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Why did Apocalypse die naked on the street? Why did Iron Man scream miserably in the middle of the night? Why does Wakanda repeatedly fall into the wrong hands? Why is Asgard frequently targeted by thefts? Why couldn't Thanos snap his fingers, and who was behind it? What lies behind the Avengers' worried faces? Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of morality? Stay tuned to this book as we follow the protagonist into their inner world... . . . . . . . . Not my story. Translation If you want to support me you. My pat*eon Id is--> pat*eon.com/Lord_Immortal_0170 Or you feel like tipping me for my hardwork you can do so on Ko*fi --> ko-fi.com/lord_immortal_0170

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Magic Furnace

Actually, thinking about it, the complete version of the [King's Treasury] wouldn't be S-rank. The full [King's Treasury] is a repository of all prototype Noble Phantasms, the 'origin of human wisdom' itself. Moreover, each item in it, if released with its true name, has immense power, such as the Spiral Sword, the Eternal Spear, and so on—each capable of destroying nations. How could it be only S-rank? SS-rank would be more appropriate.

But thinking and accepting were two different things. Zane still felt a bit unwilling. Perhaps this was a flaw in human nature.

Seeing Zane, who had already recovered, Lorna breathed a sigh of relief. His appearance just now had scared her. However, after shifting her thoughts away from Zane, she couldn't help but become nervous as she looked at the once distant school gate.

At the moment when Lorna was getting anxious, her hand was suddenly held.

"Don't be afraid; I'm here."

Looking at Zane's smiling face and feeling the warmth in her palm, Lorna's initial nervousness melted away like winter snow, replaced by a quick smile.

"Yeah, yeah, with Zane around, I'm not afraid."

"Everyone, please quiet down. This is the new transfer student, Lorna. She'll be your classmate from now on. Now, Lorna, please introduce yourself."

The originally noisy classroom fell silent for a moment upon hearing the teacher's words, then began to buzz with whispered conversations.

"Wow, this girl is so pretty. I wonder if she has a boyfriend?" These were the boys' words.

"Tsk, I thought it was a handsome guy." These were the girls' words.

Once again confirming the age-old truth that similar attracts similar and opposites attract.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Lorna. Please take care of me from now on." Lorna politely said.

As soon as Lorna finished speaking, enthusiastic applause erupted from the classroom. Most of the applause came from the boys, who seemed determined to clap until their hands turned red, while the girls just clapped as a formality. After all, a delicately beautiful girl was fundamentally not popular among the same sex.

"Alright, Lorna, find a seat." The teacher said.

When Lorna stood on the platform, unsure of where to sit, Zane walked over from the side, directly embracing Lorna's slender waist. Then, he scanned the boys and girls in the classroom, declaring his sovereignty.

Amidst the astonished gazes of everyone, Zane walked with Lorna to his seat. There happened to be an empty seat to Zane's right, and as for Lorna, she remained shy, lowering her head throughout, and her ears turned red.

"Hey, Parker, how have you been lately?"

Peter Parker, sitting to Zane's left, first looked enviously at Zane and Lorna, then stuttered:

"Uh, I-I'm fine. Zane, your girlfriend is really beautiful."

"Thank you."

After that, the two fell silent. Apparently, our future Spider-Man, Peter, was still a complete bookworm. He didn't excel at socializing, and he didn't expect the school's influential figure, Zane, to initiate a conversation with him.

(PS: This book combines three versions of Spider-Man, mainly based on "The Amazing Spider-Man.")

The original Zane was quite popular in school—handsome, sunny, and well-off. It's not an exaggeration to call him a prominent figure. However, the still non-mutated little Spider-Man had a very low presence; they hadn't even spoken a few words before. In the memories inherited by Zane, there was only this person.

Unable to continue the awkward conversation with little Spider-Man, Zane lazily leaned on the desk, starting to examine the changes in the [Magic Furnace].

[S-rank passive skill [Magic Furnace], embedded with Space Stone, remaining slots: 8, additional attributes:

1. Infinite Energy (Can replace all skill costs, and the energy will continuously strengthen the host)

2. All space-type skills receive significant enhancement]

Very good, after embedding the Space Stone, it directly upgraded from the original B-rank to the current S-rank. Moreover, it gained two additional attributes, especially the first one, which was a big surprise for Zane.

You see, all skills have their own costs. However, most of the abilities Zane obtained earlier were passive, and even the active skills were not extremely consuming attack skills. So, Zane could manage. If he were to draw a highly consuming attack skill in the future, Zane would just have to watch the skill without being able to use it, feeling helpless.

But now, with the 'Infinite Firepower' hack activated, Zane could be a humanoid bomber with a tremendous enduring capacity when he accumulated more skills in the future.

Moreover, the energy could continuously strengthen Zane. Currently, Zane was getting stronger even in his breath, and it was without any side effects. It was equivalent to a superhero who could gaze at the sun at all times, fundamentally solving Zane's issue of having a relatively fragile body. Now, Zane's physique was similar to Captain America's, and it was still continuously strengthening.

After checking the changes in the [Magic Furnace], Zane's mind, which was hit by the [King's Treasury], finally completely recovered. He turned his head and found Lorna attentively listening to the class, occasionally taking notes. Zane didn't want to disturb her, so he could only play with his phone idly.

Listen to the class? It's impossible to listen to the class in this lifetime.

Unable to solve the exercises, only playing with the phone during class can maintain life. I really like playing with the phone during class!

Then, after graduation, let those who study seriously work for themselves. Yes, as a rich second generation, that's how arrogant I am!

Zane wouldn't admit that he had the attribute of getting sleepy during class as a poor student, especially when the teacher on the podium lectured like a robot. Once Zane sat down, it felt like listening to a 360-degree sound hypnosis melody.

To maintain his high-profile image in front of Lorna, he could only play with his phone to stay awake. Little did he know that Lorna, beside him, had rolled her eyes countless times seeing Zane playing with his phone.


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