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Why did Apocalypse die naked on the street? Why did Iron Man scream miserably in the middle of the night? Why does Wakanda repeatedly fall into the wrong hands? Why is Asgard frequently targeted by thefts? Why couldn't Thanos snap his fingers, and who was behind it? What lies behind the Avengers' worried faces? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality? Stay tuned to this book as we follow the protagonist into their inner world... . . . . . . . . Not my story. Translation If you want to support me you. My pat*eon Id is--> pat*eon.com/Lord_Immortal_0170 Or you feel like tipping me for my hardwork you can do so on Ko*fi --> ko-fi.com/lord_immortal_0170

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King's Treasury

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Seeing the Cosmic Cube left on the ground, Zane said to Skynet, "Skynet, do you have information on the Hydra base distribution in your database? Just randomly pick one and throw this empty shell at them."

"Sure, boss."

Yes, the Cosmic Cube was still there. Zane had only fused with the Space Stone. The Cosmic Cube, serving as the outer shell of the Space Stone, still existed, albeit with a slightly dimmer glow. However, the energy contained inside was still astonishing.

With the power of S.H.I.E.L.D., Zane believed they would quickly locate it. In other words, Hydra was in for a surprise.

Zane couldn't believe that Hydra would remain indifferent if he threw the Cosmic Cube at their doorstep.

After instructing Skynet to lift the protection, Zane pushed open the door and saw Lorna still sitting on the sofa, studying textbooks earnestly. He breathed a sigh of relief inwardly; it seemed she hadn't noticed what had just happened.

Approaching cautiously, Zane gently embraced Lorna, closing his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Lorna obediently leaned against Zane's shoulder, asking. Unfortunately, all Zane responded with was his long and deep breaths; he had fallen asleep. The two hours of enhancement had already exhausted Zane physically and mentally. Holding Lorna in his arms, he unconsciously drifted off to sleep, not even checking the changes in the Magic Furnace after merging with the Space Stone or the new messages from the system.

Unnoticed by the sleeping Zane, Lorna raised her head, finding him already asleep. Without waking him up, she took a blanket from the side and covered Zane. Then, she leaned against his broad chest and continued reading her book.

Today, when they went out, Zane had bought textbooks for Lorna from elementary school to high school. As she had never attended school, studying these was challenging for her. However, in order to help Zane in the future, she made an effort to learn, hoping to stand by Zane's side.


The next morning, Zane woke up. Just as he was about to rub his eyes with his hand, he found that his hand seemed unable to move. Turning his head, he saw Lorna sleeping on his hand, still dreaming. The sweet sight made Zane couldn't help but give her a kiss. Then, he carefully withdrew his hand and replaced it with a pillow.

Half an hour later, Lorna, with sleepy eyes, walked to the kitchen, following the fragrance.

"When will we eat?"

"Wait a moment, it'll be ready soon. Go freshen up."

Zane freed his hand to rub Lorna's hair, making her previously messy hair look like a beehive. Annoyed, Lorna shook her head and went to freshen up as instructed.

Watching Lorna's drowsy appearance, Zane smiled contentedly. This was the life he wanted—simple and warm. However, such a life in the Marvel Universe required the protection of power. If anyone dared to destroy it, Zane didn't mind teaching them a bloody lesson.

During the gap when Lorna went to freshen up, Zane began to check his changes.

"System, open the character panel."

[Name: Zane Abs

Age: 16 years old]

Active Skills: A-rank [God's Absence], B-rank [Thousand Faces]

Passive Skills: S-rank [Death River] (Remaining Resurrections: 1), S-rank [Magic Furnace], A-rank [Son of Death], C-rank [Culinary Master]

Lottery Entries: S-rank lottery once]

"Wait a minute, something's not right."

Zane rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he might be experiencing some illusion. How did an S-rank lottery suddenly appear?

"Oh, yesterday it seems the system made a sound."

Zane suddenly remembered that there was a message from the system last night that he hadn't checked.

[Congratulations, master, for completing the hidden task: preventing Thanos from snapping his fingers.]

[Reward: S-rank lottery x 1.]

"Hidden task? Right, without the Space Stone, the Infinite Gauntlet is incomplete. What else could he use to snap his fingers?" Zane muttered to himself.

Unexpected joy—it truly was an unexpected joy. He had obtained an S-rank lottery for free, making life even more delightful.

"System, use the S-rank lottery," Zane excitedly said.

[Initiating the lottery…]

[Lottery complete.]

[ Congratulations, master, for obtaining the S-rank active skill [King's Treasury].]



Zane widened his eyes, standing there in shock, as if witnessing something unbelievable.

The system had actually drawn a cumulative skill, and it was a high-level attack skill full of style. It was truly unbelievable. Could it be that his time had finally come? Zane quickly began examining this newly acquired skill, hoping it matched the legendary dazzling one. If it did, that would be incredible.

[S-rank active skill [King's Treasury], originating from [Fate]- Gilgamesh. The vault, influenced by [Magic Furnace], possesses an infinitely large space, allowing the user to freely retrieve items from the treasure trove. The more items the user possesses, the more powerful the vault's attacks become.]

[Under the influence of [Magic Furnace], the weapons fired automatically return, and items stored in the vault are enchanted and automatically improved over time, strengthening in quality. Additionally, even damaged items can be automatically repaired.

Note: The [King's Treasury] is currently empty.]

"It's empty..."



Zane repeated these words in his mouth, his whole person showing a sense of despair. He didn't even notice the hint of a burnt smell wafting from the pot.

Lorna, who had finished freshening up, looked at Zane, who had turned almost gray, and was startled. She quickly ran over and gave him a push.

"Zane, Zane, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me."

Hearing Lorna's call, Zane slowly came back to his senses, forcing himself to squeeze out a smile. However, that smile seemed bitter no matter how you looked at it.

"I'm fine."

For the next while, Zane seemed to lose his spirit, and even the sunny smile that used to be on his face disappeared. It wasn't until they reached the school gate, carrying Lorna, that he finally snapped out of it.


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