Marvel: Little Genius

Reborn in the Marvel world, becoming Tony Stark's illegitimate child and gaining all the wisdom of the mechanical prodigy Hiro Hamada from the Big Hero 6. This is a story about a mechanical little genius and his charming old man... ************** This is not my story and is written by a Chinese author. This is a Machine translation. I have cleaned all the chapters I publish to the maximum of my capabilities. It's not perfect, but it's still an enjoyable read. **************

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Chapter: 24

"Life Saver No. 1! What kind of strange thing have you come up with again?" Hearing Mark giving his inventions peculiar names, Tony was already used to it, but this time, the naming was so absurd that Tony was left speechless.

Sizzle sizzle~

Accompanied by the unique sound of magnetic axles rubbing against each other, Mark unveiled his creation. It was a shiny, doll-sized magnetic robot with a simple and minimalist design, consisting of a torso made up of three spheres and limbs made up of six cones.

"Magneto is a magnetic robot connected through a magnetic axle system throughout its body. Each part of its body can move flexibly in a 360-degree range, and it can be freely assembled and transformed. It is equipped with a high-speed centrifugal motor and graphene batteries, allowing it to operate at high speeds for one hour. It's my new little toy," Mark explained the principles and structure of Magneto to Tony.

Tony raised an eyebrow, "Not a bad idea, but if we're considering commercial development, we need to discuss it thoroughly later. What I'm most interested in right now is that, what is it?"

"Ahem," Mark pointed at the head of Magneto, "The small circular disk attached to Magneto's head with magnetic attraction."

Tony carefully looked and indeed saw a transparent disk slightly larger than a fingernail attached to the miniaturized head of Magneto. "Stop keeping me in suspense. Tell me what it is!"

Feeling Tony's impatient curiosity, Mark smiled proudly and explained, "Actually, it's an integrated graphene chip, but I added some special functions to it."

"The first function is a backup battery. I compressed and folded the graphene material it uses tens of thousands of times, allowing it to have an extremely high energy storage density without altering the properties of graphene. It can serve as a backup power source for the electromagnetic magnet on your chest, sustaining the magnet's normal operation for fifteen minutes."

"After all, you rely on the reactor in your chest for the functions of your armor. If you get carried away and don't control your energy consumption, it could really save your life. Fifteen minutes should be enough for you to find a sustainable power source for the device on your chest."

"The second function is an automatic distress signal. The sensors on the chip can detect your vital signs. When you encounter an emergency situation, it will automatically send out a distress signal. I've installed signal receivers on all the robots at home, my phone, and Pepper's Nini. The device closest to you will come to your aid when it receives the signal."

"And the installation is incredibly simple, no wiring needed. Just stick it on top of the Arc Reactor on your chest."

"Great stuff!" After listening, Tony immediately took it from Magneto and attached it to the Arc Reactor on his chest. "Do you have anything else? Bring it out!, I'm getting ready for the battlefield, so don't hold anything back!"

After witnessing the power of Mark's inventions multiple times, Tony now firmly believed in their practicality. Like when he was in Afghanistan, Mark's miraculous suit saved his life.

Now he was about to face the firepower of the Ten Rings once again. Although this time he was better prepared, with stronger defensive and offensive capabilities in his armor, he still felt a bit nervous without the desperation that fueled his previous fights. Tony hoped that Mark's inventions could provide him with some support in his heart.

"I do have something, and it's a weapon. However, it hasn't undergone safety testing yet, so I'm not sure if I should give it to you. After all, this is the first time I've made something this dangerous," Mark's expression turned somewhat tense as he mentioned the power of the weapon, seemingly recalling its destructive potential.

"In that case, you should definitely show it to me. Remember, I'm an expert in weapon design. Stark Industries relied on the weapons I designed for a living," Tony said, even more intrigued by Mark's description of the weapon as dangerous. He believed that facing those ruthless terrorists required using dangerous weapons against them!

"Well then, wait here for a moment. I had locked it up in the safe in my room. I have to retrieve it myself," Mark hesitated for a moment, thinking that it might be a good idea to have Tony's input as well. He went back to his room to retrieve this dangerous invention.

Soon, Mark returned downstairs with a box.


Mark placed the box on the garage workbench and unlocked the fingerprint verification lock on top.

As the box opened, Tony finally got to see the true appearance of this dangerous weapon. It was a completely black heavy pistol, with redwood decorations on both sides of the grip. The gun had no openings for magazine loading and unloading, and even the muzzle was different from traditional firearms, featuring an open-ended structure instead of a spiraling barrel.

"Dad, pick it up and give it a try."

Upon hearing Mark's request, Tony picked it up from the box, and he heard a prompt ringing in his ears, "Identity authentication successful. User is Tony Stark. Usage authorization confirmed. Dominator-Enforcer activated."

At the same time, a blue glow emanated from the hollow parts of the gun's body, and the safety mechanism on the gun was disengaged. The weapon had officially entered its operational state.

"Now you should have heard that prompt. It's a sound only heard by the person holding the weapon.

It's called the Dominator-Enforcer, a pistol that can assess the threat level of targets for the wielder and adapt different attack modes accordingly."