gets out of control."

That was…odd. The time keepers regulated the flow of the sacred timeline. They generally informed the TVA of any branches in the timeline in time for them to be stopped. The only reason he could think of that they did not inform them of this nexus event was if they were not aware of it themselves.

Judge Renslayer called upon Miss Minutes and analysed everything before sending an announcement to the TVA,

" Hunter team's B and C will be dispatched to deal with the anomaly. Temporal interference is about to cross the threshold. Act immediately. Mobius you will be going with them."

Giving a nod to Renslayer, Mobius made his way with B-15 to where the hunters were quickly getting equipped. Mobius got equipped quickly as well. He did not specialize in fighting but as an experienced agent, he had faced his fair share of battles as well. They quickly used the tempad to open the timedoor to the location of the detected anomaly. It was rather far back into the Earth's past at around 400 BCE. Although Earth was a common target for the TVA to act upon, they rarely ventured that far into the past. It was well known in the TVA that Earth was at its most chaotic period around the 19th century and onwards. This still did not change their task as exited the timedoor into a lush forest.

The hunters and minutemen were holding their time sticks while analysing their surroundings carefully. It was Mobius who took the lead in directing them towards the location where the temporal interference was coming from using the tempad. He was already used to this. All Modius wanted was to finish his task quickly and go back to eat some salad. That…was until where things were fine.

The signals on the tempad spiked as they heard footsteps approaching them calmly. He signalled all the hunters to be alert. What appeared in front of them was a mad in a red pinstriped suit and pant with glasses covering his eyes and a massive grin on his face. His hands crossed behind his back. He was probably not human. He thought so due to the tail swishing behind him. Why 'probably'? Mobius had met a lot of freaks during his job. The man in front of them could have been similar to such a freak. Maybe the tail was simply some sort of bionic-attachment. Though it could not be denied that he was some sort of monster as well.

Following closely behind the man was a…maid? It was a maid with blond hair and although she was a stunning lady, the creepy grin on her face destroyed that image of her. Anyway, they better finish this quickly as these two creeps were giving him the chills. Just as B-15 was going to speak, the man beat her to it.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Demiurge. My lady has sincerely invited you to meet her. I would like not to displease her by being late, so if you could kindly follow me we will proceed. I don't think you would like what will happen otherwise."

He spoke with a tone of absolute confidence. This was the same tone they used while sentencing people for violation the sacred timeline. A look high up from above cast on those time criminals.

"We will meet your lady next. But first, we hereby arrest the both of you for crimes against the sacred timeline."

B-15 disregarded the man's words and replied. It was too late to stop her. It seems she could not sense the strength of the two people in front of her. Or she was too drunk on arrogance to notice.

As the minutemen and hunters surrounded the two time criminals, one of them tried to handcuff the maid with the time twisters, only for her to change into jelly and come out intact. She spoke,

"Is it fine if we capture them, lord Demiurge?"

"Well, we invited them and gave them a warning. I believe lady White's condition has been fulfilled. Go ahead, but don't waste too much time. Just make sure they live, we don't know if lady White has some other plans for them."

"As you wish." She replied with he creepy grin spreading wider, to inhumane extents.

She turned into slime and swallowed three of the minutemen before spewing them out. They had passed out.

"Don't worry. While I specialize in assassination, I like to play with poison as well. I only injected the three of them with a mild anaesthetic." She commented with an odd glee in her voice.

This was all wrong. We can't deal with these two. Just the maid is this dangerous, not to mention the man named Demiurge who seems to be her superior.

"We have to leave. NOW." Mobius commanded and while B-15 looked like she wanted to continue fighting, she had some sanity left after all. She seemed to agree as well. The danger was evident now.

"Now, I can't have you escape. That will mean I failed the task entrusted to me and I would rather die than to let that happen. So, CEASE ALL RESISTENCE AND FORGET ANY IDEAS OF ESCAPE."

What the hell is he…WHAT? My body won't listen to me. It's as if Demiurge's words had magic. It appears to be the same for the rest of them as well.

"DON'T ENTERTAIN ANY THOUGHTS OF ENDING YOUR OWN LIFE. HAND OVER ANY WEAPONS OR TOOLS YOU MIGHT BE CARRYING. It appears that my worries were for nought. All of you amount to only this much after all. Perhaps I was indeed too cautious. Solution, take all their items."

"Yes, lord Demiurge."

The maid Solution took all of our tempads, time-twisters and time sticks in her possession before melting them into her own body.

"FOLLOW OBEDIENTLY. And you would do best to show sincere respect to my lady. Even if she is kind and merciful enough to forgive any of your sins, the rest of us are not. I would have wanted to take time playing with all of you even more, but I do realise we are starting to run late."

While the man named Demiurge finished speaking, a black swirling void opened behind him. As the both of them entered into the void, all of us followed after him not knowing what fate awaits us.


A/N: I just rewatched Loki recently, so I decided why not include this. I can also include the concepts of time travel, multiverse etc reasonably with this.