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208 - Kaito's anger

"You mean Konoha needs a Jinchuuriki to be Nine Tails' container because Lady Mito is about to die?" Kaito asked in surprise.

Nodding his head, Ren confirmed it. "You Uzumaki are great with seals and having another Uzumaki as Nine Tails' container would be the safest thing for him and for Konoha."

Hearing this, Kaito looked at Ren suspiciously.

"Why didn't you respond to our request for help? Because it seems very convenient to me that you ignore our request for help when we need it, but we have to give you an Uzumaki to contain Nine Tails when you need it." Kaito said angrily.

The despair they had felt when Konoha did not respond to their request to help defend the village was immense, if Alex had not shown up and given them a way to get stronger and be able to defend the village on their own, Kaito would not have even known what to do.

But now that Alex had given him new confidence, he felt that he could ask Konoha.

And when he heard this question from Kaito, Ren was surprised because he hadn't thought that the Uzumaki would have the courage to question them so openly.

Their mission was to get a good Uzumaki to become the next Jinchuuriki for Nine Tails and to offer it as a way to save at least one Uzumaki to earn their gratitude, but things didn't go as he had imagined.

"I'm sorry Lord Kaito, but Konoha is currently in a battle against Iwagakure and we don't have enough personnel to send to defend Uzushiogakure, but look on the bright side, at least there is a guarantee that the ninja you send to become Nine Tails' Jinchuuriki in Konoha will be safe even if the worst happens." Ren said confidently while he pretended to say fair things.

But Kaito was even more furious when he heard this, because he could see the indifference in Ren's voice, as if he wanted them to be grateful that they wanted an Uzumaki to become the Jinchuuriki of Nine Tails.

"Tsunade has Uzumaki blood too, why doesn't she become the Jinchuuriki of Nine Tails like her grandmother?" Kaito asked contemptuously while controlling his anger.

Hearing this, Ren realized that this conversation would not end well.

"Tsunade has only 25% Uzumaki blood, Lord Kaito, the Nine Tails is the most powerful tailed beast, we really need an Uzumaki ninja to contain this powerful beast, just like you need a safe place to send someone important to you who can survive this disaster." Ren replied.

But every time Ren emphasized that they needed Konoha's help to save a single person from destruction while the rest of Konoha could do nothing, it made Kaito even angrier.

If he hadn't seen the opportunity to improve himself in the oasis, Kaito might even have thought of sending his daughter Kushina to Konoha for protection while sending other Uzumaki around the world to hide in case the worst really did happen to their village.

But he didn't need to do that anymore, the improvement that the Oasis could bring to the ninja was too great, not to mention that Kaito, as the biggest supplier of seals to the ninja world, was sitting on a few billion ryo that could help him in the worst case scenario to bring powerful Pokemons to the battle and pay for those Pokemons to come to the normal world to help in the battle.

So when Kaito saw Ren Sarutobi's overbearing attitude towards his family, he could not bear it.

"I think you're confusing things, Ren Sarutobi, it's not us who need Konoha to save a single Uzumaki, it's Konoha that needs an Uzumaki to control the tailed beast you have. I suggest that you and your companions go to one of our inns and reconsider what you're offering." Kaito said in a cold voice as he kicked Ren and the other two Konoha ninja out of his office.

Ren and the Konoha ninja were shocked that they had actually been rejected and kicked out of Kaito's office.

In addition to his confusion, Ren was also angry because he had never been treated like this before.

As a ninja of the Sarutobi Clan, he was treated well everywhere in Konoha because he belonged to the Hokage's clan, while outside Konoha, he was treated well because he was a ninja of Konoha because they were the strongest village.

But who would have thought that the Uzumaki would treat them with such indifference. Couldn't they see that this was an opportunity for them?

Ren felt that something was wrong and remembering the cell phone the guard had shown him, his curiosity arose again.

After arriving at the guesthouse, Ren asked the ninja who had brought them the cell phone, since he hadn't had a chance to ask Kaito about it, and the ninja replied that they could buy it in a store in the city center tomorrow, and in the store, they would explain exactly how it worked.

With this explanation, Ren decided to try to find out what had changed with the Uzumaki.

A few days ago, they were begging Konoha to help them defend themselves against the other ninja villages, now they were acting arrogantly outside while the citizens inside were strangely quiet?

It sounded as if something very big was going on and they didn't know about it.

So the priority for Ren was to first find out what was happening to them and then make a plan on how to deal with it in order to convince the Uzumaki to agree to send a Jinchuuriki to Konoha and the best thing would be if this Uzumaki sent someone of pure blood, just like Lady Mito, as that would bring even more security to the citizens.

While Ren was planning how to convince the Uzumaki to accept their deal without having to compromise, Alex started his journey with his new Shiny Pokemon, but the funny thing was that someone had decided to accompany him on his adventure to learn from him.

Especially after seeing that for some reason he had gotten a Charmander with a different color than theirs!


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