Marvel: Reborn as Carnage

Author: HentaiGodZ
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What is Marvel: Reborn as Carnage

Read ‘Marvel: Reborn as Carnage’ Online for Free, written by the author HentaiGodZ, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A EX- Solider is reincarnated as Carnage with a Mutant Beast System as Peter Parker's brother. He chooses to become the ...


A EX- Solider is reincarnated as Carnage with a Mutant Beast System as Peter Parker's brother. He chooses to become the most powerful Symboite in existence. He will forge his own path with the Mutant Beast System. This System grows more powerful the more you conquer powerful beautiful woman in Marvel and take their powers! Also by killing and controlling more heroes or villains you gain more OP levels and skills! The MC called Dante is now a symbiotic mutant two powerful forces in one with the Mutant Beast System ready to take over the world of Marvel and take over and control every sexy female superhero and villainous bodies! Will Dante become a hero? Or Villain? Dante will make his own company and kingdom build with his harem of deadly powerful beauties. Carnage rises. Kill everyone and everything. Take everything from everyone. Control everyone! 'Being this bad never felt so good.' Marvel X D.C mutliverse fanfic with X-Men elements as well. Will follow MCU and Marvel Comics. [Mature R-18 Warning] [Marvel x D.C- Multiverse Fanfic] [X-Men] -[Huge Harem] [Gray MC] [Genius MC] [Ruthless MC] [Villanous MC] [BDSM] [HARDCORE R-18 SMUT] [CYOA] [AU] [Mind Control] [Mind Break] [Extra Tags]: Multiverse, System, Anti-hero, OP MC, Ruthless MC, Hardcore R-18

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Story was okay but obviously becomes trash when the author becomes greedy and never posted a real chapter after chapter 8 because they want money on pxtreon lol trash author don’t bother


i like this kind of MC .heheheeh man of culture .


Hello i have a idea you can do book system creation bijuu tailed beast ?


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